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Mukhtar Thaqafi killed the sons of Ali & Ammār ibn Yāsser

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Shame on the Shias for venerating him.

Mukhtar killed Muhammad ibn Ammar ibn Yasir because of his refusal to fabricate a hadith and attribute it to his father:

 وقتل المختار محمد بن عمار بن ياسر ظلما لأنه سأله أن يحدث عن أبيه بحديث كذب فلم يفعل فقتله

– al-Isaba Vol. 6, p. 276

وممن قتله المختار حبيب بن صهبان الأسدي، ومحمد بن عمار بن ياسر بالكوفة

– Tarikh Islam by Dhahabi Vol. 5, p. 57

also mentioned in:
– al-Thiqat by ibn Habban Vol. 5, p. 357
– Tarikh al-Kabir Vol. 1, p. 185

The son of Ali (ra), Ubaidullah ibn Ali was also killed by Mukhtar:

وعبيد الله قتله المختار، وأبو بكر قتل مع الحسين أمهما ليلى بنت معوذ ابن خالد النهشلي وهي التي تزوجها عبد الله بن جعفر خلف عليها بعد عمه

– al-tabaqat al-Kubra, Vol. 3, p. 19
– Dhakhair ul Uqba, p. 117

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Bani Sa’idah

Alsalam alaykum,

Who are Bani Sa’idah?

They are the children of Sa’idah bin Ka’ab bin Al-Khazraj. The Khazraj, as everyone is aware, was the biggest tribe in Al-Madinah.

Who is Sa’ad bin Ubada?

He is Sa’ad bin Ubada bin Dulaim bin Haritha bin Abi Khuzaimah bin Tha’alaba bin Tareef bin Al-Khazraj bin Sa’idah bin Ka’ab bin Al-Khazraj. In other words, he is of the children of Sa’adah, and he is the leader of Bani Sa’idah, and he is the leader of Al-Khazraj.

Subhanallah. One day, a man from Taim, entered a gathering that was held by the biggest tribe in Madinah, to choose a successor for the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam), and in a split second, they all chose to leave their leader, and elect him instead.

How is it possible for an Arab tribe (who are known for their hardheadedness and tribal mentality) to do this?

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How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Many Shia, who due to their hatred for other daughters of the Prophet (saw) and because two of the daughters of the Prophet (saw) married Amir al-Muminin Othman (ra), totally deny their existence and claim the Prophet (saw) had only one daughter, Fatima (ra).

For full refutation and evidence from Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and from Shia sources that Prophet (saw) had four daughters and two of them married Othman (ra) read the following link:

How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?


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Ali about Uthman: There is nothing between us except goodness

Text of Hadith:

[Juray ibn Kulayb said: I saw that `Ali was ordering something and `Uthman was prohibiting from it. So I said to `Ali : “There is something wrong between you both.” He replied : “There is nothing between us apart from good, but the better one of us is the one who is more obedient to this religion.”

In another narration the matter being prohibited is the Mut`ah, meaning of Hajj.]

Benefits that we get from this report:

Read more here.


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Shia Scholar says no one criticized the lineage of Abu Bakr because Imams are from his progeny

Shia scholar Nimatullah Jazairi says:

“As for not criticizing him in a harmful way, as we will see in the lineage of his likes, maybe it is because the Imams (as) are from his (Abu Bakr’s) progeny.”

Contributed by Kalaam & Hani
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A major flaw in Imamate of Shia sect – The Ghusl of the Imam at his death

Here another fact that clearly proofs that Shiism is man-made (by people with little brain) cult, which is:

Every Imams must wash (carry out the Gusl) and PRAY over the previous Imam.

Now who washed the 7th Imam Al-Kadhim (who died in Baghdad, where his Shrine is today) ? Al-Ridha who was in Khorassan?! How? By Iran AIR? By Imam Baqir-Elephant AIRS?! Maybe he used Aladdin’s carpet? Everything’s possible according to Shiism but this is their explanation:

Al-Ridha (in Persia/Khorrasan) did perform the Ghusl miraculously!

COMMENT: SALAVAT! The Imam was beamed to Baghdad.

Yes, no jokes, they claim that he was beamed to Baghdad to carry out the Ghusl etc. (remember, it is a CONDITION for being an Imam to carry out the ghusl of the former Imam). This is their proof! This is their proof of the correctness of the Imamite of Al-Ridha! They simply claim that he must have been ‘miraculously’ sent from Khorassan to Baghdad. The wet-dogs (described as such by the 12ers), the Waqifis who stopped at Imam Al-Kadhim did not believe in this crap and hence became sevener Shiias.

It get’s funnier though. Al-Ridha was a proper Sunni like all the Imams of the Ahl Al-Bayt. He had a close relationship with Ma’moon the Abbasid Caliph, Ma’moon made him his Wali Al-A3hd (to-be successor!), he put his own and Al-Ridhas name on the state coins. Al-Ridha called him Chief of the Believers (Amir Al-Mu’mineen) and Ma’moon called him Ridha of Aal Mohammad. Al-Ridha even opposed the Khurooj of the Alawis against the Abbasids (there was tension between them), like the famous Imam Al-Zayd. Al-Ridha staunchly opposed him and told him doing Khurooj against the ruler (who was a Muslim without a shred of doubt) was not permissible. The Rafidah reply to all these realities with their apologetic excuse of ‘Taqiyyah’ i.e. everything Al-Ridha did was Taqiyyah! I stongly, strongly, strongly advise you to invest less than a hour of your time to watch this beautiful lecture on the life of Al-Ridha:

As I was saying before, one of the conditions for an Imam to become an Imam (according to the Rafidah) is that he must wash i.e. carry out the Ghusl of the former Imam. Now heres the another funny part:

Al-Ridha died in Toos (Mashahd) in Persia/Khorassan (today’s Iran). Now where was the Imam to succeed him?! He was in Madinah!! Mohammad Al-Jawad (Al-Taqi) was living in Madinah and at the death of Al-Ridha he was five years old (Rafidism is like the Dalai Lama cult where a child can become an Imam). Guess who performed the Ghusl of Al-Ridha? It was Al-Ma’moon the Abbasid Caliph! This is a historical fact and even mentioned in Uyun al-Akhbar Al-Ridha.

Here is the downfall (as usual) and stupidity of Shiism:

In the case of Al-Khadhim (7th Imam) Shias could convince themselves (by fairy-tales) that the 8th Imam (who lived in Khorassan!) somehow beamed himself to Baghdad (where the 7th Imam Al-Kadhim died). He beamed himself miraculously and Voilà! Ghusl done, thanks. This flaw and gap in their theoriy of flaws called Imamah made them force to fabricate narrations only a Zindeeq and mad-man can believe in. As for Jawad (the kid Imam who was supposed to wash Al-Ridha the 8th Imam to become the next Imam i.e the 9th Imam), then there are no narrations about him being miraculously beamed from Madinah (where he lived) to Toos/Khorassan (where Al-Ridha died)!

And the charlatanism goes on (the Imamate game):

When the 9th Imam (Al-Jawad/Al-Taqi who became an Imam as a kid) died, Ali Al-Hadi (Al-Naqi, the 10th Imam) was also STILL A KID! And there are neither proofs that he carried out the Ghusl for the 9th Imam nor that the 12th Imam performed the ghusl of the 11th Imam. Shia scholars came up with the lamest excuses.

As you can see it’s a whole mess, this cult, and how many have been mislead in the name of “Madhab of Ahl Al-Bayt” and other nonsense.

I stronly advice everyone who understands Arabic (if you don’t it’s really time to learn it) to watch this video, everything I learned is from Shaykh Al-Wesabi the Yemenite, may Allah preserve him, the nukes Rafidism based on their own contradicting Hadith and beliefs and the Aql:

By Ebn Hussein 
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Shi’ite encyclopedia says great Grandson of the Prophet [saw] fabricated a Hadith

We read in the infamous ‘Shia encyclopedia’:

The single report which has the additional phrase (that his father’s name is the same as that of the Prophet’s father) has been probably fabricated by Abdullah Ibn al-Hasan (Muthanna — the second) Ibn (Imam) al-Hasan (AS). Abdullah (d. 145/762) had a son named Muhammad who called him “Nafs al-Zakiyyah” and the Mahdi. (See Ibn Taqtuqa, al-Fikr fi al-Adab al- Sultaniyyah, pp 165-166).


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