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Ali and the Prophet are unified in their Status and Spirits, spiritually and apparently.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Khomeini quotes agreeing and praising his ‘sheikh’:  And our teacher in knowing the Lord, the knowledgable, the complete, shah abaadi, may Allah make permanent his shade over his ‘mureed’ [followers of his], has said:-

If Ali (as) appeared before the Prophet (may Allaahs peace be on him and his family), the Sharia would have appeared just as how it appeared with the Prophet (may Allaahs peace be on him and his family), and he [Ali] would have been a sent Prophet! That is because they [Ali & the Prophet] are unified in their spirits and their status; spiritually and apparently.

Refrence:- Misbah al-Hidaya ila al-Khilafa wal Wilaya – page number 163

Scan is this:-

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The word ‘Rabb رب’ mentioned in the Quran is the Prophet or Ali

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We read in Quran

وجوه يومئذ ناضرة ‏ الى ربها ناظرة

Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty);- Looking towards their Lord;


Ali Namazi Shahrodi says in Athbat wilayat takwiniya:

“Perhaps Rabb in this verse refers to Muhammad (S) or Ali (a.s), the momineen will be looking towards them on the day of judgement.”




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