Tijani finds Shia Mosques and Hussainiyas places of smoking rather than worship

Few excerpts from a book of Tijani

He says :

We can say that smoking is a common phenomenon among the Shia. When you come into their mosques for the first time, you are shocked by that.

I remember that when I traveled to Holy Najaf for the first time, I was shocked by this phenomenon. I found it odd and so I asked some of their (the Shia) ulema about it. They gave answers which have not convinced me until now. Some of them say that smoking is neither impermissible nor disapproved because there is no (legal) text concerning it either from the Prophet (S) or from the infallible Imams (a.s..) and that analogy is not permissible to them. Some others say that they do not smoke in the mosques, but only in Husayniyyas 2 which are not from mosques.

Regarding Shia Scholars, he shows his displeasure at not giving fatwa against smoking, and says:

Or, they may fear the reaction of smokers and so they do not give a fatwa for the sake of being disapproved. Someone from them has tried his best to convince me that smoking has many benefits and to disapprove this is really a dangerous thing having a dangerous effect! It encouraged a Muslim youth who knew this man, to keep on smoking.

At the same time we find that charitable societies and social organizations in the atheist countries sparing no effort against smoking and smokers, and preventing even its advertisement. They ask the manufacturers of cigarettes to write on the packets of cigarettes the word “SUICIDE” to encourage people to keep away from it. Yet we find in the Islamic religious societies widely embarking on it and encouraging others towards it. We even find women carrying packets of cigarettes with them to places of worship and religious meetings.


Yeah, this is ‘the school of ahlelbayt’, who can’t give fatwa against smoking for the fear of backlash, and others encourge it. Someone tried to show the benefits of smoking to Tijani. What could that be? It makes you think as if you are the hero? It protects from cancer? And the mominaat, they carry packets of cigarettes in places of worship even in Najaf? Yuck.


by Kalaam (islamic-forum.net)
posted here by 13S2010


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34 responses to “Tijani finds Shia Mosques and Hussainiyas places of smoking rather than worship

  1. Samy

    May Allah bless you and family!
    We are here to discuss the Islamic differences not the personal attacks. If you take out ratios most of the Christians are in habit of smoking and then sunni muslims, a lot of sunnis are being killed and even killing in the mosques does that mean all sunnis have no moral value, no dear its their private act and not Islamic practice …. If smoking is happening at one place or a few places does that mean its happening at all places. No bro! This is not the practice of Prophet Muhammad nor any Imam and khulafa, so if somebody is doing this whoever religion he belongs to its his personal act which cant be combined with the religious practice. So please don’t be biased and only attack on those which Shiites really believes. So at this place we Shiites deny it and if somebody is doing this its his personal bad moral value.
    So peace and try to work on similarities instead of differences. With this you are not bringing Muslims closer infact this will increase their hatred.
    And as per Quran says
    “Wa tasimu bi hablilallah……tafarraqoo”

    • Hugh Slaman

      It is the scholars of Twelver Shi’ism who are permitting smoking according to Shia author Tijani. All, or nearly all, Sunni scholars say it is forbidden (perhaps some say it is disliked, I am not sure).
      If you want to bring Muslims closer together, first bring them together on the truth. That is what this site is for: to expose falsehood.

      • Samy

        Well in this case its exactly as per your above words. Not all scholars permit it. Please visit site leader.ir. You will know that Supreme leader Khamenie has denied and even made abusing other sect heros a haram act and smoking is also prohibited. So please do research before misguiding.
        But I guess smoking is not the matter of argument. Just to keep the division alive amongst Muslims. I would again request to work on unity…. You know what ” When any non muslim converts to islam first and basic problem one faces is these different sects, get confused and finally ends up mostly by converting back. So please be united. Just a clue to unity, you can say all muslim believe in God, all muslim prays and many more similarities.

      • SupertruthOnly

        I agree with you. This should not be a debate to divide and fight each other. It was supposed to be only educational. Neither Shia nor Sunni stand condemned on this.

      • SupertruthOnly

        Actually although i debate that smoking is not haran by way of Quran or Hadith (i.e. you cannot find any Ayiet of Quran, or Hadith, that declares smoking Haram — LIKE ALCOHOL) – IF you go and check SHIA ulemah (Khamieni, And Sistani ) they have declared smoking haram.

        I am not debating from Shia view point – I am debating from Quran and Sunnah view point.

        IN SHORT – If tomorrow Science discovers smoking does not harm but the deficiency in human body allows this harm and they come up with something to correct this in human body – I AM SURE SMOKING WILL BE DECLARED JAIZ.

  2. SupertruthOnly

    It may be shocking to you BECAUSE this site is dedicated to “EXPOSING & ANSWERING SHIITES” Everything about Shia is supposed to be shocking.

    Can you prove through Qur’an or the Sunnah of prophet(s) that smoking is forbidden? I believe Shisha is an Arab thing. – But than if its Shias doing it must be wrong – LOL.

    • So turning Mosques into places of smoking is right thing according to you?

      • Samy

        Bro I myself have seen a lot of sunni masajid, Mazars and tombs which are famous for hash “. Does that mean hash is allowed in Islam or Sunnism? No bro!
        Hash is much more bad than shisha or smoking but what bad is bad…. If smoking is being practiced in any mosque even its Sunnis mosque or shia’s its bad morally islamically and ethically. And as per Allah says in quran.
        “AL masajid u lillah”
        All mosques belongs to Allah.
        So please don’t distinguish them just work on unity. Because of these illogiacal difference muslims are being more divided and our enemies are taking advantage of it…..

      • Mazars and Tombs are not places of worship.

        As for your claim that there are sunni mosques where people smoke then provide evidence for your claims. Don’t just spread lies. Secondly, smoking is permitted by many of your scholars.

      • SupertruthOnly

        It not a lie – You want evidence – GO and talk to Yemeni people – Hash is very popular there, Its not considered Haram by them at all – Know that Hash is a narcotic, a drug far worst.

      • It seems your reading comprehension is very poor.

      • SupertruthOnly

        No my comprehension is not poor

        I understand you are talking about Mosques and Mazaar. All the same If Hash is Haraam amongst Sunni why large population in Yemen uses it and REFUSES TO CONSIDER IT HARAAM, – —EXPLAIN.

        BTW Sunni do not have a single leader, Nearly every faction, every area has a leader giving Fatwah – Every person popular in the mosque starts giving Fatwah – IS THAT CORRECT OR NOT – Careful do not lie.

        While in Shia Fatwah are given by only the most learned who have reached the highest standard of education. Ask ordinary mujtahids (for whom taqleed is haram) they will refuse to give their edicts saying they are not qualified.

    • Hugh Slaman

      SupertrollOnly wrote:

      “Can you prove through Qur’an or the Sunnah of prophet(s) that smoking is forbidden?”

      That is easy! There is a famous hadith which tells us “There shall be no harming or reciprocating harm.”; this hadith is the basis of a fundamental principle in Sunni fiqh (one of the “Qawaid”).

      It is now established that smoking is extremely harmful, and the harms massively outweigh any limited benefits there may be; the harms include not only the harms done to ones own body, but also the harms done to others through passive smoke; the harm to one’s finances through waste of money; there is also the foul odor that results, which is contrary to the Sunna; there is the addiction; and so on.

      We know through the Sunna that “your body has a right over you”, so how can you fulfill this right if you are smoking and heading towards lung cancer?

      The great Sufi Abdul Aziz Dabbagh, Allah be pleased with him, expressed the matter in the following way: he said “Tobacco is forbidden (haram) because it harms the body, because those who smoke it have an addiction to it that keeps them from worship of Allah and cuts them off from it…and because the angels are hurt by its smell.”

      • SupertruthOnly

        So you do not have anything from Quran –

        As far as Fatwah goes, the great sunni scholar prescribed the folding of hands in a certain way (while in prayers) while another prescribed something different and yet another prescribed something yet different. Wonder which is the true method.

        BTW – science say something today and years later they say something different – Example years back people suffering diabetics were told to abstain from eating rice and food that grew under ground (i.e. Potato, Cassava etc) today they are told to eat everything.

        I know of people, who are chain smoke who are still alive today, while the others who were health fanatics (watching their diet and regularly doing exercise) are dead. May be tomorrow science will come up with a different explanation – i.e. its not smoking that is harms,its the lack of something in the body that allows cigarette nicotine to harm the body.

        BTW, Smoking does not have any effect on ones prayers or his relation to Allah(swt). There is nothing linking this, to the teachings of prophet(S) i.e. no Hadith. – So, where did this person ‘Sufi Abdul Aziz Dabbagh’ get it from? OR is it just personal opinion.

  3. Hugh Slaman

    These Shia debaters are so entertaining! Check this out:

    First, SupertrollOnly wrote:
    “Can you prove through Qur’an or the Sunnah of prophet(s) that smoking is forbidden?”

    So I provided one proof (among others that could be presented) from the Quran and the Sunnah that smoking is forbidden.

    Then SuperTrashOnly magically forgets about the Sunna:
    “So you do not have anything from Quran”

    Which is funny because this is what Sunnis have been saying for centuries about *all* of the Twelver Shia sect’s distinctive beliefs. After all, whenever we ask about the central beliefs of Shi’ism, we find that they have no foundation in the Quran. e.g.

    (1) Shia doctrine of Imamate “Shia do not have anything from Quran”
    (2) Infallibility of Imams “Shia do not have anything from Quran”
    (3) Names of Imams “Shia do not have anything from Quran”
    (4) Number of Imams “Shia do not have anything from Quran”
    (5) Twelfth Imam disappears for 12 centuries “Shia do not have anything from Quran”
    etc. etc.

    It is just pure comedy whenever a Twelver Shia gets on his high horse and says “You do not have anything from Quran”. When did not being able to find something in the Quran ever stop the Twelver Shia from making up new beliefs?

  4. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:

    “I know of people, who are chain smoke who are still alive today, while the others who were health fanatics (watching their diet and regularly doing exercise) are dead.”

    The scientific evidence for the harms of smoking puts it beyond reasonable doubt now that smoking is seriously harmful to your health.

    It is beyond reasonable doubt that smoking is seriously harmful to one’s health in the same way that it is beyond reasonable doubt that the earth is round and in the same way that it is beyond reasonable doubt that there is no Twelfth Imam.

    Just look at this Shia religion; now they try to defend smoking with their fallacious arguments!

    • Samy

      Only smokers need to defend smoking not shia’s or sunnis. 🙂
      And as a shia we don’t defend smoking.
      But you as a sunni do you defend hash smoking which is even more injurious, being practiced in lot of sunnis mosques mazars, checkout baba shahjamal mazar mosque and darbar on you tube. Famous for Qawali Music, hash, smoking etc?
      I am sure you wont as well as smokers need to do it and just like some sunni mosques it might be some shia mosque so don’t blame all shia;’s or sunni’s because of few.
      Peace and try to work on similarities.

    • SupertruthOnly

      Post 1 of 3

      Actually I find your last two post most amusing – Take time to read what I wrote before you reply.

      1) This name calling “SupertrollOnly” and “SuperTrashOnly”. Is very grown ups and intelligent . RIGHT???? LOL So when you are frustrated you start name calling to win a debate. )

      2) I asked you to prove from Qur’an and the sunnah of prophet(s) NOT from the saying of you sheikh and Mufti –Your Mullahs-Muftis is not considered the sunnah of prophet(s)

      You haven’t linked any thing regarding smoking to prophet(s) or Qur’an – Read your own post.

      3) You said, Shia belief has no foundation in the Qur’an. e.g.
      (1) Shia doctrine of Imamate (2) Infallibility of Imams (3) Names of Imams
      (4) Number of Imams (5) Twelfth Imam disappears for 12 centuries
      etc. etc.

      LOL Probably you are not listening.

      1. Doctrine of Imamate in Quran

      (Qur’an 2:124) And (remember) when the Lord of Ibrahim (Abraham) [i.e., Allah] tried him with (certain) Commands, which he fulfilled. He (Allah) said (to him), “Verily, I am going to make you a leader (Prophet) of mankind.” [Ibrahim (Abraham)] said, “And of my offspring (to make leaders).” (Allah) said, “My Covenant includes not Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers).”

      a)Nabi Ibrahim already a Prophet is made an Imam.

      b) Imam is a person who passes the level in Imaan – Note -Ibrahim made Imam after he passed the level of that imaan.

      b) Nabi Ibrahim asks for Imam in his progeny – Allah (swt) does not say ‘NO’ , He(swt) says – Zalimeen (from his progeny) will not be imam. Show me the imams in the progeny of Prophet Ibrahim?



      • Hugh Slaman

        SupertrollOnly wrote:


        First, it is best not to use capitals in whole sentences or passages like this. It makes you come across like a hysterical screaming person, and is hard on the eyes.

        Second, you are confusing the issue here. I find the concept of “Imam” in the Quran, but not the distinctively Shia doctrines concerning the infallible Imamate. Nobody can find the distinctively Shia doctrines in the Quran, because Twelver Shi’ism is a false religion.

      • SupertruthOnly

        [You said — First, it is best not to use capitals in whole sentences or passages like this. It makes you come across like a hysterical screaming person, and is hard on the eyes.]

        Those people who are deaf WILL NOT listen if you talk softly. And if you shout they don’t like.

        All my explaination on this forum only falls on deaf ears – You haven’t proved me wrong even once, BUT you find new angles to attack.

        When i say you are deaf – YOU ARE REALLY DEAF.

        You said shia concept of Imam is not in Quran —What is this —> “Verily, your MASTER is but ALLAH and HIS APOSTLE and those who believe, WHO ESTABLISH PRAYERS, and PAY ZAKAAT while bowed in worship.”(Quran-5:55)

        Who is this verse referring to? —- While Allah says, Ali is your master, Umar puts rope around this Masters neck and drags him to mosque to forcefully give bayyah to Abubakr. (Does it appear that Umar accepted Ali as his Master?) ONE WHO DEFYS ALLAH’s ORDERS you take him as your leader.

        What is there in this you cannot understand ???

        Yet — Look how you talk. As if nothing has sunk in.

        Do you accept Ali as you imam, guide and a Master? – GO AND CHECK IT OUT – Every Imam guided people to follow the next imam after him before he passed away. SO what is there about the shia concept of imam that you do not find in Quran.

        LOOK AT YOUR REASONING – You refuse to believe in imam, because you cannot see the Shia concept of imam in Quran – BUT you believe in Sunni khilafat which is definitely not sanctioned in Quran or the sunnah of prophet at all – It is against common sense to believe that you have right to elect some person to represent Allah and Islam. (If I represent some person to talk for you is is acceptable to you? who can you elect some person to talk for Allah)


    • SupertruthOnly

      Post 2 of 3

      2) Infallibility of Imams.

      (Qur’an 33:33) And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. <-((in feminine) address to wives of prophet(S) .

      Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification. <- (Masculine refers to the Ahlul bayt.

      This verse of Qur’an declares the infallibility of the Ahlul bayt i.e. extensive thorough purification.

      Ayiesha bint Abubakr is witness to this pure Infallibles.

      Narrated Aisha:

      One day the Prophet (S) came out in the afternoon wearing a black cloak (upper garment or gown; long coat), then al-Hasan Ibn Ali came and the Prophet accommodated him under the cloak, then al-Husain came and entered the cloak, then Fatimah came and the Prophet entered her under the cloak, then Ali came and the Prophet entered him to the cloak as well. Then the Prophet recited: "……..Allah intends to keep off from you every kind of uncleanness O' People of the House (Ahlul-Bayt), and purify you a perfect purification [Verse 33:33]."

      Reference: Sahih Muslim, Chapter of virtues of companions, section of the virtues of the Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet (PBUH&HF), 1980 Edition Pub. in Saudi Arabia, Arabic version, v4, p1883, Tradition No.61.

      ALSO Quran says, Touch it not save the ‘purified ones’ (Qur’an 56:79).
      Who are these purified one (clean, sinless, infallibles) who Qur’an has pointed to as those who have touched the depth of Qur’an?



      ‘Imam’, ‘Khalif’, ‘Maste’r is the same – referring to the one who is placed in Authority.

      (Quran-5:55) "Verily, your Master is but Allah and His Apostle and those who believe, who establish prayers, and pay the Zakat while bowed in worship."

      This verse points to Ali(a) as you master. Check your own hadith on the issue.
      Ali legally declared as the leader by Qur’an.

      ALSO, YOU know Imam is one who Guides. Thus imam can thus point/guide to the next imam who will take the office of Imamet. Thus the next imam is only legal if preceding imam appoint him. From Ali(a) to Mahdi every imam declare the next imam who shall stand as Imam after him. —- When MAHDI comes how will you know he is the legal leader unless you know the preceding Imam who Appointed him? (Read hadith about the 12 khalifa from Quraish)

      Also Note : there are 124,000 prophets – BUT all are not mentioned in Qur’an by name – Does that mean they were not prophets? SIMILARLY, Ali is just pointed to, His name is not mentioned – Just because the names are not mentioned that does not mean they were not Imams.


    • SupertruthOnly

      Post 3 of 3.

      4) Regarding the Ghaibah of Mahdi

      Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas’ood (R.A.) says that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, “This world will not come to an end until one person from my progeny does not rule over the Arabs, and his name will be the same as my name.” (Tirmidhi)

      Why the stress on the words “WORLD WILL NOT END “UNTIL” – expecting a long wait?

      Finally Prophet(s) at various places pointed to 12 khalifs from Quraish
      The Khalif starts with one pointed to in Qur’an (NOT THOSE WHOM YOU ELECT)

      Qur’an Says “Your master is one who pays while bowing in prayers”.
      Every imam there after pointed to one who takes office after him

      IF ALL this is comedy to YOU – YOU PROVE that the 3 Khalif you follow Are legal according to Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet (s) Challenge you will never be able to do so.

      This is what shias have been telling you for centuries.

      • Samy

        Wow man you are really Good. You slapped Sunni bros real hard.
        Gob bless you!
        Really v good job. Sunnis cant prove 3 Caliphs and even their 4 Imam’s as per Quran. 🙂
        Though this was the response to their questions. But whatever it is they are our Muslim brothers and would never convert…. As Quran said “Summun bukmun……”
        So peace brothers and work on similarities instead of differences.

      • Hugh Slaman

        As expected, the miskeen SuperTrashOnly has nothing whatsoever from the Quran to support his belief in the 1200-year old vanishing act of the (non-existent) Twelfth Imam.

        All he has is the words of the so-called representatives of the Twelfth Imam, people who are not known to have made any sacrifices for the religion, and who had every reason to lie about the Twelfth Imam’s birth (since they made money off a gullible Shia public in the name of the Twelfth Imam). This hoax continues to be perpetuated today thanks to people like SuperTrashOnly. The hoax is called “Ithna Ashari Shi’ism”.

        The first three Caliphs, Allah be pleased with them, gave up their time and their wealth and repeatedly risked their lives to support Islam when it was weak and barely known to the outside world, emigrating for its sake, fighting and opposing their own family members for its sake, enduring poverty and persecution for its sake. This is why Ali, Allah be pleased with him, named his children after them, and gave them his oath of allegiance, and married his daughter to the second Caliph — Allah be pleased with them all!

        Why would anyone leave these blessed people, and instead ally themselves with the confidence men and criminal tricksters called the “representatives of the Twelfth Imam”, who made plenty of money by collecting religious contributions in the name of this non-existent person, and who are not known to have made any significant sacrifice for the religion?

        Save yourselves, Samy and SuperTrashOnly! The truth is clear!

  5. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:

    “You said shia concept of Imam is not in Quran —What is this —> “Verily, your MASTER is but ALLAH and HIS APOSTLE and those who believe, WHO ESTABLISH PRAYERS, and PAY ZAKAAT while bowed in worship.”(Quran-5:55)”

    You will be more attractive to the opposite gender if you calm down and stop being hysterical.

    Could you please explain what part of the Arabic you translate as “PAY ZAKAAT while bowed in worship”, and why, from a linguistic perspective you translate it this way?

    The verse is completely general, and applies to all believers. It has nothing at all to do with the innovated Shia doctrine of Imamate, which we know is false for many reasons.

  6. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:
    “When i say you are deaf – YOU ARE REALLY DEAF.”

    Or I have seen views like yours refuted so many times that screaming in caps locks does not influence me at all. 🙂

    How do you explain the fact that there is not a single verse of the Quran appointing Ali, Allah be pleased with him, as clear as the verse in which Talut, peace be upon him, was appointed as king?

    Are you aware that the hadiths you cite to support your misinterpretations of the Quran are weak and can’t be used as proof?

  7. Hugh Slaman

    SuperT%$#@Only needs to provide some evidence that the people of Yemen think hashish is permitted.
    I have never heard that before.
    Bring your proof if you are really Super*truth*Only!

    • It seems it was a bad day when I decided to argue about the lot of misconceptions that have crept among sunnies distorted aqaed AND THEY BRING TO FORE IN THESE COLUMNS
      Arguing with you is like playing a tune among buffallows who just continue to munch their grass.” Bhains kay aagay been bajao bhains khadi pagurai .”
      Someone should ask the huge fool what Rasool e kareem had said at Ghadeer e khum ”mun kunto maula fa haza Ali an al Maula” Doesnt he know who appoints the Prophet and if he is appointed by Allah , how his successor could be man made .
      12 th Imam’s Imamat and Occultation is a matter of faith for which there are many authentic ahadees , it does not matter a bit if you have no faith or have faith only in liars, illegitimates and embezzellors or for that matters in the fleers of ghazwas midway . ONLY STUDY OF QORA’AN WILL TELL THAT THOSE WHO FLEE BATTLES ARE UNBELIEVERS, KAFFIRS AND JAHANNUMIS .

      • Samy

        He he AGREED 🙂

      • Hugh Slaman

        zaheerhusain wrote:

        Then what do you say about a leader of the Muslims who disappears from his divinely appointed role for 1200 years, disappearing into a cave in Samarra?

        Isn’t this fleeing of the so-called Imam much more serious than the fleeing of a single soldier in battle? It is serious enough when one man among thousands in an army runs away; what about the designated leader of the time, who is meant to unite the Muslims: what could his excuse be?

        Just listen to one of the leaders of your own sect:

        Muhaqiq at-Toose said: Ghayba of Mahdi isn’t from Allah, and neither from him (self). But due to mukalifin (opponents) and people. And the [ghaybah] happened due to predominance of fear, and absence of patient people in the obedience to Imam, and once the reason of ghaybah disappears, appearance (of Imam) will take place.

  8. Hugh Slaman

    zaheerhusain wrote:

    “12 th Imam’s Imamat and Occultation is a matter of faith for which there are many authentic ahadees ”

    Please see the post below:

  9. Hugh Slaman

    zaheerhusain wrote:
    “Someone should ask the huge fool what Rasool e kareem had said at Ghadeer e khum ”mun kunto maula fa haza Ali an al Maula””

    It is enough for us that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, ordered Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, Allah be pleased with him, to lead the prayer during his final illness; he thereby guided us all by setting an example through his practice; and it was this example that the Muslims followed when they made Sayyiduna Abu Bakr the Khalifa, Allah be pleased with him.

    Ghadir Khumm had nothing to do with leadership, and nobody understood it that way at the time.

  10. Hugh Slaman

    zaheerhusain wrote:
    “Doesnt he know who appoints the Prophet and if he is appointed by Allah , how his successor could be man made .”

    Please explain who is the successor of the Twelfth Imam during his Greater Occultation.


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