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Book “The Distortions of al-Saduq” Download in PDF


Finally, the English translation of this magnificent book is available for download exclusively on Twelvershia.net. May Allah bless the author Farid for his hard work and research and Hani for translating it for the English readers.

This eye opening book proves without a doubt the distortions and manipulation at the hands of the greatest Twelver Shia classical scholars whom they call “Shaykh Saduq, someone who narrated around 20 thousand narrations in Shia books. How can one take his religion from such a man? It is for the open minded Shias to think about!

The Distortions of al-Saduq (Tahreefat al-Saduq in Arabic)

A Critical Inductive Study on the Evolution of the Traditional Shīa Narrative through the Textual Distortions of Ibn Bābūyah al-Qummī aka Shaykh Saduq

Written by Farīd al-Baḥrainī
Translated by Hānī al-Ṭarābulsī

The book “Distortions of al-Saduq” on Twelvershia.net. Click to download PDF.

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Shia scholars describe al-Saduq as a LIAR

Written by Hani (aka TripolySunni)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

al-Salamu Aleykum,

The Shia say they believe that the Prophet SAWS does not forget, they attack the rest of the Muslims who do not believe this and claim that we are insulting the Prophet SAWS if we say he makes “Sahu”, little do the Shia know that their scholars hide many things from them and here in the introduction to “Man la Yahduruhu al-Faqih” the Shia scholar al-‘Allamah al-Sheikh Muhammad Jawad al-Faqih writes:

مقدمة كتاب من لايحضره الفقيه – ج 1 – ص 70

9/ جواز السهو على النبي (ص) وسماه اسهاء من الله تعالى تبع في رايه ذلك شيخه محمد بن الحسن بن الوليد وتبعه على رأيه ذلك الشيخ الطبرسي في مجمع البيان كما نقل عنه التنكانبي في قصص العلماء والسيد الجزائري في الانوار النعمانية وفخر الدين الطريحي في مجمع البيان مادة (بدا) والمحقق الفيض الكاشاني في الوافي على مايظهر من كلامه ونقل عن الشيخ البهائي رحمه الله انه قال : ( الحمد لله الذي قطع عمره ولم يوفقه لكتابة مثل ذلك ) ونقل عن الشيخ أحمد الاحسائي انه قال : ( الصدوق في هذه المسألة كذوب ) ولايخلو قولهما من سوء ادب نربأ بامثالهما عن ذلك ونسأل الله العصمة والتوفيق . . . أ.هـ

(9) The permissibility of Sahu (forgetfulness) for the Prophet SAWS: From those who saw this are Muhammad bin al-Hassan bin al-Walid and from those who followed him in his opinion are Sheikh al-Tabrasi in Majma’a al-Bayan as reported from him by Sheikh al-Tinkanbi in Qasas al-‘Ulemaa, also al-Sayyed al-Jazaeri in al-Anwar al-Nu’umaniyyah, also Fakhr al-Deen al-Tarihi in Majma’a al-Bayan and al-Muhaqqiq al-Faydh al-Kashani in al-Wafi from what is apparent.

It is reported by al-Sheikh al-Bahaee (rah) that he said (About al-Saduq): “Praise be to Allah who cut his life and did not allow him to write what he intended.” and Sheikh Ahmad al-Ahissaee said (About al-Saduq): “In this matter al-Saduq is a liar.” both of them have displayed poor Adab by saying this and we did not expect this from people such as them…

source: introduction of Man la Yahduruhu al-Faqih vol.1 pg.70

So based on this, some of the biggest classical Shia scholars on the face of the planet used to believe that the infallible prophet SAWS does forget, from those they named:

1- Ibn Babawei al-Qummi al-Saduq.
2- Muhammad ibn al-Hassan ibn al-Walid.
3- Ameen al-Deen abu ‘Ali al-Fadl bin al-Hussein bin al-Fadl al-Tabrasi.
4- Ni’imatullah al-Jazaeree.
5- Fakhr al-Deen al-Tarihi.
6- al-Faydh al-Kashani.

We also see how some of the shia scholars made Du’ah and thanked Allah for ending the life of al-Saduq as they never agreed with him in matters of ‘Aqeedah.


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