Hazrat hassan[ra] & hazrat muawiyah[ra]

Many rafidi shia raise voices against status of muawiyah[ra] & call him non-muslim [nauzubillah] {even hard core sufi’s as well},  but truth is far away what shia try to claim or portray!

here are virtues [fadail] of muawiyah[ra]: click here

Here is what muawiyah[ra] said about hassan[ra]:
وفد المقدام بن معدي كرب وعمرو بن الأسود إلى معاوية فقال معاوية للمقدام : أعلمت أن الحسن بن علي توفي ؟ فرجع المقدام فقال له معاوية : أتراها مصيبة ؟ فقال : ولم لا أراها مصيبة وقد وضعه رسول الله في حجره وقال : الحسن مني والحسين من علي
الراوي: المقدام بن معد يكرب المحدث: الألباني – المصدر: السلسلة الصحيحة – الصفحة أو الرقم: 2/450
خلاصة حكم المحدث: إسناده حسن رجاله ثقات

Al Miqdam bin Ma’dee Karb and Amroo bin al Aswad came to Muawiya so Muawiya said to Al Miqdam: Did you know that al Hassan bin Ali has died? So Al Miqdam was taken aback, so Muawiya asked: Do you find this a calamity? So he said: and why would I not see this as a calamity when the Prophet (pbuh) placed him in his quarters and said: al Hassan is from me and al Hussein is from Ali.

Source: silssala as-sahiha, Authentic Isnad and narrators are reliable.

جرير : عن مغيرة ، قال : بعث الحسن وابن جعفر إلى معاوية يسألانه . فأعطى كلا منهما مائة ألف ، فبلغ ذلك عليا ، فقال لهما : ألا تستحيان ؟ رجل نطعن في عيبه غدوة وعشية تسألانه المال ! ؟ قالا : لأنك حرمتنا وجاد هو لنا
It is reported in Ibn Asaakir by Mughira that Al Hassan and Ibn Jaafar went to Muawiyah to ask for some money. Muawiyah then gave each of them 100,000 dirhams. When Ali heard of this he said “Aren’t you embarassed? You ask from a man whose indiscretion we mention day and night?” They said “It is because he was benevolent [kindly] to us but you denied our request at the time”.
Source: Siyar A’lam an-Nabula’

Note: In our madhab [i.e. ahlus-sunnah] we believe that the action of muawiyah[ra] was wrong & that of Ali[ra] was right & Ali[ra] was better than muawiyah[ra] in the light of judgement & it is reported that Ali[ra] said to muawiyah[ra] for calm action for blood of uthman[ra].

& his [ali ra] anger is not bcoz of his hate for ahle-bayt[ra] or bla bla.. but due to difference in ijtihad.
bcoz u can see wordings of hassan[ra]:  قالا : لأنك حرمتنا وجاد هو لنا i.e. It is because he was benevolent [kindly] to us..
Now lets see other hadith:

حدثنا مروان بن جناح عن يونس بن ميسرة أن رسول الله استأذن أبا بكر وعمر في أمر فقالا الله ورسوله أعلم فقال أشيرا علي ثم قال ادعوا معاوية فقال أحضروه أمركم وأشهدوه أمركم فإنه قوي أمين

The Prophet (pbuh) once consulted Abu Bakr and Omar (may God be pleased with them) on some matter, who said to him “God and His Prophet know best” So the Prophet (pbuh) said “Go consult Ali”. Then he (pbuh) said “Bring Muawiyah and involve him, bring the matter to him and make him a witness for he has fortitude and is trustworthy

Imam shawkani critiques one of the narrator below
أن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم استشار أبا بكر وعمر في أمر فقالا : الله ورسوله أعلم فقال : ادعوا لي معاوية فلما وقف بيد يديه قال : أحضروه أمركم, وأشهدوه أمركم فإنه قوي أمين .
الراوي: عبدالله بن بسر المازني المحدث: الشوكاني – المصدر: الفوائد المجموعة – الصفحة أو الرقم: 405
خلاصة حكم المحدث: في إسناده مروان بن جناح ولا يحتج به
Now here is the prediction of prophet for hassan[ra] & muawiyah[ra] & the great thing is that prophet compared his son hazrat e hassan[ra] with muawiyah[ra] by considering both in the same category of muslim:

قول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم للحسن بن علي رضي الله عنهما:

ابني هذا سيد، ولعل الله أن يصلح به بين فئتين عظيمتين من المسلمين [ صحيح البخاري

Rasoolullah Sallalaahu alyhi wa Sallam said about Hasan Radhi Allaahu Ta’ala ‘anh: “This son of mine is a sayyid, and soon the time will come when through him Allah will reconcile two great masses of Muslims.

Source: Sahih Bukhari, Bab Manaqib Hasan Narrated by Abu Bakrah Radhi Allaahu Ta’ala ‘anh.

Later this was proven true when Hasan [ra] gave bayah to Muawiyah [ra]:

1. Narrated Al-Hasan Al-Basri:
By Allah, Al-Hasan bin Ali led large battalions like mountains against Muawiya. Amr bin Al-As said (to Muawiya), “I surely see battalions which will not turn back before killing their opponents.” Muawiya who was really the best of the two men said to him, “O Amr! If these killed those and those killed these, who would be left with me for the jobs of the public, who would be left with me for their women, who would be left with me for their children?” ..
Then Muawiya sent two Quraishi men from the tribe of Abd-i-Shams called Abdur Rahman bin Sumura and Abdullah bin Amir bin Kuraiz to Al-Hasan saying to them, “Go to this man (i.e. Al-Hasan) and negotiate peace with him and talk and appeal to him.So, they went to Al-Hasan and talked and appealed to him to accept peace. Al-Hasan said, “We, the offspring of Abdul Muttalib, have got wealth and people have indulged in killing and corruption (and money only will appease them).” They said to Al-Hasan, “Muawiya offers you so and so, and appeals to you and entreats you to accept peace.” Al-Hasan said to them, “But who will be responsible for what you have said?” They said, “We will be responsible for it.” So, what-ever Al-Hasan asked they said, “We will be responsible for it for you.” So, Al-Hasan concluded a peace treaty with Muawiya.
Al-Hasan (Al-Basri) said: I heard Abu Bakr saying, “I saw Allah’s Apostle on the pulpit and Al-Hasan bin Ali was by his side. The Prophet was looking once at the people and once at Al-Hasan bin Ali saying, ‘This son of mine is a Saiyid (i.e. a noble) and may Allah make peace between two big groups of Muslims through him.”

Source: Sahih Bukhari: Volume 3, Book 49, Number 867

2. It was narrated by Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in his “Isaba” (1/499) from the way: Yaqub ibn Sufyan – Saeed ibn Mansur– Awn ibn Musa from Hilal ibn Habbab, which said: “al-Hasan gathered chiefs of people of Iraq in this house – house of Madain. He said to them: “You have pledged allegiance to me. You gave me a word and pledged allegiance upon terms that you are going to make peace treaty with whom I would make such. And you would fight against those whom I would fight with. Now I am making pledge of allegiance to Muawiyah, listen to him, and obey him”. [Isaba” (1/499)]

Narrators: Abu Yusuf al-Fasawe al-Farisi, hafidh, thiqat. “Taqrib” #7817; Abu Uthman Saeed ibn Mansur ibn Shubah al-Khorasani, author of books and thiqat. “Taqrib” #2399.  Awn ibn Musa was thiqat.  “Tarih ibn Maeen – Rawayatu ad-Dure” #505, Darul Mamun lit Turas, Damascus; “Tarehul Asmau Thiqat” ibn Shahin #1094, Darus-Salafiyah, Kuveyt. Hilal ibn Habbab was saduq “Taqrib” #7334.

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7 responses to “Hazrat hassan[ra] & hazrat muawiyah[ra]

  1. Sadiq

    Am not shia , but above comparasion u made is wrong … U can’t compair any one with immam hassan …

  2. Rehan Haider

    May Almighty ALLAH show right path to this forum and stop them from spreading false informations (Aameen).

  3. Hasnain Syed

    Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said the following about Ali ibn Abi Talib:
    He is the first one to believe in Islam; He is the most knowledgeable; He is the most correct one in his DEEN; He is the most certain; He is the most patient; He is the most forgiving and generous; He is the bravest in heart; He is the IMAM and the successor after me.

    On one occasion Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said to Imam Ali (as), “You pertain to me and I pertain to you.” At another place, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “Only a hypocrite does not love Ali and a believer does not hate him.”

    Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “You (Ali) are in the same position with respect to me as Aaron (Harun) was to Moses (Musa) except that there is no prophet after me.”

    Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Ali is with Haqq (truth) and Haqq is with Ali – O Allah (SWT) turn Haqq in the same direction in which Ali turns.”

    How can anyone fight against Imam Ali and be right or truthful.

    • The first one is an obvious fabrication and a lie upon the Messenger of Allah (saw). You guys are used to it so no surprise here.

    • Abdun Nafay

      Excuse me! Please be serious. Does a person who gives 1000 dirhams per verse to a poet for praising Ali (R.A) after his death does not love him? Can a person who accepts his (Ali’s) son Hassan (R.A) as his succesor hate him? Can a person about whom Prophet (S.A.W.W) said that he is the most generous and patient person in my Ummah (book: A look on Muawiya) do this? In fact, the war was only due to a difference in ijtihad (إجتهاد). They loved each other very much more than you claim to love Ali (R.A). Muawiya (R.A) did not accept the offer of Byzantine emperor to reinforce him to attack Ali (R.A). THE ONLY REASON IS THAT HE LOVED ALI (R.A) MORE THAN YOU!!!

  4. Hasnain Syed

    Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Ali is with Haqq (truth) and Haqq is with Ali – O Allah (SWT) turn Haqq in the same direction in which Ali turns.”
    How can Muawiya be right when he fought against Imam Ali for whole life. Muawiya was evil same as his son.

  5. shujaat

    as you mention Prophet Muhammad (saw) says al Hassan is from me thats means breaking promise with IMAM HASSAN is same as breaking promise with Prophet Muhammad (saw). if Muawiya is soo rightful why he break promise and nominate Yazeed as his successor and asking bayet for him ?
    it’s really astonishing for me that peoples say Raziallahnha for a person who openly break promise with RASOOL (saw)

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