Shia Imams: To find the correct opinion follow the opposite of What Sunnis say

Hur al-Amili is a major Shia Scholar, who is the author of Wasail al-Shia and other major books. He writes in his book ‘al-Ithna Ashariya’

Eleventh Chapter : Regarding the impermissibility of Husn ad-Dhan regarding Sunnis and following their ways specific to them, and it is proven by twelve points.

al-Ithna Ashariya, p. 197

Then he mentions all the points one by one. The last two points are very interesting.

Eleventh point : It is narrated from Imam Jafar regarding the differences of hadith that he said : What opposes the Sunnis, then it is correct, till he said : Look at what they incline towards in their verdicts and reject it, and accept the opposite. And there are plenty of narrations regarding it.

Twelfth point : Ibn Babuyah has narrated in Uyoon al-Akhbar from Imam Reza that it was said to him : An issue arises from which there is no escape and there is no Shia scholar in the city so that it can be asked from him. He said : If it is so, then go to the Qadhi of the city and whatever he says, take the opposite of it because in its opposition is guidance.

And in another narration, there is prohibition of narrating from the Sunnis even in the virtues of ahlelbayt.

al-Ithna Ashariya, p. 199, 200

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