Shia scholar would present himself as a Sunni scholar

Shia scholar Nematullah al-Jazairi says in his book:

ويعجبني نق مباحثة جرت بين شيخنا البهائي قدس الله روحه وبين علماء مصر وهو اعلمهم وافضلهم وقد كان شيخنا البهائي يظهر لذلك العالم انه على دينه

I would like to mention a discussion that was held between our Shaikh Bahai, and some scholar of Egypt, and he was the most knowledgeable and superior amongst them, and Shaikh Bahai would present himself to that scholar that he is upon the [Sunni] scholar’s religion.

Anwar al-Numania, Vol. 1, p. 73

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3 responses to “Shia scholar would present himself as a Sunni scholar

  1. Hugh Slaman

    Some Shia scholars are still playing this deceptive game today!
    Look out for the “Sunni scholars” who admire Khomeini, or preach “Sunni-Shia Unity”, or advocate that Sunnis accept temporary marriage; in many cases, though perhaps not all, these people are Shias who have not yet come “out of the closet”.
    Allah knows best!

  2. Samy

    Ofcourse bro!l
    We all shia’s are actually Sunni’s. As Sunni is the one who follows prophet sunnah. So we shia follows at most to prophet sunnah’s unlike Sunni’s who follow their 4 respected Imam’s r.a (sihah-sitta authors) .
    And frankly if any body asks me whether I am shia or sunni. I introduce my self as Muslim to decrease the sect differences.
    And remember shia or sunni is not by the name shia or sunni, its from ones belief (emaan) and aamal’s and practice. Same way you will find a lot of so called Muslims but their acts are worst than animals like Yazeed etc…
    And remember its not like only 1 sect which will go into heaven, that will be the true practicing Muslim whether he belongs to any sect. The more your belief is strong the higher place one will get in heaven. May Allah we all Muslims become practicing Muslims and understands our enemies that are non-muslims who are taking advantage by keeping the muslims busy in their inter sect fights.

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