‘Shia’ Imam allows followers to spread Sunni opinions

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

This was pointed to us by Farid, an authentic Sahih Shia narration related to the issue of Taqiyyah:

Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s is reported to have said to Mu’adh ibn Muslim al Nahawi “I have been informed that you sit in the mosque and give legal opinions to people.”

“Yes I do,” Mu’adh answered, “and I wanted to ask you about this before I left you. As I sit in the mosque, people come to ask me questions. When I know that the asker is an opponent of you, I answer him according to other sects opinion. When I know that the asker is a follower of you, I answer him according to what you have said about this question. However, it happens that a man whose sect I cannot recognize comes to me, so I answer him that so and so scholar says this and so and so scholar says that. Hence I include your sayings along with others opinions.”

The Imam a.s answered, “Good, continue in this way because I myself do it”

(33435) 36 –

وعن حمدويه وإبراهيم ابني نصير. عن يعقوب بن يزيد، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن حسين [ حسن ] بن معاذ، عن أبيه معاذ بن مسلم النحوي، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: بلغني أنك تقعد في الجامع فتفتي الناس ؟ قلت: نعم وأردت أن أسألك عن ذلك قبل أن أخرج، إني أقعد في المسجد فيجئ الرجل فيسألني عن الشئ فإذا عرفته بالخلاف لكم أخبرته بما يفعلون، ويجئ الرجل أعرفه بمودتكم وحبكم فاخبره بما جاء عنكم، ويجئ الرجل لا أعرفه ولا أدري من هو فأقول: جاء عن فلان كذا وجاء عن فلان كذا فادخل قولكم فيما بين ذلك، فقال لي: اصنع كذا فاني كذا أصنع.

ورواه الصدوق في (العلل) عن جعفر بن علي عن علي بن عبد الله، عن معاذ مثله.

(36) رجال الكشى: ص 164 – ح 1 – العلل: ج 2 ص 218 – ح 2 (بتفاوت واختلاف)

Now with this narration in mind, we have some points:

1- This opposes the narrations in which the Imam recommends his followers to do Taqiyyah as its rewards are many.

He was asked: “Who is the most complete of the people in terms of good Habits?” He said: “He who practices Taqiyyah the most.”
And in another Hadith he said: “There is nothing good in he who does not do Taqiyyah and there is no faith for he who does not do Taqiyyah.”
And he said: “The Kindest among you in the sight of Allah the glorious, are those who practice Taqiyyah the most.”

2- This opposes the narrations in which the Imam would intentionally give out false opinions to confuse their opponents and even their Shia.

3- This opposes the narrations in which the Imam tells his companions to hide their Hadith and not narrate them.

For example he said: “You(People) have a religion which if you hide it(Taqiyyah) then Allah will raise your rank and if you spread it then Allah will humiliate you.”

4- In no narration have I seen the Imam say “My opinion is such, and Abu Hanifa’s opinion is such”.

5-This opposes the Shia narrations that state that the Imams know what is in the breasts of the people, in other words they know what a person is Shia or not, in other narrations it says they had a book with the names of all Shia.

6- We’ve seen the Imam in several narration being asked by a Shia such as abu a;-Jaroud or whoever, but he answers them with Taqiyyah.

7- We see that religion can be propagated from other than the Imams, so their existence is not that necessary.

More observations are welcome.

By Hani
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2 responses to “‘Shia’ Imam allows followers to spread Sunni opinions

  1. Ali

    Typical, illogical Nasibi reasoning. Taqiyya is not for every situation, it is for preservation of life only and in this instance that was obviously not an issue.

    As an example. if I were in Saudi I might think twice about saying “Lanaa’t on Yazid” but if in Iraq then no such qualms.

    Your last point (7) shows your Nasb the most clearly. Let us apply the same logic to the 4 Imams of sunni madhab and say there was no need for them at all as others also disseminated their teachings – how stupid does that sound?

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