Which Types of Companions Preserved the Sunnah?

Article by Farid
Posted by 13S2010

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem,

It seems that Shias are under the impression that we Sunnis get our religion from random companions that only converted for financial gains or for power. However, as many of you are aware, the vast majority of our narrations come from one of two groups, the Muhajireen, that risked their lives to come to Madinah for the sake of Islam, and the Ansar, who open their hearts to the calling of the Prophet (pbuh) and raised the name of the deen.

Shias, though, assume that most of what we have is from the “Mu’alafati Quloobuhum.” This is a term used to describe those that were hesitant to join Islam, and the Prophet (pbuh) used to reward them in the short term after battles in order for them to have a greater allegiance towards him. Now, there is no doubt that the Muhajireen and Ansar are greater in status than these late Sahabis, who mainly accepted Islam after the Conquest of Makkah, however, these “Mu’alafati Quloobuhum”, are still multitudes greater in status than the rest of the Muslims, for they too have served the Prophet (pbuh) and raised the banner of Islam together.

In any case, I found a great list of the Mu’alafa Quloobuhum and I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed. You will notice that most of these companions are relatively unknown, even though there are a few whose names are familiar. Next to their names, I’ve included the number of their narrations according to Ibn Hazm. The list was compiled by Al-Saghani (d. 650 AH).

1- (Al-Akhnas) Ubai bin Shareeq – Nil
2- Uhaiha bin Umaya – Nil
3- Al-Aqra’a bin Habis – Ibn Al-Jawzi mentioned that he has one hadith
4- Jubair bin Mut’im – 60 hadiths
5- Al-Jad bin Qais – Nil
6- Al-Harith bin Hisham – Two narrations
7- Harmala bin Hawtha – Nil
8- Hakeem bin Hizam – 40 Narrations
9- Hakeem bin Taleeq – Nil
10- Huwaitib bin Abdul Uza – One narration
11- Khalid bin Usaid bin Abi Al-Ais – Nil
12- Khalid bin Qais – Nil
13- Khalid bin Hisham – Nil
14- Khalid bin Hawtha Al-Amiri – Nil
15- Zaid Al-Khail Al-Ta’ee – Nil
16- Sa’eed bin Yaboo’ – Nil
17- Suhail bin Amr bin Abdul Shams – Nil
18- Suhail bin Amr Al-Jumhi – Nil
19- Shaiba bin Uthman bin Abi Talha – One narration
20- Abu Sufyan – One narration
21- Safwan bin Umaya – Thirteen narrations
22- Al-Abbas bin Mirdas – Nil
23- Abdulrahman bin Yarboo’ – Nil
24- Adi bin Qais Al-Sahami – Nil
25- Ikrimah bin Amir – Nil
26- Al-Ala’a bin Jariya – Nil
27- Ilqima bin Ulatha – Nil
28- Amr bin Ba’kak – Nil
29- Amr bin Mirdas – Nil
30- Umair bin Wadaqa – Nil
31- Umair bin Wahb Al-Jumhi – Nil
32- Uyayna bin Hisn – Nil
33- Qais bin Adi Al-Sahami – Nil
34- Qais bin Makhrama – One narration
35- Labeed bin Rabee’a – Nil
36- Malik bin Awf – One narration
37- Makhrama bin Nawfal – Ibn Al-Jawzi mentioned that he has one narration
38- Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan – 163 narrations
39- Al-Mugheera bin Al-Harith bin Abdul Mutalib – Nil
40- Al-Nudhair bin Al-Harith bin Alqama – Nil
41- Hisham bin Amr – Nil
42- Hisham bin Al-Waleed bin Al-Mugheera – Nil

We can see from this list that the main narrators from the “Mu’alafati Quloobuhum” are: Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan, Jubair bin Mut’im and Hakeem bin Hizam. Safwan bin Umaya only narrated thirteen narrations, and the rest of these men either narrated one or no narrations.

Conclusion: The “Mu’alafati Quloobuhum”, who are those that are seen as to have been brought into Islam under less honorable pretenses, did not serve as the main protectors of the Sunnah, when it came to the preservation and transmission of the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh), but only played a minor part in doing so.

This study confirms that popular view that the main protectors of the Sunnah are the Muhajireen and the Ansar, may Allah’s blessings be upon all the companions of the Prophet (pbuh).


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2 responses to “Which Types of Companions Preserved the Sunnah?

  1. This study confirms that popular view that the main protectors of the Sunnah are the Muhajireen and the Ansar, may Allah’s blessings be upon all the companions .
    Wah , excellant view , and it confirms that the blessed body of the Rasool e Akram (saaws) awaiting burial and these ansar and mohajereen were fighting each other till without any election Omar held the hands of Abu bakr , offered his allegiance , Then he declared , the decision has taken places , any one apposes will only lose his head . What a wionderful Shoorah , a fake election for a divinely appointed post and in these circumstances where the successor is celebrating his succession while the Master is awaiting burial which the gang criminally skipped . What a mockery of Islam from a vast majority of Ummah .

    • Allah praises the Muhajirin and Ansar in the Quran, thats enough for Muslims. Your lies doesn’t affect their status. You (Shia) believe in fairy tales we (Muslims) believe in the verses of Quran praising the Muhajirin and Ansar.

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