Who was this blessed Companion of the Prophet ﷺ ?

1. There was a Meccan man who was born 6 years after Prophet Muhamad ﷺ. He lived a respectful & honorable life, and when Muhammad ﷺ began to preach Islam in Mecca, he was one of the first individuals from Quraish to accept Islam, due to the efforts of the earliest Meccan Muslims

2. He accepted Islam in his 30s in Mecca, when Muslims were a persecuted minority with no socio-political affluence. He eventually reached such a respected status with the Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims that he was given the honor of marrying a daughter of the Prophet ﷺ, Himself.

3. When the persecution of Muslims got out of hand, he was among the first to migrate to Abyssinia (along with his wife, the Prophet’s daughter) in hope of a safer and more tolerant setting, to freely practice Islam.

 4. While they were in Abyssinia, rumors spread that the pagan Meccans had finally accepted Islam; so he, along with his wife, returned to Mecca, only to realize that that was a lie. They remained alongside the Prophet ﷺ, until He eventually migrated to Medina.

5. When Allah permitted, the Prophet migrated to Medina, leaving Mecca. This man, along with his wife, followed the Prophet and left everything they had behind. Once in Medina, he was shrewd enough to quickly become one of the richest men in Medina through trade.

6. Life went smoothly for the first few years; however, when the Battle of Badr was about to take place, the Prophet ﷺ called the men to bear arms. He hastily got ready; however, his wife was very ill, and so the Prophet commanded him to remain with her.

7. Unfortunately, his wife died that same day when Allah had granted the Prophet victory against the pagans in the Battle of Badr. Though the Prophet ﷺ had commanded him to remain with his wife, the Prophet ﷺ also gave him a share of the spoils of war.

8. A year later, he was remarried to another blessed women, another daughter of the Prophet ﷺ. In 6 A.H, when the Prophet went out for a Umrah to Mecca alongside His companions, certain complications had occurred. Thus, the Prophet ﷺ, sent this man to Mecca as an envoy

9. As he was in Mecca, news spread among the Muslim camp that he had been murdered in Mecca. When the Prophet heard the news, He was furious and called all of His companions for a pledge of allegiance to fight until death !

10. This pledge of allegiance would later be known as بيعة الرضوان, and Allah revealed verses in the Quran praising this blessed gathering and its people.

11. Since this man wasn’t there, the Prophet placed His other hand in his representation, and He took the pledge on his behalf. This man eventually returned to the camp safely, and the rumors of his death turned out to be lies.

12. In the year 9 (A.H) the Prophet set fourth for a military expedition to Tabuk, and the Prophet had requested that someone sponsor the expedition. This man sponsored the whole expedition himself. When the Prophet heard of this news, He played with the coins out of joy !

13. He fought alongside the Prophet ﷺ (his father-in-law) in numerous battles, such as: Uhud, Ghatafan, Dhat al-Ruqa’, the Conquest of Mecca, Tabuk… And he was also known for the many great traits & characteristics he had throughout the life of the Prophet ﷺ.

14. Eventually, after the Prophet’s ﷺ death, Islam began to spread outside the Arabian Peninsula. In the year 23 A.H, he was placed in charge of the Muslims as a Caliph, as the companions of the Prophet ﷺ unanimously agreed to him becoming caliph.

15. As a caliph, he was just and continued along the just path of his predecessors… he continued in the expansion and he also compiled the whole Quran into a single volume, so that it may be preserved…

16. However, after a long period of his rule, a group of conspirators conspired to kill him, under the influence of individuals calling for fitnah. On a sad & gruesome day, these conspirators surrounded his house, preventing him from gaining access to food, water and the Mosque.

17. In 35 A.H, he was tragically killed in his own house while reciting the Quran, and his wife was injured along his side. It was a great tragedy… one of the earliest & noblest companions of the Prophet ﷺ had been murdered in his own home!
18. After all of these accomplishments & sacrifices, it is sad to know that Shias deem this man to be a kafir & a hypocrite… They openly curse him on their pulpits & in their books….

19.Who is this man? He is: Uthman bin Affan…. Honorable companion & son-in-law of the Prophet ﷺ and caliph of the Muslims. May Allah unite us with him in paradise

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