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Great Lectures about Imams/Scholars of AhlulSunnah from Ahlelbayt

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

by Shaykh Muhammad Musa Shareef 

Ali ibn al-Husayn (رحمه الله)

Muhammad al-Baaqir (رحمه الله)

Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridaa (رحمه الله)


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Why I left Shiism and embraced correct Islam (AhlulSunnah)?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Iranian former shia Sayyed Saeed Rasooli Nejad explains why he left the sect of shia and came to real Islam, the Islam of Muhammad (salalahu alaihi wasalam), his Ahlulbayt and Sahaba. All praise be to Allah (subhanahu watalah), he guides whom he wills.

O Shias of the world wake up! I swear by Allah, that we the people of Sunnah are the true followers of Ahlulbayt (may Allah be pleased with them).


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Fatawa of grand al-Azhar Scholars upon the Shia

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Verdicts of grand al-Azhar Scholars upon the Shia.

Read the verdicts here (ARABIC):

Verdicts of al-Azhar scholars upon the Shia

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Shia Book: Mushrikeen tortured Abu Bakr(ra) and Talha(ra)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

We have seen that somes shiites attack the great Sahabi Sayedna Abubakr Siddiq (ra) by claiming that he was not a Muslim or that he was a hypocrite (ayazubillah) and their silly argument is: “why there is no record of Mushrikeen torturing Abubakr”?

We say to these ignorant Shiites that it has been recorded in the books of AhlulSunnah but you don’t want to see it. Anyways, here is gift for them from their authentic book.

Shia grand sheikh Mufeed in his book “Al-Irshad p90 v1” quoted:

Nuafil bin Khuwaylad and he was the one of worst enemies of the messenger of Allah (saw) from the Mushrikeen. Quraish respected, venerated and obeyed him in all works. He was the one who took Abubakr and Talha (for the crime that they embraced Islam) and tied a rope around them and tortured them from a day till night until some (of his friends) requested and interceded for them.

Here is the scan:

The torture of Abubakr (ra) and Talha (ra)

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Rafidi rabbi explains how honey is made: Watch the stupidity of shia rafidah

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Muqtada Sadr mocks mother of believers Ayesha (ra): Watch the ignorance of rafidi Allama

The so called Allama of rafidah, Muqtada al-Sadr mocks mother of believers Ayesha (ra). Little did that donkey knew, he was actually mocking his own religion and his ignorance. This is the reality of shia Allama, bunch of donkeys who know absolutely nothing, even about their own religion!!


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Rafidi shia rabbi bets he will make Allah cry (nauzubillah)


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Once again our mother of believers aisha(ra) get abused by shia

Swine yasir has many clones living in kuwait, protected by this govt who follows and fulfills all their demands. It also allows them to openly curse Ayesha (ra), Abu Bakr (ra) and rest of the sahaba and preach shirk in schools and write shirk in school text books to be taught to majority sunni children in Kuwait. AND if any sunni scholar, sheikh dare to speak against this shirk, he gets abused by rafidah and the govt punish him at the request of rafidah.

This is the sad state of present day Kuwait.


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Renting some to do your fasting and prays: Rafidism, religion of wonders

Sistani is back with more fatwah to make rafidi life comfortable and pleasant. Now rafidi can make himself busy watching movies, eating and doing mut’ah for hours and hours because there are rented once who will do the job of praying and fasting.

Rafidi fiqh of Rented Prayers

Source: www.sextani and

كتاب الصلاة » صلاة الاستيجار

يجب على المكلف أن يقضي بنفسه ما فاته من الصلوات كما مرّ ، فإن لم يفعل ذلك وجب عليه أن يتوسل إلى القضاء عنه بالايصاء ، أو باخباره ولده الأكبر ، أو بغير ذلك ، ولا يجوز القضاء عنه حال حياته باستيجار أو تبرع


Book on Prayers >> Rented Prayers

It is must for the bearer to complete the due (left over) prayers by himself as mentioned earlier, but if he failed to do it, it becomes incumbent upon him to appeal to someone to complete it by bequeathing (will before death), or to mention (the due prayers and fast) to his eldest son, or by other means, and it is not permissible to make up the due (left over prayers and fast) during his life time by way of renting or donating.

Rent a handicapped rafidi for 1/10 of the price

Source: www.sextani and

السؤال 11 : هل يجوزمن قطعت إحدى يديه من المرفق أستيجاره للصلاة ؟

الجواب : يجوز

Question 11: Is it permissible to hire a person whose one of his arms is amputated from the elbow to perform salat?

Answer: Yes it is permissible.

He only prays and fast for money

Source: www.sextani and


السؤال 7 : شخص لا يصلي ولا يصوم ويصلي ويصوم بالاجرة عن الغير هل يصح ذلك ؟

الجواب : یصح عمله ولا ینبغي ان یستاجر مثل هذا

Question 7: Person doesn’t pray and fast, but he prays and fast for money on behalf of someone else. Are these (worship performed by him) correct?

Answer: Yes his deeds (prayer and fasting) are correct. But one shouldn’t hire someone like him.

Renting Rafidi Thief

Source: www.sextani and


السؤال 5 : اخذ شخص صلاة نيابة عن شخص اخر(متوفي)ولم يقضي الصلاة وتوفي الشخص فما موقفه ؟

الجواب : يؤاخذ اذا ترك عمدا الورثة دفع المال ليصلى عن المستاجر له ان لم يمكن مراجعة المستاجر

Question 5: A person took prayers to perform it on behalf of another person (dead) but he did not perform the due prayers and died so what is the viewpoint?

Answer: He is blameworthy if he abandoned the inheritance purposefully when paid money to perform salat on behalf of his tenant if he was not able to revive back to the tenant.

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Enemy of ahlul-bait door nail (Nasibi doornail) vs friendly door nail (Muwali)

Watching shia stupidity, its hard to believe that we are living in 21st century!!. Shia priest and rabbis preach in husseiniyats that every living and non-living thing is divided into two categories. Enemies and hatres of ahlul-bait (nasibis) and partisan and lovers of ahlul-bait (muwali).

Even tools and insects were not spared but included in either of these two categories!!!!


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