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All Books of Muhammad al-Tijani refuted in English

Refutations to all books of Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi for the first time in English language is now available on twelvershia.net website.


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Tijani finds Shia Mosques and Hussainiyas places of smoking rather than worship

Few excerpts from a book of Tijani

He says :

We can say that smoking is a common phenomenon among the Shia. When you come into their mosques for the first time, you are shocked by that.

I remember that when I traveled to Holy Najaf for the first time, I was shocked by this phenomenon. I found it odd and so I asked some of their (the Shia) ulema about it. They gave answers which have not convinced me until now. Some of them say that smoking is neither impermissible nor disapproved because there is no (legal) text concerning it either from the Prophet (S) or from the infallible Imams (a.s..) and that analogy is not permissible to them. Some others say that they do not smoke in the mosques, but only in Husayniyyas 2 which are not from mosques.

Regarding Shia Scholars, he shows his displeasure at not giving fatwa against smoking, and says:

Or, they may fear the reaction of smokers and so they do not give a fatwa for the sake of being disapproved. Someone from them has tried his best to convince me that smoking has many benefits and to disapprove this is really a dangerous thing having a dangerous effect! It encouraged a Muslim youth who knew this man, to keep on smoking.

At the same time we find that charitable societies and social organizations in the atheist countries sparing no effort against smoking and smokers, and preventing even its advertisement. They ask the manufacturers of cigarettes to write on the packets of cigarettes the word “SUICIDE” to encourage people to keep away from it. Yet we find in the Islamic religious societies widely embarking on it and encouraging others towards it. We even find women carrying packets of cigarettes with them to places of worship and religious meetings.


Yeah, this is ‘the school of ahlelbayt’, who can’t give fatwa against smoking for the fear of backlash, and others encourge it. Someone tried to show the benefits of smoking to Tijani. What could that be? It makes you think as if you are the hero? It protects from cancer? And the mominaat, they carry packets of cigarettes in places of worship even in Najaf? Yuck.


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