Bani Sa’idah

Alsalam alaykum,

Who are Bani Sa’idah?

They are the children of Sa’idah bin Ka’ab bin Al-Khazraj. The Khazraj, as everyone is aware, was the biggest tribe in Al-Madinah.

Who is Sa’ad bin Ubada?

He is Sa’ad bin Ubada bin Dulaim bin Haritha bin Abi Khuzaimah bin Tha’alaba bin Tareef bin Al-Khazraj bin Sa’idah bin Ka’ab bin Al-Khazraj. In other words, he is of the children of Sa’adah, and he is the leader of Bani Sa’idah, and he is the leader of Al-Khazraj.

Subhanallah. One day, a man from Taim, entered a gathering that was held by the biggest tribe in Madinah, to choose a successor for the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam), and in a split second, they all chose to leave their leader, and elect him instead.

How is it possible for an Arab tribe (who are known for their hardheadedness and tribal mentality) to do this?

Written by Farid
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