Shia grand Scholar wouldn’t do anything without cursing the Sahaba

Shia grand Scholar wouldn’t do anything without cursing the Sahaba – What a sick brain?

Just read on Shia Facebook page:

al-Muhaqiq al-Bahrani in his work Luluat al-Bahrain, Page 148:

And he – may Allah have mercy on him – [Muhaqiq al-Karaki] didn’t ride and he didn’t do anything […] and with his voice he curse the Shaykhain [Abu Bakr and Omar] and those who follow their steps (i.e Sunnis).

Muhaqiq al-Karaki (rah) was the Marji’ and the scholar of the Safavid Empire, he was Lebanese, his grave is in Iran.

Everything he used to do was with his curse on Omar and Abu Bakr.



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    • SupertruthOnly

      To admin
      You should have removed my whole post – You have no right to post half article – What you left above is now a distortion. You are guilty of khiyanat.

      Now either post the whole article or remove everything.

      If you think what i poster was wrong you could have countered with with your argument and references.

      When you are caught out you prefer to play unfair.

      Dont open these discussions if you do not have stomach for it.

      • We have already mentioned many times that long comments will not be approved.

        If you really like to post long comments then you are most welcome to join the forum: and post your loong comments there.

    • Hugh Slaman

      Your infallible coward Imam disappears into a cave for 1200 years and all you Shia have left to defend your faith is Zaheer “Obsessive Compulsive CAPS guy” Hussain and SuperTrashOnly!

      It is an emergency for your faith if the only people stepping up to defend it are semi-illiterate! Tell your cowardly infallible Imam to hurry out of his cave and rescue you.

      Iran is a fairly powerful country, even standing up to and defying the USA, so he has nothing to fear if he emerges from his cave and takes charge.

      • SupertruthOnly

        Dont be stupid – Nobody disappeared into the cave – Allah (swt) ordered Hujjat ibn Hassan(A) to go into ghaibah and thus obedience to Allah is compulsory, Hadret Khizr is also by the orders of Allah is in Ghaibah. You want to call him a Coward too.

        If at all you want to know who are cowards are, read the incident of Uhad. Find out who were the cowards who disobeyed Prophet(S) and left their stations AND when the tide turned against Muslims, they ran away from the battlefield to save their own lives, leaving Prophet(s) in the midst of the enemy.

        Would you leave prophet(s) in the midst of the enemy and run away to save your life?

        Perhaps the findings will teach you to keep your foul mouth closed and to use your brain.

      • Allah didn’t order the non-existing so called Hujjat ibn Hassan to go into Ghaibah. Your scholar Tusi says that he went into hiding because he feared the people, it was not an order from Allah. So his Ghaibah is due to fear. Fear of some Abbasid soldiers.

      • SupertruthOnly

        To islamistruth.
        What do you mean by, “Your scholar, Tusi says………..”
        How do you justify using those words and still believe that you are intelligent enough to debate?

        Let me put this this way, —- You Scholar Bukhari says Prophet(s) used to urinate while standing. He, also talked about Prophet(s) dancing with Ayiesha on his shoulders to show her how nubians used to dance. Bukhari also writes about the sex life of prophet(s). AND he also mentions that, ‘the first person with whom Allah will shake hands on the day of judgement will be Umar’. LOL

        Shall we believe these to be the undisputable beliefs of Sunni?

        So, think before you come up with statements such as “Your scholar, Tusi says………..”

      • Typical Shia jumping from one topic to another irrelevent topic.

        Yes I believe what my scholar, Imam Bukhari [rah] said. There is nothing wrong in knowing the sex life of the Prophet (saw). Yes the Prophet (saw) urinate while standing once because the place was full of dumps so he couldn’t sit else his clothes would get dirty. This is mentioned in the very same Hadith but it is habit of Shia to half quote Sunni narrations.

        Now you said Bukhari says the first person to shake Hands with Allah is Amir al-Muminin Umar. Can you please quote this narration with Arabic text, if you are truthful?

  2. SupertruthOnly

    First let me make this clear that, I do not like cursing and I forbid people to Curse others.

    Having said that – Do you believe every person who writes a book or gives lectures is a Grand scholar of Shias? Dont you think you should do some research enlighten yourself before you write articles to enlighten others.

    Any person who uses curses cannot be a learned Ulemah of the shias – He may be talib-ul-ilm but not a recognised Alim.

    [NOTE: Please keep your comments short or they will not be approved.]

    • Shiism or to be precise the Takfiri Twelver Shiism is based on cursing and slandering the Companions and Families of the Prophet of Islam (saw). Are you unaware of your sect or you are trying hide your beliefs?

      From Kulayni to Khomeini your scholars slandered and did Takfir of Prophet’s (saw) Families and Companions.

      This person is not some ‘Talib-ul-ilm’ but one of your grand recognized scholars but since you know little about your sect you make such claims.

      • SupertruthOnly

        Telling the truth as it appears in the books of hadith is not considered slander – Grow up.

        We are not hiding anything.

        The first to slander khalif uthman was none other than Ayiesha bint Abubakr. She refer to him by the name of pre-islam idol of Kaabah AND called for his execution – So you should condemn her before you say any thing about us. the second person who made it his sunnah to hurl abuse from ever mimber against Ali(a) for 65-70 years was Mawiah.

        Before you show you hatred towards us GO AND DO SOME RESEARCH.

        Remember the saying – Before one points to muck on other peoples cloths he should check the muck on his own cloths.

  3. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:
    “Remember the saying – Before one points to muck on other peoples cloths he should check the muck on his own cloths.”

    You people — Rafidi-Takfiri Twelver Shi’ites — are astonishing in that you can’t even get basic things right. You probably make mistakes working out 2+3 (hint: it’s more than 4!)

    There *is* a saying from the Bible: “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

    There is *no* saying about “muck on other peoples cloths” (or maybe there is in Rafidi-land and normal people have not heard about it).

    Unsurprisingly, you do not notice that these saying apply to you first and foremost, in that you are the ones who need to “GO AND DO SOME RESEARCH.”

    And what is it with you Rafidis and your compulsive capitalizing of everything?

  4. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:
    “Dont be stupid – Nobody disappeared into the cave – Allah (swt) ordered Hujjat ibn Hassan(A) to go into ghaibah…”

    So where in the Quran can we read this order from Allah(swt) to Hujjat?
    If it is not in the Quran, what is your proof, your source, that the order was ever given to the (non-existent) Hujjat?


  5. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:
    “Dont be stupid – Nobody disappeared into the cave –…”

    Dude, do you realize that you have (implicitly) accused millions of your Shia brethren over the centuries of being *stupid*?

    Why have they been going on pilgrimage to Samarra to visit the cave where this (fictional) Imam was supposedly hiding?

    Don’t take my word for it, this is well known:

    Please help your millions of stupid Shia brethren piously visiting the cave where the non-existent Imam went into hiding!

  6. Hugh Slaman

    SuperTrashOnly wrote:
    “Hadret Khizr is also by the orders of Allah is in Ghaibah. You want to call him a Coward too.”

    Hazrat Khidr is not the Imam: the infallible religious authority behind whom the Muslims need so badly to unite when the world is in turmoil.

    I don’t think it is right to say Hazrat Khidr is in “Ghaibah”, but even if we grant that for the sake of argument, there is no harm in his being hidden from us since none of us are obliged to obey him and take him as a leader; peace be upon him! There is massive harm done to us if we cannot access the infallible leader we are obliged to follow.

    Were is your proof that Hujja was ordered to go into hiding by Allah?

    • SupertruthOnly

      Its besides the point that, ‘Hazrat Khidr is not the Imam: the infallible religious authority ‘ or what ever .
      Does not matter who he is.

      The point is he is ghaib – is he also a coward in hiding

      • Hugh Slaman

        SupertrollOnly wrote:

        “The point is he is ghaib – is he also a coward in hiding”

        To answer your question, he is far above anything like that, peace be upon him: if he were appointed as a leader for us, he would make himself publically known, as that is what leaders do — peace be upon him, and may Allah bless the righteous with meeting him!

        Now that i have answered your question, please be so good as to answer my question: where is your proof that Hujja was ordered to go into hiding by Allah?

      • SupertruthOnly

        Please don’t beat round the bush – Hadret khizr is in Ghaibah and Allah(swt) has granted him long life. This (Ghaibah and long life) cannot be without the will of Allah.


        He ‘IS’ our prophet.regardless. (Are you saying he ‘WAS’ our prophet, and he is no longer now?) If he is still our prophet then he is also still an authority – What is the reason for his existence (remaining alive in Ghaibah), if He is not an authority and nothing to do with Islam? What function does his presence (amongst humans) and long life on earth serve?

        ABOUT MAHDI (A)

        Quran tells us to follow and take guidance from the Ahlul-bayt because they are the pure custodians of knowledge BUT YOU PEOPLE IN DEFIANCE TO QURAN, and EVEN IN DEFIANCE TO THE DICTATES OF PROPHET(s) take your knowledge from ‘GHAIR’ (4 sunni imams) and also from those (the khulafah) who themselves declared that they were ignorant, (Those khalifs were never sanctioned by Quran or the sunnah of prophet(s) to be leaders). PROVE IT OTHERWISE IS YOU CAN.

        When you reject Quran, and its guidance, how would you expect to know about Mahdi?

        Have you ever wondered
        1. Why prophet(s) had progeny from Khadijah and ALL other wives (eleven of them) were baren? ALL ELEVEN?? What was important in the eyse of Allah(swt) that, HE allowed the progeny of prophet(s) through Khadijah, (i.e. the off-spring of Fatimah(a) and made other wives of prophet(s) barren?

        2. Qur’an points to this progeny of prophet(s)? (sura Al Kausar ), WHY?

        3. Why does Quran announce the purity of Ahlul-Bayt (progeny of prophet(s) in ayiet tatheer? Does this not make them far above others (All muslimeen inc, your sahabah)

        4) Why did prophet(s) only take his 4 relatives (Ali. Fatimah, Hassan and Husain) to mubahilah AND NOT the sahabah or his wives?

        5. Why does Allah(swt) in Quran say, “Verily, your Master is but Allah and His Apostle and those who believe, establish prayers, and WHO PAY THE ZAKAAT WHILE BOWING IN WORSHIP.”(Quran-5:55) i.e. a reference to Ali(a). — We do not see, the other 3 khalifs made master/leader like Ali(a) is declared master in Quran.

        6. When you have taken those 3 khalif as you leader (who have no authority in Quran or in the guidance from prophet(s)) WHILE you have clearly rejected guidance fron Hassan and Husain (a), How can you possibly recognise the rest of the Aiemah from the progeny of prophet(s)?

        7) Prophet Musa’s birth was kept secret because of threat to his life (only a handful knew)- similarly the birth of Mahdi was also kept secret (imam Hassan-al-Askari(a) was detained in the military barrack to prevent the birth of Mahdi.(only a handful knew) – How do you expect no controversy on the issue.

        8) You RELY on witnesses to tell you what happened during the times of prophet(s) – WHILE you conveniently, REJECT the witnesses who bear witness to the existence of Mahdi. You refuse to research into what history records regarding the events around the birth of Mahdi BECAUSE YOU ARE COMPLETELY biased. So How can you possibly arrive at the truth about Mahdi?

        The four representatives of Mahdi(a) during his minor Ghaibah (between 874–941). They were:-
        1) Usman ibn Saeed-e-Amri,
        2) Abu Jafar Mohammad Ibne Usman Ibne Saeed Amri
        3) Abul Qasim Husain Ibne Rauh Nawbakhti
        4) Abul Hasan Ali Ibne Mohammad Seymouri

        The other ulemah of the time communicated with Mahdi through them.

        Have you tried to look at all the material round this issue and tried to analyze the evidence? When you refuse to research how do you expect to know about Mahdis existence? When you reject these witnesses, (without research), what other sources can you possibly have? Do you expect a miracle to answer your queries?

      • The only evidence they have for their non-existing 12th Imam are the four representatives. Uthman bin Saeed was the guy who claimed he had access to 12th Imam and after him his son and 2 others would collect money in the name of the 12th Imam from the poor brainwashed Shias. The Family of Hasan Askari denied the existence of any child.

        Scholars believe that Khizr (as) died during the time of the Prophet (saw). Your Qiyas is false. You shouldn’t be doing Qiyas of Khizr with your non-existing 12th Imam because Qiyas is Haram in your sect. And your non-existing 12th Imam is not even mentioned in Quran so I don’t why you are comparing him with a Prophet who is mentioned in the Quran. When the Prophet (saw) came all Shariahs before him were abolished and his Shariah is the final Sharia.

        If you claim that he is still an authority and guide people then you are contradicting the Imamah Theory. There is no need then for your infallible guides because according to you we already have an authority, who is a Prophet and better than your ‘Masumeen’.

      • SupertruthOnly

        April 30, 2014 at 6:47 PM

        You Wrote –
        The only evidence they have for their non-existing 12th Imam are the four representatives. Uthman bin Saeed was the guy who claimed he had access to 12th Imam and after him his son and 2 others would collect money in the name of the 12th Imam from the poor brainwashed Shias.

        Compare what you wrote with the issue of Abubakr who stole FADAK from Fatimah int Muhammed – ON FALSE HADITH HE CONCOCTED. Quran declares Fatimah(a) and Ali(a) as Pure (who would not lie or sin) WHILE Abubakr stole FADAK in violation to Quran and BRAINWASHED THE SUNNI.

        Fatimah(a) ‘s words to abubakr were : “Where is written in quran that you can inherit from your father and I cannot inherit from my father”.

        Prophet(s) says, “Who ever displeases Fatimah, displeases me. Who displeases me displeases Allah”

        WHY DO YOU CLOSE YOU EYES AND EARS TO ALL THIS and stand to insult us?

  7. SupertruthOnly

    To islamistruth – April 27, 2014 at 4:15 AM
    Typical Shia jumping from one topic to another irrelevent topic.

    Yes I believe what my scholar, Imam Bukhari [rah] said. There is nothing wrong in knowing the sex life of the Prophet (saw). Yes the Prophet (saw) urinate while standing
    LOOL – I think I should let the readers judge that.

    BTW what i said was relevant and connected

    • yeah let the readers see the half quoting habit of Shias (which you also did to my comment).

      • SupertruthOnly

        LOL – Bickering like women.

        Shame on you, You insult Prophet(s) by saying he urinating while standing.
        This is not the only insult you have leveled against prophet(s).

        According to you, Jibrael removed the heart of Prophet (s), washed it and put it back in, prophet(s) ran home scared, perspiring. when he got home he hid himself under the blanket. He did not know he was a prophet, Its his wife who told him he was a prophet and to make matters worst a christian monk – Waqrah ibn Naufil tells the prophet of islam that he is a prophet.

        Not forgetting, the issue of prophet(s) marrying a 6yr old ayiesha – ,making prophet(s) look like a peadophile.

        How many more insults will you level against prophet(s).

        And in the same bukhari, we are told that the first person Allah who will shake hands with will be Umar . LOL

        I am now sure you consider Yazeed the butcher who massacred the household of prophet(s) in kerballah as your rightful Khalif too.

      • You are getting emotional. I suggest you calm down, drink a glass of water.

        You repeatedly claimed that in Bukhari it is mentioned that the first person whom Allah will shake hands with is Amir al-Muminin Umar (ra) but failed to provide any evidence even though I asked you to provide evidence.

        So I am asking again please the quote narration with Arabic text from Bukhari?

      • SupertruthOnly

        (You are getting emotional. I suggest you calm down, drink a glass of water.)

        I am not emotional at all – I think with my mind not with my heart, LOL.
        I am sure you do not think with you mind, you give in to your heart.

        EXAMPLE _ If I were to tell you that Allah refers to Ayiesha bint abubakr as a liar, deviated, sinner etc. (sura tahreem) while you refer to her in defiance to the words of Allah as SIDDIQAH – HOW WOULD YOU REACT?

        I am sure you would not like it – DO YOU WANT A GLASS OF WATER?
        If you think with you mind, you would not fail to see,

        Quran (66:4) “If you two [wives] repent to Allah , [it is best], for your hearts have deviated. But if you cooperate against him – then indeed Allah is his protector, and Gabriel and the righteous of the believers and the angels, moreover, are [his] assistants.

        Quran (66:5) Perhaps his Lord, if he divorced you [all], would substitute for him wives better than you – submitting [to Allah ], believing, devoutly obedient, repentant, worshipping, and traveling – [ones] previously married and virgins.


        “Al-Hakim Al-Nisaburi (in his book AI-Mustadrak, part 3, page 84), reported that Ubayy Ibn Ka’b said the following: “I heard the Messenger of God saying: The first one the Almighty will EMBRACE on the Day of Judgement is ‘UMAR. The first one the Lord will SHAKE HANDS hands with will be ‘UMAR, and the first one the Almighty takes by His hand and admits to paradise is ‘UMAR.”

        Al-Hakim also reported that Jabir Ibn Abdullah said that Abu Bakr said that he heard the Messenger say: “The sun never rose on a man better than ‘Umar.” Al-Hakim said “This hadith is authentic.” (AI-Mustadrak, part 3, page 90). —– i.e — Here Umar is even higher than Prophet(s).

      • ok so you were lying when you claimed it is mentioned in Bukhari?

    • Hugh Slaman

      SupertrollOnly wrote:

      “LOOL – I think I should let the readers judge that.”

      I am one of the readers, and I say: there was nothing wrong in that.

      • SupertruthOnly

        OK thats good – You make your own opinion about it,
        That what I Said, “Let people judge for themselves”.

        BTW – In Christian forum when you post, SOME will say “nothing wrong in taking Christ as God” Only the intelligent will listen think and respond appropriately.

        Person urinating while standing is no better than a Dog. Minute amount of Urine will definitely end up on cloths. You cannot pray with such cloths. Angels of Allah(swt) descend unto prophet(s) every now and then, and imagine prophet(s) in state of uncleanliness who did not even wash himself (you cannot wash yourself while standing) – No muslim would ever believe such accusations. This is another filthy accusation, the one like prophet(s) marrying a 6 year old”.

        One can never expect this from, a clean, pure, pious and amazingly outstanding, personality like Prophet(s).

        Don’t tell us that in a place like Arabia (Hijaz) of old, one could not easily find an appropriate place for urinating while sitting. (Provide proof if you believe otherwise)

        You do not find anything wrong regarding the mention of the sex life of prophet(s) in Bukhari, SO lets talk about your sex life with your wife on this forums, May be it might be educational for all. —— Even the he thought of this is abominable but to discuss the sex life of prophet (s) in bukhari is not? What do you learn from the sex life of prophet(s) as mentioned in Bukhari – EXPLAIN IF YOU CAN.

        If this is how you people think………….I am real glad Allah(swt) has not made me one of you.

  8. Hugh Slaman

    56. According to Shia Imam, a man can urinate while standing(shia hadeeth).
    Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from ibn Abi Umayr from Abu Abdullah PBUH that I asked him: about the Man urinating while standing He PBUh said: Nothing wrong with it.

    source: Al Kafi 6/500, Wasael al Shia 1/352 and 2/77, Kashf al litham for al fadel al hindi 1/23, Misbah al Minhaj for al Hakim 2/151.

    Shia scholar of Hadith al majlisi says in Mira’at al Uqool 22/402 That the Hadith is Hassan meaning the chain of narrators is good.

    B. Abu Abdullah PBUH was asked: does a Man urinate when standing? He said yes.
    source: tahtheeb al tahtheeb 1/353, Wasael al Shia 1/352.

    • SupertruthOnly

      This is surely a lie – NOW You are engaged in mischief. Lying is mother of all sins.

      Let alone urinating while standing – failing to perform Istibra a after urinating is considered abominable.
      This is what i Found
      It is not haraam for a man to urinate standing up, but it is Sunnah for him to urinate sitting down, BECAUSE ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: “WHO EVER TELLS YOU that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to urinate standing up, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM,
      he only ever used to urinate sitting down.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, al-Tahaarah, 12; — he said, this is the most saheeh report on this topic. It was also classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, no. 11). And because this is more concealing, and it reduces the risk of any drops of urine splashing up onto him.

      A Sunni Hadith in Tirmidhi that refutes a Hadith in Bukhari

      Finally, there is a difference between Prophet(s) and the other Ambiah(a) that came before — Prophet(s) was sinless (completely pure in every way) in that he did not even do tarq Awlah – I.e. he avoided that which was makrooh.

      Quran 33:33 – Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet’s] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.

      If you can’t trust quran what can you trust.

      • Brother Hugh Slaman quoted a narration from your infallible Imam permitting urinating while standing. You, due to lack of knowledge, simply dismiss it and call it a lie. Refute your infallible Imam first.

        As far the narration of Aisha (ra) then possible interpretation is that She wasn’t aware. I already explained you that Prophet (saw) didn’t sit because the place was full of dumps so he couldn’t sit otherwise his clothes would get dirty. This is mentioned in the very same narration.

      • SupertruthOnly

        BROTHER, — Infallible imam are only 12 in the progeny of Prophet(s). starting with the imam of ahlul bayt mentioned in Ayiet tatheer — (Ali(a), Hassan(a) Husain(a)) —- Ali(a) was declared master (leader) in Quran 5:55. Thereafter each imam pointed to the next imam after him. – Others, you pointed to are not imam or infallible. Even khomeini we refer to as Imam is not equal to the toe nail of the 12 infallibles.

        ALSO one who makes a statement on issue he/she is not aware of is stupid. TO defend a narrator’s lie, you uphold that filth against Prophet(s) at the cost of making Ayiesha look stupid. SUCH LOYALTY !!

        BTW you called me a liar for making a mistake – certainly you should refer to Ayiesha as a liar for saying something she is not aware of ——LOL

  9. Hugh Slaman

    Were you lieing when you said that Bukhari relates a hadith about Allah shaking the hand of Umar, or was it just a case of you not knowing what you were talking about?

  10. Hugh Slaman

    SupertrollOnly wrote:
    “What do you learn from the sex life of prophet(s) as mentioned in Bukhari – EXPLAIN IF YOU CAN.”
    Once again, you are getting emotional. Calm down.
    To answer you, what we learn is that the Companions, Allah be pleased with them all, cared about every single detail of the life of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and grant him peace, because they saw him as the perfect servant of his Lord, and they regarded every aspect of his life, including his relations with his wives, as filled with blessings and signs.
    That is why the only trustworthy information about him, Allah bless him and grant him peace, comes from the Companions through the Ahl us Sunnah.
    The Twelver Shia, by contrast, became obsessed with a cowardly leader who they think hid in a cave in Samarra 1200 years ago, after which nobody has heard from him again.

  11. Hugh Slaman

    A number of scholars have shown that Sayyiduna Khidr, peace be upon him, was never a prophet but a wali, a friend of Allah, with a special role from Allah.
    He may still be alive or he may not be alive, Allah knows best.
    But he is definitely not an Imam for us, as our Imam is the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and grant him peace.
    If we here an Imam for us, he would make himself known, because nobody with a brain cell thinks that there can be an Imam who is completely inaccessible for 1200 years.

  12. Samy

    Dear “Hugh Slaman”
    A man could urinate while standing but not the Prophet if its prohibited by Islam. And Shiites top judgement book is Quran anything against is false and wrong. If any of our scholar says something against Islam or Islamic practice its his private practice and lack of knowledge. We Shia beleivers would never stand behind what our scholar false statements if its differ from Quran unlike Sunnis who consider every statement of their scholar as true as Quran Naazobillah. So please use your mind and make Quran your topmost book.

    • That is a big lie from the Shia.

      Your classical scholars made many Kufri statements but still you stand behind them.

      If you don’t stand behind them your sect will collapse.

    • Hugh Slaman

      Dear “Samy”,
      The whole question is whether or not urinating while standing is *always* forbidden by Islam. if you think so, please bring your proofs.
      We have evidence that there are cases in which it is allowed. Shia scholars also present such evidence; various Ayatollahs allow standing while urinating, and probably all of them do, since they are so lenient in the pillars of the religion (like joining prayers) that it is likely that standing while urinating would not be such a big deal for them.
      Islam is, after all a religion of ease, and the Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him peace, was sent as a mercy to the worlds.
      Islam is also a religion of proofs, and we judge the issue of standing while urinating according to proofs that are soundly transmitted, not based on obsessive-compulsive emotional reactions like those afflicting SupertrollOnly.

  13. I am closing the comments here as it is filled with childish and silly comments of the Shia.

    @ SuperTruth

    Please join the forum and post your comments there.