Taqqiyah forbidden for Prophets

Bismillah wal-Salamu ‘Aleykum,

I will quote three of the biggest Shia scholars and then ask a valuable question.

الطبرسي كتاب تفسير مجمع البيان 7/97

” فقد دلت الأدلة العقلية التي لاتحتمل التأويل على أن الانبياء لايجوز عليهم الكذب وان لم يقصدوا به غروراً ولاضرراً كما لايجوز عليهم التعمية في الاخبار ولا التقيّة لأن ذلك يؤدي الى التشكيك في أخبارهم ”
al-Tabrasi in Tafseer Majma’a al-Bayan 7/97:
“Intellectual evidence that cannot be mis-interpreted shows us that it is not allowed for prophets to lie even if they do not mean any harm by it, also it is not allowed for them to speak in a coded (unclear) language nor is Taqqiyah allowed because it would cast doubt on their sayings.”

الطوسي كتابه التبيان 7/ 259 و260

“وعلى كل حال فلا يجوز على الانبياء القبائح ولايجوز ايضاً عليهم التعمية في الاخبار ولا التقية في اخبارهم لأنه يؤدي الى التشكيك في اخبارهم فلا يجوز ذلك عليهم على وجه”

al-Tusi in al-Tibyan 7/259-260: “In any case it is not permissible for prophets to commit ugly acts, nor is it allowed for them to speak in a coded (unclear) way nor to use Taqqiyah because it would lead some to question their sayings, so it’s not allowed in any way.”

المجلسي بحار الانوار ج28 ص400

(فأما الرسول (صلى الله عليه وآله) فانما لم تجز التقية عليه لان الشريعة لا تعرف إلا من جهته ولا يوصل إليها إلا بقوله )

al-Majlisi in Bihar al-Anwar 28/400:
“As for rassul-Allah SAWS, Taqqiyah is not permissible for him because the religious laws can only be known from him and cannot be reached except through his sayings.”

– end –

Anyone with intellect must have realised this big gap in the Shia religion by now, Taqqiyah is not allowed for the prophet SAWS who faced more hardships and dangers than all of the Shia Imams put together, because he is the source of the religion and the source of knowledge, if he were to lie and speak in secret vague or unclear language (like the Shia Imams) then all the people would cast doubt on his reliability and would question his sayings (just like they do with Shia Imams), there is no other means of acquiring the correct religion except through him.

We ask the Shia: can the correct religion and knowledge be acquired from other than Ahlul-bayt?

Salam ‘Aleykum,

By Hani
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