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Imam al-Ridha dissociates himself from the Shia & Prays against them

Powerful Production that can serve Dawah purpose and can also be used for refuting the Shi’a beliefs.

Imam Ali al-Redha disassociates himself from the Shia and prays to Allah against them because they have exaggerated the status of Ahlul-Bait and claim for them things which Ahlul-Bait never claimed for themselves.

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Great Lectures about Imams/Scholars of AhlulSunnah from Ahlelbayt

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

by Shaykh Muhammad Musa Shareef 

Ali ibn al-Husayn (رحمه الله)

Muhammad al-Baaqir (رحمه الله)

Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridaa (رحمه الله)


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