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Mushrik Poet from Quraysh lists the Sahaba who gave them hard time in the battle of Badr

In his Sirah, Ibn Ishaq listed a poem of one of the Mushrikeen from Quraysh, Dhirar Ibn Al-Khattab,  which was said after the battle of Badr. He said:

شعر ضرار بن الخطاب في يوم بدر

وقال ضرار بن الخطاب بن مرادس ، أخو بني محارب بن فهر في يوم بدر ‏‏:‏‏ 

عجبت لفخر الأوس والـحَـين دائر** عليهم غدا والـدهـر فـيه بـصـائر 
وفخر بني النجار إن كان معـشـر ** أصيبوا ببدر كُـلِّـهـم ثـمَّ صـابـر 
فإن تك قتلى غودرت من رجالـنـا ** فإنا رجـال بـعـدهـم سـنـغـادر 
وتَردي بنا الجرد العناجيج وسطكـم ** بني الأوس حتى يشفي النـفـس ثـائر 
ووسط بني النجار سوف نكـرُّهـا ** لها بالـقـنـا والـدارعـين زوافـر 
فنترك صرعى تعصب الطير حولهم ** وليس لـهـم إلا الأمـانـي نـاصـر 
وتبكيهم من أهـل يثـرب نـسـوة **لهن بها لـيل عـن الـنـوم سـاهـر 
وذلـك أنـا لا تـزال سـيوفـنـا **بهـن دم مـمـن يحـاربـن مــائر 
فإن تظفروا في يوم بدر فـإنـمـا** بأحمد أمسى جدكـم وهـو ظـاهـر 
وبالنـفـر الأخـيار هـم أولـياؤه ** يحامون في اللأواء والموت حـاضـر 
يعد أبو بـكـر وحـمـزة فـيهـم **ويدعى عليٌ وسط مـن أنـت ذاكـر 
ويدعي أبو حفص وعثمان منـهـم ** وسعد إذا ما كان في الحرب حاضـر 
أولئك لا من نتَّجـت فـي ديارهـا ** بنو الأوس والنجار حـين تـفـاخـر 
ولكن أبوهم من لؤي بـن غـالـب ** إذا عُدت الأنساب كـعـب وعـامـر 
هم الطاعنون الخيل في كل معـرك ** غداة الهـياج الأطـيبـون الأكـاثـر

In this poem, Dhirar Ibn Al-Khattab wonders why the tribe of Aws from the Ansar as well as Beni Al-Najar take pride in the victory of Badr. He says that Quraysh will take revenge and kill them and leave them as food for the vulctures and leave their women to weap over them. 

He says that the only reason the Ansar were victorious in Badr is because their army contained some people from Quraysh. He says:

If you have gained victory in Badr then it is because ** of Ahmad (i.e the Prophet -SAW) that your luck became apparent

And also because of a group of nobles who are his friends ** who defend him when death is present

Abu Bakr is considered amongst them as well as Hamza ** and Ali is called amongst the middle of them

Abu Hafs (i.e Umar -RA-) and Uthman are considered amongst them ** and Saad when he is present at war

They are the ones and not those produced in the lands of ** Bani Al-Aws and Al-Najar when one takes pride

Rather their father is Luai Ibn Ghalib ** if one would consider lineages of Kaab and Amir (i.e sons of Luai and ancestors of most Qurayshis)

They are the ones who stab the horses in every war **  at the day of battle they are the nobles they are the great

So who knows better about the performance of the Sahabas in battles, their adversaries in the battle, or their adversaries who beat their chests like women and weep and cry every year in Muharram?! 

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