Muhammad(S.A.W.) used to kiss Fatima(as)

Here is the scan:

In short founders of this shia cult believe that Muhammad (S.A.W.) used to kiss Fatima(as) between her breasts! in such narrations as quoted by Muhammad Baqir Majlesi in Bihar al-anwar Vol.43, page 78


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2 responses to “Muhammad(S.A.W.) used to kiss Fatima(as)

  1. Shani

    Astagfirullah. These Shia are the true NASIBI, shame on you Shia disgusting.

    Regarding NASIBI I’d like to make a point, Christians also call us enemies of Jesus because we refuse to call him son of god astagfirullah.

    If that makes me enemy or hater of Jesus then so be it. Same rule applies with Shia if I’m a NASIBI because I refuse to praise Ali as Shia do then yes, I’m proud to be a NASIBI, actually I’m the biggest NASIBI in the world.

    Funny thing is Christians can’t prove from bible that Jesus ever claimed to be son of god which is their usul ad din, instead they have to play Lego with s few verses even then they’re left baffled.

    Same thing with Shia they can’t find a single verse in Quran where Allah talks about Imamat or 12 infallible imams, instead they also play Lego with a few verses but are still then left baffled.

  2. Hussain tiger

    Please give me a link to read this book bihar ul anwar, vol 21 , vol 43, tafseer ayaashi vol 1, tafseer al burhan vol 2

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