Is there any Shia to listen to this ex-Shia?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

We thank Allah (swt) for guiding this brother towards the right path.  I am quoting him without adding or removing anything.

[Start of Quote]

I would mention a very breif of what happend with me to leave the Shiasim and embrace the Sect of Ahlul Suna Wa al Jama’a.

I guess you have to ask me why I left Shia and embraced the Sunni:

1st of all I would like to tell you that I am from Iraqi origin. We lived in London since 25 years. My family (till-now) follows Sayed Mohammad Hussain Fadullah.

I wasn’t care much about Sunna & Shia and these debates …etc but I was getting my information from my dad. My dad was sending a mail to Sayed Fadullah if he needs to have any Fatwa..

We were going together frequently to Khooei Center in London and in Ashora to Hussainia near by our home.

Anyway the reason that I conversed to Sunna was very simple. One of my colleagues was Sunna and I asked him once: Why you sunna hate Ahlulbait.

A tear came out of his eye and left me without any answer.

I spent all my banking holiday feel so guilty but I really do not know why ?? what the reason??

On Monday I went to my office early and waited for him. He came and we talked:

I asked him of the reason makes him crying and I apologized to him many times… his told me the reason…
The reason was: He was Shia as well and his embracing Sunna made him many troubles with his family and his father was so angry with him even though of their very strong friendly relationship.

His fathers stopped talking to him unless he return of what he was? But he was strictly believed of what he did as he told me. He wasnot reply to his dad at all but he was telling him “I can do anything but this thing am sorry” even he got beaten twice therefore.

His dad had an accident after 2 weeks of this problem even though he was embraced Sunna a while before his family get to know that till they say him putting his right hand on his left hand while he was praying the argument get started thereat.

Candidly, this was the beginning and I started to understand why Sunna ?? and he refused to start talking to me about this at the beginning because he is afraid that me will fall at the same problem and he could not take this.

I insist till he was everyday telling me how wrong this belief and how fair and right Snna belief ….. I was asking my dad continuously when I go back home about these things and I was finding everything I was been told is right especially when I started to read Sunna books and my dad’s books which he has in our house.

I wake up one day without any previous arrangements asking my dad before his leave to work “Do you’ll get angry if I became a Sunni”??

Actually, he did not take it seriously but when he came back he called me and talked to me that my questions in the last times are not usual??

I asked his the main question and I discovered that the right is with Sunna not with Shia ….

How we believe that Almighty Allah appointed Imam Ali in the Koran? And how our Prophet wrote the will that he should be the Caliph after him?

How Imam Ali the lion of islam did not make any move after the death of our prophet even he knew it is the order from Allah and His prophet?

I was believing that he was afraid of the Islamic unity?? But I discovered this is not truth ??? because Imam Ali fought Moawya when he was fighting against him for the sake of Caliphate not for the sake of appointment of Allah or the will of his prophet??

How it come he did not make revolution that time in Abu Baker area even he knew there is an order from Allah and will from Prophet? And he went fighting Moawyia to make him admit of his rulling?

It is 100% shame to belive Imam Ali did fight for the sake of chair and kept hush and silent when he knew there is appointment for him by Allah ??

The other thing that I did not really convinced that there is appointment from Allah to him and there is no clear verse from Quran saying this at all???

My dad got angry anyway till this day but he respected my opinion and he till now keeping trying to convince me but in vain.

I wish Almighty Allah guide us all to his rightly path the Quran and the Sunna of his prophet.

Note: I still beilive that Shia are Muslims though but they are not on the right bath.

Syyed Mohammad Hussain Fadullah is Saying:

((There is no freedom inside the Shia Sect to discuss the Shia Matters))

((The Shia matter in some cases is like (We followed what our fathers follow…))

((The Shia don’t wanna abandon wot they inherited whatsoever correct or not??))

Ref. (For Life and Man. Page:195)

[End of Quote]

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