Iran arrests Shia intellectual & Scholar for his ‘anti-Imamate’ article

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Iranian regime arrested a Shia intellectual and scholar, Dr.Sayyed Ali Asghar Ghoravi, for his article about Imamate. In the article Dr.Ghoravi mentioned that leaders are appointed through Shura of the people not divinely. He discuses the verses that Shia use to prove the appointment of Ali (ra) and refutes them. His article angered many Ayatollahs who asked the government to punish him and shutdown the newspaper.

This is his wikipedia page:

He was arrested on Sunday in Isfahan and transferred to a prison in Tehran. Not only that but even the newspaper, Roznameh Bahar, that published his article has been forced to shutdown.

He studied in Iran and Lebanon and holds doctorate in Islamic philosophy.

His Article

I will translate some of his points – I haven’t read the article completely:

This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion. [Maida:3]

– The verses before and after shows that Allah (swt) gives the Prophet (saw) the responsibility to convey the message, nothing should stop him from doing his job and He shouldn’t worry about the opposition from the disbelievers. From the way and style of the verse it becomes clear that the “completion of favor” is the divine revelation (Quran) and Islam. Meaning, now that revelation has been conveyed to the people without any defects, the favor has been completed. 

– If the verse “Convey that which we have revealed upon you” [Madia: 67] was about introducing Ali (as) for caliphate, Allah would have mentioned it clearly right here in the verse. Allah is wise. 

– Ali (as) himself in Nahj al-Balagha emphasize that a political government comes through Bayah and vote. For example Amir al-Muminin says to Muawiah in letter 6 of Nahj al-Balagha:

Verily, the people who payed allegiance to Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, have payed allegiance to me based on the same principles as the allegiance to them. So anyone who was present has no right to go against his pledge of allegiance, and anyone who was absent has no right to oppose it. And verily shura (consultation) is only the right of the Muhajirs and the Ansar. So if they decide upon a man and declare him their imam, then it is with the pleasure of Allah.

The words of Ali clearly shows that caliphate is not something divine, rather the political successors of the Prophet (saw) must be appointed through people. 

– Ali (as) never talks about his divine appointment and his appointment by the Prophet (saw). Even when he wants to defend his right for caliphate, he emphasizes on his merits and his suitabilities and informs the people about these points so that they don’t make mistake in appointing their leader. In entire sermons of Nahjul Balagha “awareness and selection (of leader)” is so clear that it leaves no doubt what opinion of Ali (as) was about a government. 

– The behavior of Ali (as) towards the three caliphs especially Abubakr and Omar, as mentioned in many history books, clearly shows that he didn’t consider them to be people who would disobey the command of the Prophet (saw) and usurp the government. The cooperation of Ali (as) with Khulafa, which he himself have mentioned many times is so compassionate that leaves no room for doubt. 

For example in the book al-Gharat al-Thaqafi Shi’i quotes Amir al-muminin Ali (as): “When the Prophet (saw) completed his mission, Allah took him from this world, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, then the Muslims appointed two worthy men as his successors and those two leaders acted upon the book and the Sunnah and did not deviant from the Sunnah and ways of the Prophet (saw). Then Allah took their souls. May Allah have mercy on them.”

– If Amir al-Muminin was divinely appointed after the Prophet (saw), would his courage stop him to unleash his sword to implement the order and justice of Allah? Was it not expected from the gate of knowledge to explain the truth in time when needed?

…and the article continues

Full Article:…/01/klm-162428/


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3 responses to “Iran arrests Shia intellectual & Scholar for his ‘anti-Imamate’ article

  1. Yacoub

    Here is what i don’t understand. Why is this man still a shiite if he doesn’t believe in the very concept that shiaism is based on? Leave shiaism if you don’t believe in such an important belief of shiaism otherwise you are helping taghout.

    It’s like a muslim claiming he doesn’t believe that prophet muhammad (saw) was a prophet yet insisting he is muslim.

    Shiaism and the secular and munafiq “muslim” kings, princes and presidents are the worst thing that happened to our ummah.

    • Salam Alaikum brother,

      He rejects Shia Imamate, rejects that Ali (ra) was divinely appointed Imam, believes in Shura, and respects the Sahaba. This makes him a Sunni even if he never declares it.

      • Yacoub

        Wa alaikum alsalam akhi. It’s just that i absolutely hate how so many muslims out there think the “shias are just like us”. You know how the ignorants among the muslims say “no not all shias are like that” or “no not all shias believe in that” etc when in reality one can not be a shia if one doesn’t believe in the kufr and shirk that shiaism is made of.

        That is why i said he should leave shiaism alltogether and join islam. He is no longer a shia according to shiaism and therefor he shouldnt officially remain one. By remaining shia officially while not believing in shiaism he could confuse people in to thinking that shiaism is legitimate and that the only diffirence was an old political diffirence 1400 years ago and that’s all, as if there is no religious diffirence, as if the diffirence is not between islam and shirk.

        Unfortunatly many muslims out of ignorance think this is the case with shias, they have no idea about the kufr and shirk of shiaism and some muslim men even marry their daughters to shia men. These daughters then give birth to children who will be brought up to be fully shia or say stupid things like “i am half sunni and half shia” not being able to see the diffirence between tawheed and shirk.

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