Ghayba of Shia Mahdi is not from Allah

Shia scholar: Occultation of Shia Twelfth Imam is not from Allah

Salam alaikum.

Interesting quote from Shia website Markaz al-Abhaz Aqaidiyah:…2/m-i-m-04.html
قال المحقق الطوسي: (ليست غيبة المهدي من الله ولا منه، بل من المكلفين والناس، وهي من غلبة الخوف، وعدم تمكين الناس من إطاعة الامام، فاذا زال سبب الغيبة وقع الظهور)

Muhaqiq at-Toose said: Ghayba of Mahdi isn’t from Allah, and neither from him (self). But due to mukalifin (opponents) and people. And the [ghaybah] happened due to predominance of fear, and absence of patient people in the obedience to Imam, and once the reason of ghaybah disappears, appearance (of Imam) will take place.

Points for discussion:

1) Allah didn’t want ghaybah. Neither 12-th Imam wanted to hide.

2) He scared of people, and didn’t see obedience in his faithful rafidi followers. And he still scared. Only after he will feel safe and will see obedience in his followers, he will appear.

3) Tayib, let us suppose he was scared in the time of Abbasids. What scare him now? How is it possible for coward to lead Islamic nation?

4) He still don’t see much obedience in his shias. 

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6 responses to “Ghayba of Shia Mahdi is not from Allah

  1. Hugh Slaman

    Twelver Shi’ism spreads by way of emotional manipulation and theatrics, not by way of reason and evidence.

  2. SupertruthOnly

    1) What is mentioned above is a lie – It is not a shia concept.

    2) we do not know if this person is Shia or some person pretending to be shia

    3) If this person who writes against shia belief in ghaibah is a shia (which is very doubtful) than it should not surprise us BECAUSE you should know that Sunni Muslims murdered Uthman – AND was it not Ayiesh who fought against Ali(a)
    Prove me wrong if you can.

    compared to above, what muslims did with uthman, Ayiesha and Mawiah did against Ali was far worst.

    Why try to find faults in others when you have more flaws within you.

    • 1) Of course the whole thing is a lie since Shia 12th Imam or Shia ‘Mahdi’ does not even exist or was ever born in the first place.
      2) Tusi is one of your top scholars but since you know little about your sect you make such statements. “we do not know…” or you do not know?
      3) Off-topic. Typical of a Twelver Shia.

    • Hugh Slaman

      SuperTrashOnly wrote:
      “What is mentioned above is a lie – It is not a shia concept.”

      This is the kind of ridiculous statement that guarantees that nobody will take you seriously around here. No wonder you feel the need to write in your ugly screaming capitals style: your logic and facts are too weak to be taken seriously.

      I could understand if you said Tusi’s view was a weak opinion. But how can you claim that a view from such a renowned and respected Shia scholar is “not a Shia concept”? It is a part of the history of Twelver Shi’ism; the history of their excuses for the absence of the (non-existent) Twelfth Imam.

      See if you can come up with a better explanation for your Imam’s disappearance into a cave in Samarra.

  3. Samy

    We Shia deny this False.
    Secondly Even Agha Tusi is a big scholar but not a Prophet or Imam so he might be wrong at some points.
    As the judgement level infront of shiites is Firstly Quran, then Sunnah and Ahlelbait (Even Sunnah is differ from Quran, we deny that Sunah as it must be wrong interpreted). If in comparison even our biggest scholar statement is differ from them by any ways we Shiites deny that.
    And that is where difference come from….
    Sunnis believe that whatever is in their Ahadis books is as true as Quran. But we shias have different judgement. Even if any thing in Nahjulbalagha (One of the best shiites book after Quran written by Imam Ali) conflicts with Quran. Quran is superlative in all means.

    • Shias believe it doesn’t matter if a narration is a fabrication or weak they accept it as long it supports their mythical beliefs and they reject authentic narrations if they oppose their mythical beliefs.

      In other words Shia are the people of desire. They only follow their desire.

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