Imam al-Kadhim: First act of kindness is to give good names to your children

قال امام موسی کاظم: اول ما یبر الرجل ولده أن یسمیه باسم حسن فلیحسن أحدکم اسم ولده

Imam Mûsâ ibn Ja‘far al-Kazim: The very first act of kindness of a man towards his son is to give him a good name, so keep good names for your children.

al-Kafi v.6, p.18, no.3
Wasail Shia vol.15, pg.122

Now interesting fact is that al-Kadhim (rah) named his daughter “Aisha”.

Other Ahlulbayt, including Ali, Hasan, Husain, Jafar etc whom the Shias supposedly follow named their sons Abubakr, Umar, Uthman and their daughters Aisha. Please read:

Names of children of Ahlulbayt


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6 responses to “Imam al-Kadhim: First act of kindness is to give good names to your children

  1. Sarfaraz


    I had discussion with a Shia regarding this topic. He said Abu Bakr is not a real name but a nick name. So Hadhrat Ali (r.a) naming one of his son as Abu Bakr is untrue. About the name Usman he said that it was evil scheming of Banu Ummaya that changed the name ‘Imran bin Ali’ to ‘Usman bin Ali’. And he said that Hadhrat Ali (r.a) having a son named Omar is blatant lie.

    About other Imams naming their children after 3 Righteous Caliphs… Shias also consider this as lies.

    There is no way they are going to be convinced. If any evidence is provided from their own books they simply say it is evidence is weak and hence false.

  2. Returning Soul

    Salaam brother

    I’m myself a Shia! And I can see in this weblog you’re spreading many lies mixed with truth although I don’t blame you for still you have a lot to learn and I wish this weblog helps you further your knowledge of Shia school before passing immature judgements. Shia school has survived centuries of repression and critical treatment and if it was not for its intellectual strength it couldn’t have survived as a minority up to this time! So we Shias don’t fear question and criticism. That’s a basic point to know about Shia in general.

    Now as for this topic of naming in particular, you should note that names such as Aisha, Abu Bakr, Uthman etc had been common names among many Arabs. But today we tend to associate these name exclusively with only some notable Islamic figures of the early Islamic period, but back then these names were put on many people! So if a Shia Imam names his son with them, it does not mean he is naming them after those specific figures! So it doesn’t also mean that those are meant to dignify Aisha bint Abu Bakr or Uthman ibn Affan in particular! They could’ve been chosen simply for the beauty of their literal meaning!

    • Walaikum Salam brother,

      The claim that Shia survived etc because of “intellectual strength” is a funny claim – Ismaeili Shias, Alawis and all other minority sects make the same claim. It doesn’t prove anything.

      As for the names being common – they became common and famous after those rightly guided caliphs.

      Please read:

      • Javed

        Brother, the same problem lies with Sunnies. You are not ready to be convinced either. We are so enmeshed in what is being handed over to us by our elder generations that we give logic a total go by.
        The biggest advantage Shias have is the chain of Imamat. Even if you are not prepared to believe in the 12th Imam Mehdi (in occultation) dont bother. But can there be any doubt on the Ahlel Bayat’s continuous chain till the 11th Imam . Who could be the true repository of Hadith and chain of events other than the continuous Imamat till about 260 AH (874 AD). But no, you have to believe in Sahi Sitta, whose compilation started after around 200 years after our Prophet’s (PUBH) wafaat and continued for about 50 years between Bukhari and Nasai. Unbelieavably, for reasons x,y,z their sources were everyone else other than the prophets direct decendents. Imagine, Abu Huraira who was with the Prophet for only 3 years (post Khyber) and his chain became one of the biggest narrator of Hadiths,over Ali and his chain. Ofcourse, I do not rule out the possibility of these scholars being under threat from the rulers of their time, to not interact with the Ahlel Bayt.
        If they were all normal human beings like us, who has more details about a family than one’s family members. Can someone tell you more about your grandfather than your father and so on. Hz Ali lived, cheek by jowl with his cousin, Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) for 30 years. Yet Hz Aisha (married at 9 years of age) and lived with him for 8 years (sharing his time with 10 wives) has more hadith to narrate.

        Even where Sunni Hadiths, (1) Sahih Tirmidhi, v2, p298, v5, p63,, (2)Sunan Ibn Maja, v1, pp 12,43 ; (3) Khasa’is, by al-Nisa’i, pp 4,21 clearly mentions the formal “Ghadeer” nomination of Hz Ali, arguments are built up to downplay its significance. It was only after completing this sacred duty, the following verse of Holy Quran was revealed: “Today I have perfected your religion and completed my bounty upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion.” (Quran 5:3)

        But then accident of birth forces you to build arguments against it. It is sad to see that a majority of muslims (about 70 of the 73 sects) continue to live in denial . It is inconceieavble that people who are ready to accept our Prophet’s(PUBH) detailed guidelines on womens menses and what to do if we inadvertently see our private parts, fail to accept that he could have left such an important/basic duty his Umma.

        Beats logic does it not. But then nothing will change. We can keep arguing till the cows come home. “Unto you your version, unto me mine” and never the twain shall meet. Allah has already said the majority will be in “manifest error”.

      • There is no such thing as ‘chain of Imamate’ thus the rest your comment falls. How many narrations of Ali you have in your books? Very FEW. How many of Hasan and Husain? VERY FEW.

        Also, according to your books, the IMAMs were SEVEN not TWELVE.

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