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Shia Scholar al-Mufid and his belief in Tahrif of Quran

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

We all know that most of the early Rafidhah believed in Tahreef, from Kulayni to `Ali al-Qummi to al-Mufeed and the others… Some however, were an exception, like al-Murtada.

I want to take al-Mufeed as an example, this man was the teacher of al-Tusi, and he was the leader of the Shia in his time, he wrote some of their most important books.

al-Masa’il al-Sarawiyah by al-Mufid (d.413 hijri) page 78 – the ninth issue:

[There is no doubt, that what is between the two covers of the Quran, its whole content is Allah’s words and revelation (1), there is nothing from the words of mankind in it and it is the majority of the revelation (2).
And the rest of what was revealed by Allah most high is with the guardian of Shari`ah, the preserver of Ahkaam, none of it was lost (3). Although the one who has gathered what is found between the two covers today (4), has not included it along with what he collected (5) for some reasons that caused him to do so, such as:
His inability to know parts of it.
And: His doubt and uncertainty concerning it.
And: What he purposely kept out of it. (6)
Ameer al-Mu’mineen (as) had gathered the revealed Qur’an from beginning to end, and he compiled it the way it should have been, placing the Makki before the Madani, and the abrogated before the abrogation, and he placed everything in its correct location. (7)
This is why Ja`far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq (as) said: “By Allah if the Qur’an was recited as it was revealed you would have found our names in it just as those before us were named.” (8)
And he (as) said: “The Qur’an was revealed four parts, a quarter about us, a quarter about our enemies, a quarter are Sunan and examples, and a quarter is obligatory duties and rulings, and for us Ahlul-Bayt are the best parts.” (9)
However, it was authentically narrated from our Imams (as) that they were ordered to recite what is in between the two covers, and to not exceed it by addition or subtraction, until al-Qa’im rises, then he will recite for the people the Qur’an as Allah revealed it and as was gathered by Ameer al-Mu’mineen (10).]

Footnotes by me:

(1) He means all that is found in our present Qur’an are true words of Allah, obviously he doesn’t mean this is ALL the Qur’an. It means he doesn’t believe in additional Tahreef.
(2) Notice he says “Jumhour” meaning MOST of the revelation, not all of it.
(3) Meaning the rest of what was revealed is with the guardian, he most probably means the Mahdi.
(4) Meaning the first three Khulafa’ that collected the Qur’an we have today.
(5) He claims these Caliphs never included the “rest of what was revealed” for their own personal/political reasons.
(6) As you can see, he claims the Caliphs didn’t know parts of the Qur’an, so they missed them, they had doubts about other parts, so they skipped them, and finally they intentionally removed some parts.
(7) He’s telling us that the correct Qur’an that contains everything was only gathered by `Ali, and obviously we all know the story they narrate about the Caliphs rejecting his Qur’an.
(8) al-Mufid believes the names of the Imams are mentioned in the correct Qur’an.
(9) al-Mufid believes that half of the Qur’an talked about the Imams and their enemies, this part was omitted by the Caliphs.
(10) He believes the Mahdi will reveal the true Qur’an later, after this nation goes to hell for being misguided by Allah (Astaghfirullah).

by Hani
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Ali Motahari: Ahl-Sunnah should be allowed to have a Mosque in Tehran


Ali Motahari, the son of Ayatollah Morteza Motahari (the one who praised Umar for his justice), said the Ahl-Sunnah should have the right to have a Mosque in Tehran, the right to hold gatherings and perform Friday prayers.


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Ali bin abi Talib on the superiority of Abubakr & Umar

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Detailed research on the chains of Hadith-ul-Afdaliyyah (Narration of Superiority).

Visit here:

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Iranian Sunni leader on the safavid like policies of the Iranian regime

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Shaykh Abdol Hamid, Iranian Sunni leader, criticizes the Iranian regime for their dirty safavid like policies towards the Ahlus-Sunnah of Iran. The Shaykh mentions that the regime despite chanting too many slogans of Unity does not allow the Sunnis to have a Mosque in Tehran, a city where each year the regime holds ‘International Unity Conference’. The Shaykh also talks about the new plans of the regime like appointing Shia Ayatollahs as heads of Sunni religious institution.

Even in Israel there is no such policy towards the Muslims like appointing Rabbis as heads of Muslim religious centres.


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Founders of Shia sects

By Hani
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al-Salamu `Aleykum,

This is the long awaited topic, the creators of Tashayyu`, those who came up with the concept, those who shaped it, those who set its laws… an advanced in depth topic that aims to reveal the identities of as many of the forgers and liars and evil-doers who created what we know today as “The Imami Shia”.

This thread will be a rough draft, names and narrations will be mentioned, we will rely on both Sunni and Shia books to uncover as many of these men as we can.

Ibn al-Sawda’ `Abdullah ibn Saba’ is undeniably and un-questionably the godfather of all Imami Shia sects, it is clearer than the sun in the middle of the sky. The brothers may Allah reward them placed the necessary efforts to uncovering his schemes and enough information was collected on this personality from many Islamic sources. This Jewish man spread the belief of `Ali’s (ra) divine Imamah and then he took it to the next level, he spread a belief in the Godliness of `Ali (ra), but he said nothing about the Imamah of eleven  other children from Husayn (ra). In other words, someone continued what he started! He was most active in the Khilafah of `Uthman (ra) and `Ali (ra), until he was exiled or killed as other narrations state.

This means that many people need to be looked into, their narrations studied and checked, such as: al-Mu`alla ibn Khunays, al-Mukhtar al-Kaysani al-Thaqafi, Jabir al-Ju`fi, Ibrahim ibn Hashim al-Qummi, Shaytan al-Taq abu Ja`far al-Ahwal ect…

1. al-Mu`alla ibn Khunays

Fudayl ibn Marzouq said that he asked the sons of `Ali bin al-Husayn (rah) about Imami Tashayyu`, they accused him of being behind the spreading of such evil beliefs:

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