Degrading a Shia book of Jurisprudence is Kufr & Punishable with death

Shia scholar says that even degrading a Shia jurisprudence (Fiqh) book is kufr, and punishable with death penalty – Majlisi says

Majlisi says in his ridiculous book, Haqqul Yaqeen

و خلافی نیست در آنکه کسی که منکر یکی از ضروریات دین اسلام باشد در حکم کفار است و مخلد در نار است و ضروري دین اسلام آنست که بدیهی شده باشد در دین اسلام و هر که صاحب این دین باشد آن را داند مگر نادري مثل کسی که تازه مسلمان شده باشد و هنوز نزد او ضروري نشده باشد مانند نماز و روزه ماه مبارك رمضان و حج و زکاة و امثال اینها کسی که ترك اینها کند کافر نیست و کسی که ترك اینها را حلال داند کافر است و مستحق قتل است و همچنین اگر فعلی از او صادر شود که متضمن استخفاف بدین یا محرمات الهی باشد عمدا مثل آنکه عمدا مصحف مجید را بسوزاند یا در قازورات اندازد یا لگد بر آن بزند یا حقتعالی یا ملائکه یا یکی از انبیاء را دشنام دهد یا سخنی بگوید که متضمن استخفاف باشد خواه در نظم و خواه در نثر یا کعبه معظمه را خراب کند بیجهت یا عمدا در آن بول کند یا غائط و همچنین نسبت بروضات مقدسه حضرت رسول اللّه و ائمه استخفافی کند بقول یا بفعل یا تربت شریف حسین علیه السّلام را استخفافی کند قولا یا فعلا مثل آنکه العیاذ باللّه بآن استنجاء نماید یا نسبت بکتب حدیث شیعه استخفاف کند و بعضی کتب فقه شیعه را نیز چنین میدانند یا بیکی از عبادات که ضروري دین است استهزاء و استخفاف نماید یا بت یا غیر بت را معبود خود قرار دهد و آن را بقصد عبادت سجده کند یا شعار کفار را که متضمن اظهار کفر باشد ظاهر گرداند مثل آنکه زنار ببندد باین قصد و یا پیشانی خود را بروش هنود زرد کند بقصد اظهار شعار ایشان

And there is no dispute in it, that one, who is a denier of even one of the fundamentals of belief, is included among disbelievers and he will reside in Hell forever. And the necessary fundamentals of faith are those matters, which are deemed as inevitable in Islam, one, who considers his own faith as lawful. But it is rarely regarding the new convert to Islam and till that time that principle has not become necessary in his view. For example, Prayer, fasts of the month of Ramadhan, Hajj and Zakat and the like. One, who omits these, is not a disbeliever, but one, who regards omitting them as lawful is a disbeliever and is eligible for execution. In the same way, if he commits an act that tantamount to disrespect of religion or divine sanctities, as intentionally burning down of Quran, throwing it into impurities or placing foot on it; or he abuses or talks ill of Almighty Allah, angels, prophets or the Holy Imams (a.s.), whether in poetry or prose. Or damages the Holy Kaaba or intentionally makes it impure. In the same way, if he dishonors tombs of Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) and the Holy Imams (a.s.) verbally or practically. Or he insults the dust from the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.) verbally or practically; for example, he cleans himself with it after urinating or insults the tradition books of Shia. The same is applicable to books and jurisprudence of Shia scholars; or he insults a worship act, which is from the necessity of faith; or regards an idol or something else to be his deity and prostrates to it. Or displays symbols of infidelity, which should be an expression of disbelief.

Haqqul Yaqeen, Vol. 2, p. 211 

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2 responses to “Degrading a Shia book of Jurisprudence is Kufr & Punishable with death

  1. zaheerhusain khan

    You yourself have proved that you are infidel, talk kufr and definitely you shall remain in jahannum in the hereafter for I find in the piece you quoted nothing wrong at all . And there is no dispute in it, that one, who is a denier of even one of the fundamentals of belief, is included among disbelievers and he will reside in Hell forever. You foolishly and evily call Haqqul Yaqeen the most authentic book by one of the most learned , zahid and muttaqi WRITER a ” ridiculous book ” . Can you produce a single sentence equivalent in quality, eloquence and authencity a single book from your top most Imam ever . You call your saheeh bokhari a book only next to Qora’an . The reality : It has been found majority of ahadees false and fabricated, unfortunately some of them to the extent of pornography . Can you digest and call it a hadees e Nabvi ma’az Allah , ” breast feeding of by mohammat to bearded men to make them mahram .Can you handle the truth . saheeh bokhari has endless stream of reference tojanabah . This objection also shows that in your deviated faith o fiqh , there is nothing unlawful , there is nothing bad , there is no gunah , every one with the gravest sin , even murder and terrorism is pardonable , the perpetrator can have a clean chit and can go to jannah after the Allah almighty has pardoned all his sin or had given advanced tidings . What A WIERD FAITH , WHAT A FALSE AQEEDAH , THE WAY TO HELL .

  2. Hugh Slaman

    What this shows is that Sunni-Shia Unity is a lie and a myth, one that only ever benefited the Shias.
    Let us all realize that these are completely different religions,and then we can debate to establish the truth.

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