Imamate of Ali in Shia texts – A simple question for shiites!

Alsalam alaykum,

This is a thought that came to mind that one shouldn’t really bother asking. However, since the beginning of rijali experimentation upon Shia hadiths, I have come to doubt even the most basic aspects of what I thought was established Shia theology.

So, the question of the day looks into whether tashayyu is self sufficient, or is it not able to function without the existence of Sunnism.

To answer this question, I would like to see an authentic narration from Shia texts, one that is connected and constitutes of only thiqaat, to the Prophet (pbuh), in which he affirms that Ali is to be obeyed after him.

Please O’ Shias, put my doubts to rest.

By Farid 
Posted by 13S2010

If you think you can answer this then answer it here:


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5 responses to “Imamate of Ali in Shia texts – A simple question for shiites!

  1. Shani

    Bro we shudnt waste time on this subject since it’s not in Quran. If they have any Hadith it is useless, as Imamate is Not in Quran 

    The most popular Hadith they use is ghadir khumm but Sunnis have refuted Shia arguments regarding this, also it’s astonishing that the prophet never said AFTER ME.

    • Are you serious brother? They claim the Prophet (saw) explicitly appointed Ali (ra) as his successor in many places not just Ghadir. So we ask them to provide A SINGLE SAHIH SHIA narration with chains reaching the Prophet (saw) in which He appoints Ali as his successor.

  2. Salam wrwb. This is a very nice blog. I have a question which is bothering me for a long time. Are sunnis in the wrong when they do not follow the ahle Bayt Imams? Your wisdom of hadeeth science will positively help me. iA.

    • Walaikum Salam wrwb,

      Brother the Ahl-Sunnah follow both Ahlulbayt and the Sahaba. The Ahlulbayt have narrated the sayings of the Prophet (saw) in our books so how are we not following them? Ali (ra) is the top ten narrators in our Hadith books. We follow ALL Ahlulbayt not just 12 person.

      I hope it is clear now, insha’Allah. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

      You can also ask Shia-Sunni related questions on this forum:

  3. Salalykum wrwb. Thank you for the response.

    Shiah scholars claim that “wasiat”, inheritance, from Nabi (swm) to Ali (ra) was declared in Makkah when Prophet (swm) invited his tribe for a meal. Shia scholars also refer to Tabuk episode where Nabi Kareem (swm) told Ali (ra) their relationship was like Nabi Musa (AS) and Haroon (as) except there will be no more nabi or nubuwat after him (swm). Also they point out that wasiat (inheritance) is a commandment of Allah swt. They ask, how is it possible to ignore it or take it lightly?

    According to shiah alems the issue of ‘inheritance’ is what divides the ummah…

    Please help me understand, in Islamic view can we have “Imamate” and “Khilafat” function under two heads in parallel?

    May your efforts be accepted insha Allah…

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