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Questions that led Shia youth to guidance

Questions that led Shia youth to truth

Questions Leading Shi’a Youth to the Truth: Collection of questions, which was the reason behind the perception of the Shia youth to the truth and Obedient to it.

Audio English


Arabic Book (أسئلة قادت شباب الشيعة إلى الحق)

English Audio (Questions that lead shia youth to truth)

Farsi Book (سؤالاتى كه باعث هدايت جوانان شيعه شد)

Urdu Book (شیعہ کور اہِ حق پر گامزن کرنے والے چند سوالات)

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A Comprehensive study of the Shia creed

A Comprehensive study of the Shi`ah creed (Usul Madh-hab al-Shi`ah)

The esteemed author, Doctor Nasir ibn `Abd Allah ibn `Ali al-Qaffari, has rendered an unparalleled service with his literary work originally titled Usul Madh-hab al-Shi`ah, which is the most comprehensive study of Shi`ism to have been penned to date. The author examines integral elements of Shi`i doctrine, from its own sources, revealing its true nature. Even aspects which are simply glossed over in most instances has not escaped the eye of the author; leaving no aspect except that it is thoroughly examined and explained.

Another unique feature of the book is the even-tempered approach of the author, free from heated and scathing remarks usually found in sensitive discussions of this nature. The author simply presents the facts, followed thereafter (when required) with refutation from the Qur’an and Sunnah, all in a calm and collected manner with which he guides the reader towards the Path of Salvation.

Download/Read the PDF book here:


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Important books dealing with the Shia Imami sect

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Good news for the believers! Comprehensive and useful books studying the Shia Imami beliefs as well as defending the Sunni beliefs against the Shi’i allegations are being translated into English language for the first time on mahajjah.com – A Research, Translation and Publication institute.

Research - Translation - Publication

The website not only translates important books into English language but also has plenty of other useful content for anyone interested in Sunni-Shia topics.


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Twelvershia.net & Forum Facebook page

In the name of Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and the earth

Answering and refuting famous Shia websites/blogs and defending the beliefs of the AhlulSunnah wal Jama’ah.

Please like and share Twelvershia.net & Forum’s facebook page.

The TwelverShia.net team’s goal is to provide the authentic alternative to the popular Islamic history that is propagated online through various Shia websites and media hubs.

Page link:


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Debate On Tahrif Al-Quran Between Shia & Sunni

The following message was posted on Shiachat by brother Abul Hussaini:

Posted Image

Posted Image

This is an invitation from Farid to knowledgeable members of Shiachat (or any other Shia forum/site) for a debate about the authenticity and completeness of the Quran according to Shia and Sunni Madhabs.

Debate format and other details will be provided once you accept the debate.

Debate Topic: Authenticity and completeness of Quran in the Shia and Sunni Madhabs  

Debate Venue: http://forum.twelvershia.net/

Further comment by brother Hani:

Our challenge is for any Admin/Moderator or popular respectable member from the ShiaChat forums to come and debate us regarding the mentioned topic, registration will be easy and their stay here will be facilitated InshaAllah.

We’re awaiting a response from the ShiaChat side, We urge them: Please do not post any nonsense and do not make any useless participation such as the one done by “Ibn al-Shahid” whose reply is of no use to anyone.

We will post the simple logical rules for the debate once we get a serious response.

Discussion link: http://forum.twelvershia.net/index.php?topic=38

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Shia praying in the mosques of the Muslims

Shia praying in the mosques of the Muslims: A sign of hope or hopelessness !?

السلام عليكم
باسم الله

Written by the ex-Shia, our respected Sheikh ‘Abdul-Malik al-Shafi’i under the original title of “Salat al-Shia fi Masajid al-Muslimeen”, translation done by Hani al-Tarabulsi al-Shafi’i on March/18/2012.


In the name of God the merciful and gracious,

The researchers of Islamic sects in our days and those interested in researching the Shia sects in specific will observe the positive image some of these sects try to paint for themselves, the Twelver Shia sect is no different and the image they try to sell in the west is that of a truthful loving sect that works hard towards Islamic unity. When we take a closer look at the position of the Shia concerning the congregational prayer alongside the rest of the Muslims, we find that the early and late Shia scholars present some pretty descent material, discussing the brotherhood between Muslims and bridging the gaps and uniting the nation, they say that their Imams ordered them to pray together in congregation with the rest of the Muslims in the “Sunni” mosques, they will say that the Shia who prays next to the Sunni in a Sunni mosque will be rewarded.

The Shia scholars have adopted this attitude and they openly declare it permissible for their followers to pray in congregation with the Muslims and this is indeed a positive step that they think will lessen or reduce the amount of attacks and accusations they usually receive such as them being labeled Takfeeris that make Takfeer on all non-Twelvers, or the accusation of them being hypocrites who only display a peaceful image on the outside but on the inside they hide ill-will and hatred towards all those who differ with them.

In order to know the truth of the matter I have resolved to conduct this study, based on what the Shia scholars say in their books and on the narrations they transmitted from their Imams. The result of this study will show whether this beautiful image the Shia displayed to the rest of the Muslims is true and they should be praised for it, or a fake negative image they use only to hide their hatred for the Muslims.

Continue Reading here:


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