How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Many Shia, who due to their hatred for other daughters of the Prophet (saw) and because two of the daughters of the Prophet (saw) married Amir al-Muminin Othman (ra), totally deny their existence and claim the Prophet (saw) had only one daughter, Fatima (ra).

For full refutation and evidence from Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and from Shia sources that Prophet (saw) had four daughters and two of them married Othman (ra) read the following link:

How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?


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5 responses to “How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?

  1. Faiz

    “How many daughters did the Prophet (saw) have?”

    The Qur’an uses the word—plural of bint “BANAATIKA” (thy daughters)—so the Prophet (sws) had more than TWO daughters!


  2. BANATIKA in Qora’an has no significance in this respect . The FIRST Couple treated Janab Khadija’s (saa) sisters daughter also were treated as their own .This is not relevent . It is proved beyond doubt that the Rasool e Akram (saaws) had only one daughter . Two sons from Janab Khadijah (saa) and
    one son from Lady Mariah, died in infancy .
    Rasool’s (s) progeny is from his Daughter Janab Fatemah Zehra (saa) and her husband hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a s) . Sayyeds are those who are from this lineage . This is final . Every thin g else is hearsay .

    • Just baseless claims – no evidence at all.

      The Prophet (saw) had four daughters from Omol Mominin Sayyeda Khadija (ra) and two of them married Amir al-Mominin Othman ibn Affan (ra), also known as the Dhun Nurayn (the possessor of the two lights). This is authentically established.

  3. syed ali

    Respected Sir!

    Assalam u alaikum wa rahmat ullah hi wa barakatuhu.

    I sent a message to all the rawafiz scholars that are in my mobile contact list.

    The message was that i told them that the imam of rafizis the greatest living gustakh e sahab wa azwaj sheikh yasser al habib had=s admitted that

    1)the HOLY PROPHET peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny had 4 biological daughters.
    2)The 3 sons of hazrat Ali as existed by the names of abu bakar umar and usman.

    No rafizi responded but finally one rafizi has sent me a message.

    I am translating this message for you.

    I am sure that he has taken this argument from the research of rafizi mir murad ali khan of america who had written small articles for rafizi munazirs bebators.

    here is translation of the message of rafizi.

    historians have written that the HOLY PROPHET PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON HIM AND HIS PROGENY had married hazrat KHADEEJA tul kubra razi ALLAH anha when he was 25 years old.

    When He declared his prophet hood he was 40 years old.

    so 40-25=15 years time period in between the marriage and declaration of prophet hood.

    After the marriage no chil was born until the first 5 years.

    so 15-5=10 years

    First child was hazrat Qasim,so subtract another 1 year now only 10-1=9 years are left.Historians have written that The HOLY PROPHET PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON HIM AND HIS PROGENY had married 3 of his daughters 5 years before the declaration of prophet hood.So now

    9-5=4 years are left.

    Within a period of 4 years 3 daaughters were born,they became young and then their marriages were also held.

    This was teh argument put forth by rafizi.Please do critical analysis.

    • Walekum-assalam akhi,

      Brother, whatever the rafidhi said is highly doubtable. Because, this jahil considered historian as a proof, & in islam history can’t be used as proof against anything, because history reports are highly uncertain and lack chain of narrators.

      He said: 15 yrs of difference b/w marriage & nabuwah.
      I say: OK lets consider it.

      He said: No child on first 5 years.
      I say: It is not proven. So tell him to prove it.
      Talking in shia style, I say on third year after marriage zaynab(ra) was born.
      So when first child born 13yrs left i.e. 15-14-13.

      He said: Qasim(ra) was first child
      I say: Prove it!!
      Talking in shia style, I say Qasim(ra) was born before Fatima(ra), & after zaynab(ra), ruqaiyya(ra), umm kulthoom(ra).
      So no need to deduct anything. Because we are proofing the existence of 1st three daughters.
      Therefore 13-0=13.

      He said: Historians said prophet married 3 of his daughters 5 years before nabuwah.
      I say: Again prove it!
      This fool don’t even know, historical reports are highly uncertain in islamic world, and can never be considered as proof against anything.
      So again no need to deduct anything.
      Therefore 13-0=13.

      He said: Within a period of 4 years 3 daughters were born,they became young and then their marriages.
      I say: I say this jahil forgot that, shia rafida believe fatima(ra) was born during nabuwah.
      So no need to deduct anything, therefore 13-0=13.
      This means only two daughters were left, i.e. ruqaiyya(ra), umm kulthoom(ra).
      Talking in shia style, so 2 daughters born in 3 years is possible.
      So after two more daughters 11yrs left for growing and marriage. i.e. 13-12-11.
      Therefore, before nabuwah, one daughter was 13, second was 12 or 11, & third was 11 or 10 yr old.

      SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? At that time even 9yrs old girl (or less) was eligible for marriage.

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