Top Shia scholar praises the Sahaba for preserving the Quran

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Allah says in his glorious book:

{Assuredly God will defend those who believe} [Qur’an 22:38]

Shia scholar grand Ayatullat Abu al-Qassim al-Khu’i, a liar among liars, will blow the minds of every Shia with his next statement:

al-Khu’i says in his book “al-Bayan fi Tafsir al-Qur’an” pg.216:

فإن اهتمام النبي – ص – بأمر القرآن بحفظه، وقراءته، وترتيل آياته، واهتمام الصحابة بذلك في عهد رسول الله – ص – وبعد وفاته يورث القطع بكون القرآن محفوظا عندهم، جمعا أو متفرقا، حفظا في الصدور، أو تدوينا في القراطيس، وقد اهتموا بحفظ أشعار الجاهلية وخطبها، فكيف لا يهتمون بأمر الكتاب العزيز، الذي عرضوا أنفسهم للقتل في دعوته، وإعلان أحكامه، وهجروا في سبيله أوطانهم، وبذلوا أموالهم، وأعرضوا عن نسائهم وأطفالهم، ووقفوا المواقف التي بيضوا بها وجه التاريخ، وهل يحتمل عاقل مع ذلك كله عدم اعتنائهم بالقرآن ؟ حتى يضيع بين الناس، وحتى يحتاج في إثباته إلى شهادة شاهدين ؟

[The special care of the Prophet (s) with regards to the Qur’an and its preservation, and recitation, and the special care that the Sahaba gave it in the time of the Prophet (s) and after his death, this gives us certainty that it is preserved with them, combined or separated, memorized in the breasts or written down. They took care of preserving the poetry of Jahiliyyah, so how can they not take care of the glorious book? The book that they placed their lives in danger to preach and promote its rulings, and in its cause they abandoned their lands and spent their wealth, and left their women and children, and stood in the positions that whitened the pages of history. So can a sane man possibly believe that they never took care of the Qur’an!? (…)]

A slap to the face of every Rafidhi hypocrite by their top scholar. 


By Hani
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