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Ali: Ask me before you lose me – سلوني قبل أن تفقدوني p1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Ali (ra) said :

سلوني قبل أن تفقدوني

Ask me before you lose me.

He said it , and the previous caliphs didn’t say it, and the reason was that during the previous caliphs, there were many learned people around them, they were all the students of the Prophet (saww), so such people around them were also knowledgeable. But Ali (ra) was in kufa, where there were the worst miscreants of the earth present as is very clear from the sermons of Nahjul balagha. There were very few students of the Prophet (saww) around them, so Ali (ra) said that ask me before you lose me, since with his death, their city would be left with even fewer students of the Prophet (saww).

The other thing this saying of Ali (ra) show is that he didn’t hide knowledge as the Shias claim. Nor did he limit the knowledge to his son only, rather he asked the general masses to ask him, he didn’t limit his knowledge to his son.

Thirdly, this shows that with the death of Ali (ra), even Hassan (ra) wouldn’t be having the same amount of knowledge so it refutes the Shia claim that all the imams are equal in knowledge, (and some of their narrations mention the increase in the knowledge of the Imams with every passing moment) if that was the case, Ali (ra) wouldn’t have said it.

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