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The New Muslim’s Guide to “Sunni or Shia?”

The best guide for the new Muslims / Converts / Reverts on the Sunni & Shia issue.

https://mahajjah.com/the-new-muslims-guide-to-sunni-or-shia/ (Also available in PDF)

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Shia belief: Imams superior to Prophets – Imamate higher than Prophethood

One of the main beliefs of the Twelver Shia sect is that their concept of Imamate is superior to Prophethood and the twelve people they claim to be their Imams are higher in rank than all the Prophets of Allah (علیهم سلام) except the last Prophet Muhammad (saw).

We have taken all these quotes directly from the famous Twelver Shia website:

“The Shi’a further believe that the twelve Imams of the House of Prophet Muhammad have the rank higher than that of ALL the messengers (be Imam or not) except Prophet Muhammad (S).”

A Shi’ite Encyclopedia Imamat versus Prophethood Part 1

“…which proves that the office of Imamate, with the ability to exercise inner influence on the ummah in order to advance on the inner path, was a higher and more exalted office than his prophethood.”

Imamate and Leadership – Lesson 17: The Imamate and Inner Guidance of Man

“The rank of imamate is higher than that of general prophethood”

“Since prophethood and the title of Khalil (Friend) did not apparently warrant a higher rank, the office of Imamate was the only office of a higher order to which even a Prophet of Allah could be entrusted.”

Peshawar Nights Fourth Session, Sunday night, 2nd Rajab 1345 A.H.

“The Imamate is a stage lower than the highest stage of prophethood, but it is a stage higher than all other ranks of prophethood. Since ‘Ali was raised to the stage higher than prophethood and was one in spirit with the Holy Prophet, he was endowed with the office of the Imamate and was thus superior to all previous prophets.”

“The rank of the Imamate is higher than the rank of general prophethood, but lower than special prophethood. The last Prophet is the highest stage of special prophethood.”

Peshawar Nights Fourth Session, Sunday night, 2nd Rajab 1345 A.H.

“Since the Holy Prophet was superior to all other prophets, ‘Ali was also superior to them” 

“Therefore, ‘Ali Ibn Abu Talib was definitely superior to the prophets,…”

Peshawar Nights Seventh Session, Wednesday Night, 29th Rajab 1345 A.H.


More can be read on these links: http://www.sjiieten-ontmaskerd.nl/AhlelBayt.com/www.ahlelbayt.com/articles/imamah/imams-superior-to-prophets.html or http://www.chiite.fr/en/imamah_05.html

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Sunnis in the view of the Takfiri Twelver Shia Sect

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Is there a sect as takfiri and hateful as the Imami Twelver Shia sect?

Non-Shias in the view of Taqiyyah-free Takfiri Twelver Shia Sect


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Majlisi: Authors of 400 Shia Usool are mostly unknown

The first Majlisi says in Rawdat-ul-Muttaqeen fi Sharh man la Yahduruhu al-Faqih, volume 1, chapter on the rulings of water, page 197:

فإنك إذا تتبعت كتب الرجال وجدت أكثر أصحاب الأصول الأربعمائة غير مذكور في شأنهم تعديل و لا جرح (إما) لأنه يكفي في مدحهم و توثيقهم أنهم أصحاب الأصول فإن أصحاب الإمام أبي عبد الله جعفر بن محمد الصادق عليه السلام المصنفين للكتب كانوا أربعة آلاف رجال … ( وإما ) لبعد العهد بين أرباب الرجال و بين أصحاب الأصول و غيرهم من أصحاب الكتب التي تزيد على ثمانين ألف كتاب كما يظهر من التتبع

“If you were to closely study the books on the biographies of narrators, you will discover that most of the authors of the four-hundred Usoul have not received any praise or disparagement; this is either because their reliability and praise were established based on them being from the authors of the Usoul (…) Or because of the long period of time that sets them apart from the scholars who specialize in the condition of narrators…”

So their main Usoul books, the fundamental books of Hadith (fabricated) by the Koufans, are mostly unreliable due to the anonymity of their authors.

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Imam al-Ridha dissociates himself from the Shia & Prays against them

Powerful Production that can serve Dawah purpose and can also be used for refuting the Shi’a beliefs.

Imam Ali al-Redha disassociates himself from the Shia and prays to Allah against them because they have exaggerated the status of Ahlul-Bait and claim for them things which Ahlul-Bait never claimed for themselves.

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Ayatollah Kamal Haydari admits that Twelver Shia is a Takfiri Sect

Big Admission by the Shia Ayatollah Kamal a-Haydari. This is further evidence that Twelver Imami Shia sect is the biggest Takfiri sect ever existed. Not only they did Takfir of the Muslim Ummah but also did mass Takfir of the Companions of the Prophet (saw).



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Shia Hadith: People of Makkah & Madina are disbelievers – go to Kufa

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Imami Shia fabricated these narrations and attributed them to Jafar bin Muhammad (rah). Jafar is free from their lies and fabrications. Anyways, lets read their dirty narrations:

الكافي للكلينى ج2 ص 409 الحدائق الناضرة ج5 ص183 , ج18 ص149 للمحقق البحراني [محيى بن يحيى عن أحمد بن محمد عن علي بن الحكم عن منصور بن يونس عن سليمان بن خالد عن الصادق ( عليه السلام ) قال : ” اهل الشام شر من اهل الروم واهل المدينة شر من اهل مكة واهل مكة يكفرون بالله جهرة “] .

الحدائق الناظرة للبحراني ج5 ص183 , جوهر الكلام للجواهري ج6 ص60 , وكتاب الطهارة للأنصاري ج2 ص385 , شرح اصول الكافي للمازندراني ص121 , الإمام علي (ع) للهمداني ص190 , والكافي للكليني ج2 ص 410 [ عدة من أصحابنا , عن أحمد بن محمد بن خالد , عن عثمان بن عيسى , عن سماعة , عن ابي بصير , عن أحدهم ( عليهما السلام ) قال : إن أهل مكة ليكفرون بالله جهرة وإن أهل المدينة أخبث من أهل مكة , أخبث منهم سبعين ضعفاً ]

Jafar Sadiq (as) said: The People of Makkah openly disbelieve in Allah, and the people of Madina are worse than the people of Makkah, seventy times worse.

[(al-Kafi vol.2, pg.409-410), (Jawahir al-Kalam of al-Jawahiri vo.6, pg.60), (the book of Taharah of al-Ansari vol.2, pg.385)]

وروى فيه بسنده إليه الصادق ع قال : أهل الشام شر من أهل الروم وأهل المدينة شر من أهل مكة وأهل مكة يكفرون بالله جهرة.

From as-Sadiq (as): The people of Shaam are worse than the people of Rome. The people of Madina are worse than the people of Makkah. And the people of Makkah openly disbelieve in Allah (swt).

[al-Kafi vol.2, pg.209, hadith#3]

كتاب الطهارة للأنصاري ج2 ص358 , وفى تهذيب الأحكام لطوسي ج6 ص44 , كامل الزيارات لابن قولويه ص559 , المزار لـ محمد بن المشهدي ص344 [ حدثنى حكيم بن داود عن سلمة بن الخطاب عن ابراهيم بن محمد بن علي بن المعلى عن اسحاق بن داود قال : اتى رجل ابا عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) فقال له : اني قد ضربت على كل شيئ لي من ذهب وفضة وبعت ضياعي فقلت انزل مكة ؟ فقال له : لا تفعل ان اهل مكة يكفرون بالله جهرة . فقلت ففى حرم رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) ؟ فال : هم شر منهم , قال : فاين انزل ؟ قال : عليك بالعراق الكوفة . فان البركة منها على اثنى عشر ميلا هكذا هكذا , والى جانبها قبر ما اتاه مكروب قط إلا فرج الله عنه ] .

A person came to Abu ‘Abdallah (as) and said to him “Shall I go to Makkah?” He (as) replied “No, don’t do that, the people of Makkah openly disbelieve in Allah (swt)”. So I said “What about the Prophet’s Mosque” and he (as) replied “They are even worse”. So I asked, “Where shall I go then” and he (as) said “Go to Iraq or Kufa”.

[Tahdhib al-Ahkam of Tusi vol.6, pg.44), (Kamil al-Ziyarat pg.559), (Book of Tahara of al-Ansari vol.2, pg.358)]

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