Lectures Refuting the Shia Book “Al-Muraja’at” of Abd al-Husayn al-Musawi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله

This is a series of audio lectures refuting the famous Shia propaganda book of al-Murājaʿāt, A Shi’i-Sunni dialogue (also known as ‘The Right Path’), whose author was `Abdul-Husayn Sharaf-ul-Deen al-Musawi.



P.S. There is already some textual refutation of different parts of the book in English:



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7 responses to “Lectures Refuting the Shia Book “Al-Muraja’at” of Abd al-Husayn al-Musawi

  1. Assalamo Alaikom…!‎

    Al-Hamdu-Lillah, the first American edition of my translation of ‎AL-MURAJA`AT is now in print in 534 pages and for only ‎‎$16.99; moreover, you can order your copy ONLINE to be ‎delivered at your doorstep…! The color edition of this book, ‎which was published on June 28, 2015 in 478 pages, sells for ‎‎$63.‎

    This is the best book “Yasin Publications” has so far published ‎in coordination with CreateSpace. It contains 3 additional ‎Appendices besides AL-MURAJA`AT text, not to mention ‎many photographs and graphic designs.‎

    The attached PDF file provides you with more details, and this ‎is the Link to the Amazon ad:‎


    This black-and-white edition contains three Appendices: ‎APPENDIX I:‎‏ ‏A Word About The Shi`a Presence And Activity ‎In The United States; APPENDIX II: My Comment On ‎Harvard University’s ‎ ‎“Islam In America” Report: A Harvard ‎University Report‏ ‏which details the presence of Islam and ‎Muslims in America from 1178 – 2012. It proves that there were ‎Muslims in America at least 314 years prior to the voyage of ‎Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (1451 – 1506 A.D) that ‎discovered America in 1492. APPENDIX III: A Brief ‎Biography Of The Founder Of Wahhabism which gave birth to ‎Salafism, Takfirism and international terrorism. Wahhabism is ‎promoted by the corrupt Wahhabi rulers of Saudi Arabia with ‎backing from the West. Western governments use Saudi Arabia ‎to do the dirty work for them, so they reward it with all types of ‎support.‎

    Wassalamo Alaikom.‎

    Your Brother Yasin al-Jibouri yasinaljibouri@hotmail.com

  2. Alex Dean

    Giving dawah to Shi’a is like taking coal to Newcastle! The assertion that this so-called refutation is anything serious is a joke in itself. The book is trite and shallow and designed to confuse novices. People leading busy lives are apt to look for books that are clear and do not obfuscate! Spreading lies is unforgivable. The majority in the Muslim world became the majority by the spread of Umayyad and Abbasid sponsored Islam. This set the bandwagon rolling and that is where we find ourselves today. Most Muslims are muddled and this supposed “refutation” only adds to the confusion!

    • Allah spread this beautiful through Sunnis to different parts of the world. Sunnis spread the same religion that was spread by the Prophet (saw) during his lifetime. The only reason Shia twelver sect is majority in Iran/Azerbaijan is due to the mass killings and annihilation of Sunnis in Persia by the cannibal Safavid maniacs.

  3. Assalamo Alaikom. Alhamdu-Lillah (all Praise belongs to Allah, God Almighty), my books, including Al-Muraja`at, have now reached the NORTH POLE and thousands of people are finding the truth through them. Nobody can fight the truth; nobody can “refute” it no matter how hard he may try! Allahu Akbar! Wassalamo Alaikom. Your Brother Yasin T. al-Jibouri

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