Brief Summary of Twelver (Ithna Ashari) Imami Shiism

Summary of (Twelver) Shi’ism

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, failed to establish his message among his Companions, almost all of whom became apostate after his death.
The first Imam was silent and failed to fight or speak out against those who usurped the leadership, and the second Imam gave up leadership to another evil usurper.
Most of the rest of the Imams spent their lives in a state of taqiyya, constantly lieing about their religion and misleading their followers.
Then the twelfth Imam vanished without a trace for 1200 years.
Because of this miserable history of failure, deceit, and inexplicable absence on the part of the infallibles, we must turn for guidance to people in Qum and Najaf,(who for some inexplicable reason are much more reliable than the Companions were.)

This is what I have got so far. Please tell me where I am going wrong, Shias!

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  1. Daf

    Excellent finding

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