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The Book of Saqifa & Shura – The Story of succession to Muhammad (saw)

Book name: Islamic leadership after Muhammad: The True Story of Succession to the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) by Hani Al-Tarabulsi

This book will present the in-depth politics of Caliphate as well as the events that took place after the passing of Islam’s Prophet (saw) by relying on a vast amount of early Arabic sources that are unavailable to western readers. The history presented in our book will clarify the truth and reveal the secrets that led to heated disputes between Sunni & Shia Muslims for centuries to come.

Available for purchase:

Islamic leadership after Muhammad (peace be upon him) Amazon Kindle Edition [Simple text document, best viewed by Kindle devices – English Only] (price $7.99)

Islamic leadership after Muhammad (peace be upon him) Smashwords Edition [PDF version, organized and accessible – contains English & Arabic texts] (price $8.99)

Detailed description can be read here:

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Ali [ra] prayed five times behind his Imam, Abubakr Siddiq [ra].

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

((كان يؤدي الصلوات الخمس في المسجد خلف الصديق راضيا بامامته ومظهراللناس اتفاقه معه ووئامه معه))
الاحتجاج للطبرسي ص 53—كتاب سليم بن قيس ص203—-مرآة العقول للمجلسي ص388

“He(Ali) used to pray the five prayers in the mosque behind Al Siddeeq(Abu Bakr) and he accepted his Imamat and he showed the people that he was in agreement with him and that like liked him.”

Shia Sources:
Al Ihtijaj for al Tabrasi p53.
Kitab Salim bin Qays p203.
Mira’at al Uqool for Majlisi p388.

Update 14/08/2012:

Ali always prayed behind Abu Bakr in his life. Hence we read in al bidaya of Hafiz ibn Kathir:

فإن علي بن أبي طالب لم يفارق الصديق في وقت من الأوقات، ولم ينقطع في صلاة من الصلوات خلفه
Ali never separated from Abu Bakr Siddiq in the time of prayer, and never stopped praying behind him

Al bidaya Vol. 5, p. 249

By Hani (aka TripolySunni) & Kalaam
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