Shia researcher & Debater admits the truth live on air

Salam `Aleykum,

I’ve first seen this `Iraqi Shia Doctor on “al-Mustaqillah” TV channel in 2008, where he was debating and advertising for the Shia Madhab in the daily TV episodes all throughout Ramadan.

Although polite and moderate in his approach, he used to be very critical of the Sahabah and very suspicious and often accused them of ill-intentions and conspiracies against the household.

Praise be to Allah, this Ramadan I was browsing youtube videos related to Tashayyu`, what I saw made tremble, the audacity and filth that is posted all around youtube, from Shia scholars claiming `Ali to be their Lord on the day of judgement, and others claiming the Imams turned sand into honey similar to the miracles of certain prophets, and stories of the Imams would revive the dead… all of it disgusting and is guaranteed to make you lose your appetite even in Ramadan… One video posted in 2014 caught my eye which said “Shia doctor is guided”, I saw the image of Sa`d al-Rifi`ee on the thumbnail but assumed the doctor was some unknown man who calls the show.

Praise be to Allah, I was wrong, and it turns out that after several years of debating, finally Dr.Sa`d al-Rifi`ee the respected `Iraqi Shia researcher admitted: “Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him held on to the Sunnah” and he said “`Umar bin al-Khattab was blessed by Allah may Allah be pleased with him and he made the conquests and spread the religion” and he said “`Uthman bin `Affan had many shortcomings but he was a good man…”

What happened is that his Rafidhi scholars couldn’t even wait until the episode ended, the Rafidhi `Ali al-Kourani called his cell-phone during the episode and humiliated him, he humiliated him because he made Du`a’ for the Sahabah, Sistani’s representative in Koufah also called him after the show and cursed him.

here’s the video:


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2 responses to “Shia researcher & Debater admits the truth live on air

  1. Adam Bacher

    I know who exactly u people r.
    Sons of iblees.
    Not roght to argue with shaitan.
    Sahabahs whom who think sahabah r not sahabah.
    Research and study with n open mind then u will accept the truth.
    Sis ur Sahabah taught u to kill and muder Shias brutally

    • Aflad Ruheed

      It is always easy to identify a twelver shia
      (1) Name calling
      (2) A compulsive tendency to use the most disgusting, indecent and vile language on others
      (3) They have no respect for anyone – including the sahabas. They unwittingly imply that the Prophet (SAW) was such a poor conveyer of the message and ineffective judge of character that he was surrounded by people who immediately apostasised following his (SAW) death.

      Would Shias be cool about Sunnis using the same foul language on Ayatollahs Khomeini, Khameneis and Sistanis

      Sunnis risked their lives and one of them died while rescuing Shias who fell from the Al-Aimmah Bridge onto River Tigris in Baghdad in 2005. But they never mention it because it goes against their persecution myth

      BTW – suicide bombing was pioneered by Shias in Lebanon in 1983

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