Shia scholar: The current Quran which was compiled by Uthman was changed

Shia scholar says that the Quran that was compiled by Uthman bin Affan (ra) which is the one have in our hands today was changed and corrupted but the Imams ordered the Shia to follow it out of taqqiyah  etc.

Akhbari Imami Twelver Shia scholar, al-Shaykh `Abdullah bin Salih al-Samahiji al-Bahrani says in his book “Muniyat al-Mumariseen – منية الممارسين”:

القران الذي الفه عثمان والذي بين ايدي الناس وقع به التغيير والائمة امروا شيعتهم به استصلاحا وتقية لئلا تقع الفتنة العظمى والمصيبة الكبرى في اصل دين الاسلام

[The Qur’an compiled by `Uthman and the one in people’s hands, was in fact changed. The Imams ordered their Shia to follow it as that was for the best, also out of Taqiyyah so as to avoid a great Fitnah and calamity in the foundations of the Islamic religion.]



And a scan of that is found here with praise for him by al-Sayyid `Abdullah al-Jaza’iri, Yusuf al-Bahrani and Shaykh `Ali al-Biladi:


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