Debate On Tahrif Al-Quran Between Shia & Sunni

The following message was posted on Shiachat by brother Abul Hussaini:

Posted Image

Posted Image

This is an invitation from Farid to knowledgeable members of Shiachat (or any other Shia forum/site) for a debate about the authenticity and completeness of the Quran according to Shia and Sunni Madhabs.

Debate format and other details will be provided once you accept the debate.

Debate Topic: Authenticity and completeness of Quran in the Shia and Sunni Madhabs  

Debate Venue:

Further comment by brother Hani:

Our challenge is for any Admin/Moderator or popular respectable member from the ShiaChat forums to come and debate us regarding the mentioned topic, registration will be easy and their stay here will be facilitated InshaAllah.

We’re awaiting a response from the ShiaChat side, We urge them: Please do not post any nonsense and do not make any useless participation such as the one done by “Ibn al-Shahid” whose reply is of no use to anyone.

We will post the simple logical rules for the debate once we get a serious response.

Discussion link:

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One response to “Debate On Tahrif Al-Quran Between Shia & Sunni

  1. It’s your platform and you’re the judge, jury and the executioners. I’m sure they’re all familiar with the stance, attitude and ways on that site (members, moderators and admins). Come on Shiachat and I will be more than happy to take anyone seriously rather than you hiding behind the excuse “looking for someone serious”, what ever that means.

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