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Infallible Imam did not know he had a Khariji wife

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

أحمد بن محمد عن ابن فضال عن ابن بكير عن زرارة عن أبي جعفر (عليه السلام) قال: دخل رجل على علي بن الحسين (عليهما السلام) فقال: إن امرأتك الشيبانية خارجية تشتم عليا (عليه السلام) فإن سرك أن أسمعك منها ذاك أسمعتك؟ قال: نعم قال: فإذا كان غدا حين تريد أن تخرج كما كنت تخرج فعد فاكمن في جانب الدار، قال: فلما كان من الغد كمن في جانب الدار فجاء الرجل فكلمها فتبين منها ذلك فخلى سبيلها وكانت تعجبه

Rough Translation: Ahmad bin Muhammad »» Ibn Fazzal »» Ibn Bukayr »» Zurarah »» Imam Baqir [as] said: a person came to Ali bin Hussain (Zain ul Aabideen) [as] and said: Your [as]’s wife who belongs to the Shaybani tribe is a Khariji, (she) abuses Ali [as], if you wish should I make hear from her? Imam [as] said: Yes. He said: in the morning when you [as] decide to come-out from her (house) you should hide yourself in the corner of house. He [as] said: so the next morning he [as] went hidden in the corner of house, then that man came and talked to her (Imam’s wife), so he [as] got the verification about that, so he [as] divorced her, whereas he [as] use to like her a lot.

Source: Al Kafi: vol 5 pg 351, hadith #14

Grading: Majlisi said: Mawthaq – Mirat Al Uqul, vol 20 pg 54

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Shia Hadith: Dove is Nasibi so Infallible Imam ordered its killing

Mulla Majlisi says in his book Hulyatul Muttaqeen:

درحديث معتبر منقول است كه فاخته در خانه حضرت امام محمد باقر ((عليه السلام )) بود آنحضرت روزى شنيدند كه او خوانندگى ميكرد فرمود كه ميدانيد چه ميگويد گفتند نه فرمود كه ميگويد فقدتكم فقدتكم يعنى نيست شويد نيست شويد پس فرمود كه ما آنرا دفع ميكنيم پيش از آنكه آن مارا دفع كند پس فرمود كه آنرا كشتند

It is mentioned in reliable hadith that a dove had made a nest in the house of Imam Baqir. One day Imam heard him saying while people were present with him, he asked them ‘ Do you know what is it saying? ‘. They replied ‘No’. Imam said : It is saying : May you ruin, may you ruin. Then he said : Before that it drives us away, we will drive it away and then he ordered to kill it.

Hulyatul Muttaqeen, p. 480

By Kalaam
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Ali (ra) is the ‘beast’ and the Shia are the flocks


This is the Tafseer taken from the most important Shia book of Tafseer by their scholar al-‘Ayyashi…

al-TabaTabaei himself said in the intro of his book of Tafseer:
وإن أحسن ما ورثناه من ذلك كتاب التفسير المنسوب إلى شيخنا العياشي رحمه الله وهو الكتاب القيم
“The best book we inherited from among them is the one attributed to our Sheikh al-‘Ayyashi may Allah have mercy on him, it is a valuable book.”

and he said:
فهو لعمري أحسن كتاب ألف قديما في بابه ، وأوثق ما ورثناه من قدماء مشايخنا من كتب التفسير بالمأثور . أما الكتاب فقد تلقاه علماء هذا الشأن منذ الف إلى يومنا هذا – ويقرب من أحد عشر قرنا – بالقبول من غير أن يذكر بقدح أو يغمض فيه بطرف
“It is certainly the best book compiled since ancient times in this domain, the most reliable of what we inherited from the scholars from the books of Tafseer with narration. As for the book, the scholars have taken it with acceptance since eleven centuries without criticizing it even slightly.”


Regarding the first verse of Surat al-Maeda:

{Permitted to you is the beast of the flocks} [5:1]

قول الله تعالى ( أُحِلَّتْ لَكُمْ بَهِيمَةُ الْأَنْعَامِ)(المائدة: من الآية1) ، وهو قوله : [عن المفضل قال : سألت الصادق عليه السلام عن قول الله : ” أحلت لكم بهيمة الأنعام ” قال البهيمة هيهنا الولي والأنعام المؤمنون ]. ينظر تفسير العياشي ( 1 / 290 )

al-Mufaddal said: I asked al-Sadiq (as) about the saying of Allah: “Permitted to you is the beast of the flocks” He (as) said: “The beast here is the Wali(Imam) and the cattle are the believers(Shia).”

source: Tafseer al-‘Ayyashi 1/290.

I know from Shia narrations that ‘Ali (ra) is described as a mosquito, and now he’s being described as a beast? an animal of grazing livestock?

Subhanallah! How stupid is this explanation?

Astaghferullah! Ayazubillah!

By Hani (aka TripolySunni)
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