Ali: Ask me before you lose me p2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

اسلام علیکم

by Brother Efendi

May Allah protect our brother Qasurah from He gave a very interesting question regarding famous saying of Ali which is used by shias.

Ali (ra) said: Ask me before you lose me.  Rarely you would find shia book on Ali, which wouldn’t mention this saying.

We would try to look at this saying in the prism of famous shia belief that each Imam use to inherit knowledge from previous one.

In the life time of Ali there were two other Imams: Hasan and Husayn.


Why Ali was persisting that people should ask him questions before they would loose him, if after him were two other Imams which inherited knowledge from him and could answer to questions of people? 

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