They ALL doubted the Imam of their time except a small few

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Classical Shia grand scholar Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ja`far al-Nu`mani (died 360 A.H) says in his book “al-Ghaybah” pages 27-28:

أما بعد : فإنا رأينا طوائف من العصابة المنسوبة إلى التشيع ، المنتمية إلى نبيها محمد وآله صلى الله عليهم – ممن يقول بالإمامة التي جعلها الله برحمته دين الحق ، ولسان الصدق ، وزينا لمن دخل فيها ، ونجاة وجمالا لمن كان من أهلها ، وفاز بذمتها ، وتمسك بعقدتها ، ووفى لها بشروطها ، من المواظبة على الصلوات ، وإيتاء الزكوات ، والمسابقة إلى الخيرات ، واجتناب الفواحش والمنكرات ، والتنزه عن سائر المحظورات ، ومراقبة الله تقدس ذكره في الملأ والخلوات ، وتشغل القلوب وإتعاب الأنفس والأبدان في حيازة القربات – ، قد تفرقت كلمها ، وتشعبت مذاهبها ، واستهانت بفرائض الله عز وجل ، وخفت إلى محارم الله تعالى ، فطال بعضها علوا ، وانخفض بعضها تقصيرا ، وشكوا جميعا إلا القليل في إمام زمانهم ، وولي أمرهم ، وحجة ربهم التي اختارها بعلمه

[We saw the groups that are attributed to Tashayyu` and the Prophet and his family upon them be peace, from those who believed in the Imamah that Allah with his mercy has made truthful, and has made it a merit for the one who embraces it, and salvation and beauty for those belonging to it […] They have divided in sayings and sects, and they begun to take the orders and prohibitions of Allah lightly, some have risen to extremes while others have dropped into lenience, and they ALL have doubted the Imam of their time and the one in authority of their affairs and the Hujjah of their Lord whom he picked with his wisdom except a small few]

So he’s confirming what we read in Firaq al-Shia by al-Nawbakhti and other books that the Shia were extremely divided and misguided and almost all of them never knew who their Imams were.


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One response to “They ALL doubted the Imam of their time except a small few

  1. Shani

    Well imamah is an innovation so what more can you expect.

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