He rejected Shia sect and accepted Ahl-Sunnah due to this argument

Bismillah irrahman irrahim,

I was going through a shiite forum and i went through a thread about debate on imamah and till today i couldnt figure out what was the right way imamate or caliphate through shura. I was so confused about which faith to adopt sunni or shia? But Alhamdulillah i am now clear and it has driven all my confusion to the bin. This brother argued very cleverly and busted the opponent by these lines:

“Lets assume for the sake of arguments that imamat of the 12 was the chosen way. Ok Ali becomes the khalifa, than hassan, than hussain & till ur 12th imam mahdi. I am sure we all agree these imams were MORTAL human beings. Suppose each of these imams got khilafat without any resistance & there was no opposition by anyone & this is what u shias want isnt it? U criticize the sahaba for depriving the Ahly bayt from their right to rule the ummah? Fine… 20 years of khilafat by each of ur “divinely appointed” imam gives a total of 240 years. What after that? For the sake of argument we accept that all ur stories & tales of the tragedies & sad events surrounding the Ahly Bayt from the day they were entitled to rule till the day ur last imam left the ummah are true, but all these self made theories fail miserably on the other side when we apply them to reality. U guys have NO authentic narrations to clearly indicate what would been the scenario if things went in the favor of Ahly Bait & no one turned against Ali & his family”

He further continues:

“shia islam fails when it comes to the real application of its underlying principles. That proves it NOT the legitimate school of thought. This is why i dont accept it as a right path. It is full of flaws & miscalculations.

Compare this system with that of sunnis, a shura elects a caliph who is capable & worth of being one. He can be anyone, from any tribe, any race… thats more practical & applicable too. Its not limited to a number of people. It can be continued till qiyamah. So thats the right way.”

I am fully confident on my faith from now on. Shiism is false religion and doesnt make sense at all.

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3 responses to “He rejected Shia sect and accepted Ahl-Sunnah due to this argument

  1. Abderrahmane

    If I use your argument on the number of imams that they won’t last too long before we come to a dead end then what about Prophets who came every 500 to 1000 years interval?
    Don’t you realise that imams were appointed in the time of David and Solomon and other prophets and in between Allah always send a wali to guide his people and everyone else who is open to the message?
    Therefore the given argument on governance through Sahaba doesn’t have any credibility nor sense.
    Allah bless you to the truth insha Allah my brother.

  2. Abderrahmane

    Another point to develop on this question is the fact that if these 12 imams had the chance to govern they would have covered a good 500 years of governance with an opportunity to build up a perfect system. The people living in such a system will mature in an environment based on justice, equality while being lead and guided by the most guided and pure members of the family of the Prophet of Islam.
    Look at the Islamic history, it’s full of injustice, wars, aggression, oppression, misery, killings, imprisonment. torture and the list has no end.

  3. Saifullah

    May Allah guide you the right path, my dear brother. Unfortunetaly, you were disguided by a weak sunni argument that can be disproved easily. There is no Islam without the Quran and the AhlalBait (as), as it was narrated in authentic sunni Ahadith books. Please do your research carefully and take your time to understand, don‘t rush into conclusions without doing your own research and asking experts on the topic, and always remember: Open your heart and ask Allah for guidance while doing your research. Thereby, you will obviously realize the difference between sweets and poison.

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