Can Shias pray on Sunni?

Bismillah wal-Hamdulillah,

Praise and glory be to God,

So can a Shia wash a Sunni and pray on him after he dies? most of you already have an idea about this subject, but for those who do not we will not disappoint you and I assure you that the answer to this question is so evil and twisted, you cannot possibly imagine such an evil ‘Aqeedah… then again this is Shiism and we’re used to their filth.

First we quote al-Tusi who quotes al-Mufid, the biggest of the Shia scholars.


قال الشيخ أيده الله تعالى : ( ولا يجوز لأحد من أهل الإيمان أن يغسل مخالفا للحق في الولاية ولا يصلي عليه إلا أن تدعوه ضرورة إلى ذلك من جهة التقية فيغسله تغسيل أهل الخلاف ولا يترك معه جريدة وإذا صلى عليه لعنه في صلاته ولم يدع له فيها )فالوجه فيه أن المخالف لأهل الحق كافر فيجب أن يكون حكمه حكم الكفار إلا ما خرج بالدليل وإذا كان غسل الكافر لا يجوز فيجب أن يكون غسل المخالف أيضا غير جائز وأما الصلاة عليه فيكون على حد ما كان يصلي النبي صلى الله عليه وآله والأئمة ع على المنافقين وسنبين فيما بعد كيفية الصلاة على المخالفين إن شاء الله تعالى والذي يدل على أن غسل الكافر لا يجوز إجماع الأمة لأنه لا خلاف بينهم في أن ذلك محظور في الشريعة ويدل عليه أيضا .
تهذيب الأحكام للطوسي (460 هـ) الجزء1 صفحة335 باب 13 تقلين المحتضرين وتوجيهم عند الوفاة

al-Tusi in “Tahtheeb al-Ahkam” vol.1 pg.335:

((Our sheikh (Mufid) may Allah strengthen him says: “It is not permissible for any of the believers(Twelvers) to wash anyone from those who differ with us in the Truth of the Wilayah (of ‘Ali) nor should he pray on him, unless there is a necessity in the case of Taqiyyah, so he  gives him the washing of those who oppose us, and if he prays on him he curses him and does not make Du`a for him.”

So this shows that the one who opposes us is a Kafir and his ruling is that of a Kafir unless in special cases where there is proof, and if washing the Kafir is not permissible then washing the one who opposes us is also not permissible, as for praying on him it should be like the prayer of the Prophet SAWS and Ahlul-Bayt (as) on the Mounafiqoun(Hypocrites), and we will show insha-Allah the method of how that prayer in conducted.))

Now al-Majlisi,

al-Majlisi says in “Zadul-Mi`ad” pg.345 after mentioning the impermissibility of praying on the Kouffar and the Khawarij and the Nawasib and the Ghulat:


عدة اسطر يذكراما على غيرهم من المخالفين فخلاف واظهرة التخير بين عدم الصلاة او الصلاة باربع تكبيرات وفي التكبير الرلبع يلعنة

(( As for those who oppose us there is a difference, between not praying on them or praying on them with only four Takbeerat and on the fourth one you curse them… ))

al-Bahrani in “al-Hadaeq al-Nadirah” 5/176:


وهو أظهر ويعضده القرآن وهو قوله تعالى : ” ولا تصل على أحد منهم مات أبدا . . ” يعني الكفار والمخالف لأهل الحق كافر بلا خلاف بيننا .

(( And it is clear and is supported by the Quran which is the saying of Allah “And pray thou never over any one of them when he is dead” meaning the Kouffar, and he who differs with the people of Truth(Twelvers) is a Kafir and there is no disagreement on this among us.))


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al-Qummi al-Saduq says what Du`a should be made upon the Mukhalif(Sunni) when he dies during Salat al-Janaza, we read in “Fiqh al-Rida” pg178:

و إذا كان الميت مخالفا فقل في تكبيرك الرابعة- اللهم أخز عبدك و ابن عبدك هذا- اللهم أصله نارك- اللهم أذقه أليم عقابك و شديد عقوبتك- و أورده نارا و املأ جوفه نارا- و ضيق عليه لحده- فإنه كان معاديا لأوليائك و مواليا لأعدائك- اللهم لا تخفف عنه العذاب و اصبب عليه العذاب صبا- فإذا رفع جنازته فقل اللهم لا ترفعه و لا تزكه

[And if the dead person is a Mukhalif(Sunni) then say in your fourth Takbeera – O Allah, disappoint your slave and the son of your slave – O Allah let him into your fire – O Allah make him taste your most painful punishment – O Allah surround him with fire and fill his insides with fire – O Allah tighten his grave – for he was an enemy of your friends and a friend of your enemies – O Allah do not reduce his torture and pour your torment on him – So when his Janazah is lifted say: “O Allah do not raise him nor give him virtue”]

^ All of this is being said while they pray on you, SubhanAllah! Taqiyyah and hatred have seriously messed up their brains!!

And their scholar abu Salah al-Halabi (died 447 AH) says in his book also called “al-Kafi lil-Halabi” pg157:

وإن كان مخالفا للحق بجبر أو تشبيه أو اعتزال أو خارجية أو إنكار إمامة لعنه بعد الرابعة وانصرف. ولا يجوز الصلاة على من هذه حاله إلا لتقية.

[And if he was from those who oppose the truth, like a Mujabbir or a Mushabbih or a Mu`tazili or a Khariji or a denier of Imamah, then he curses him after the fourth and leaves. Prayer on them is not allowed except in Taqiyyah.]

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