Is “Fara’id al-Samtayn” a Sunni book?

اسلام علیکم

Is “Fara’id al-Samtayn” or “Fara’id al-Samtain” or “Faraid al-Simtayn” a Sunni book?

I will just post the cover of the book on this thread but you can read this article and this one that proves in detail that this book and the author belong to the Shia not Sunnis.



This cover even has the name of the Muhaqiq (researcher) of the book:



As you can see it is written on the covers:

مؤسّسة المحمودي للطباعة والنشر بيروت ـ لبنان

حقّقه وعلّق عليه وتصدّى لنشره الشيخ محمّد باقر المحمودي

al-Mahmoudi printing and publishing house/institute – this is a Shia publishing house

Muhaqiq (researcher) of the book is Shia scholar Shaykh Muhammad Baqir Mahmoudi (the publishing house is named after him)

And this is ‘Shaykh Muhammad Baqir Mahmoudi’ responsible for the publishing of the book.



Original article link

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