Ali and the Prophet are unified in their Status and Spirits, spiritually and apparently.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Khomeini quotes agreeing and praising his ‘sheikh’:  And our teacher in knowing the Lord, the knowledgable, the complete, shah abaadi, may Allah make permanent his shade over his ‘mureed’ [followers of his], has said:-

If Ali (as) appeared before the Prophet (may Allaahs peace be on him and his family), the Sharia would have appeared just as how it appeared with the Prophet (may Allaahs peace be on him and his family), and he [Ali] would have been a sent Prophet! That is because they [Ali & the Prophet] are unified in their spirits and their status; spiritually and apparently.

Refrence:- Misbah al-Hidaya ila al-Khilafa wal Wilaya – page number 163

Scan is this:-

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5 responses to “Ali and the Prophet are unified in their Status and Spirits, spiritually and apparently.

  1. We can understand how this fact hurts you and you are humiliated but this is a fact that Rasool e Akram (saaws) said ” My self and Ali (a s) is from a NOOR e wahid means Allah first created the noor of Rasool (saaws) much before the creation of Adam (a s) then splitted into two .Then he said ” My relationship with ali (a s) is the same as with H.Moosah (a s ) and H.Haroon (a s) but there will be no Nabi after me and as such Allah asked him to appoint Ali (a s) as his immediate successor , Khalifatal bila fasl and first Imam from a series of twelve
    from his immaculate and infallable progeny . As this negates the three illegtimate usurpers who had accepted Islam only as a munafiq and later proved their infidality by fleeing away from the Jung e Ohad . You can’t deny they didnt because this is reported in your own saheeh besides others and I have quoted several times the relevent Ayet e Qora’any , So what do you say ?
    Accept the truth my dear friends , forget those as a bad dream and make your own hereafter a brilliant one .

    • thanks brother ……….but we r on right and true path IAlhumdulilah ….if u are concerning Abu bakar umar and osman as munafiqeen ( nazobi.lah) then just review that hadees when Prophet said to Abu Bakar that Allah made me his khaleel and if i had not choosen by Allah then i would choose Abu bakar as my friend
      May Allah guide u right path

    • Shani

      Brother firstly I’d like to talk about that Hadith regarding prophet and Ali having same same relationship as harun and musa.

      It is impossible to say this was about successorship because prophet yusha was successor to prophet musa.
      The Hadith you mentioned was said by prophet when he left Ali temporarily in charge of the Muslims just like when prophet musa left prophet harun in charge temporarily.

      If prophet meant successorship then he would have said Ali you are to me as yusha was to musa.

      Regarding YOUR 12 masoom imams then brother firstly they are far from what you accuse them off. They are not appointed, masoom or whatever else you exaggerate about them, because;

      1. Imamate is usul ad din so where is it in Quran. Look at the other worses which mention other usul ad dins Allah clearly says believe in me me, believe in my prophets, believe in last day but when it comes to Imamate Allah never once said to us Muslims follow infallible imams.

      Now you can play Lego with a few verses nut you won’t get far for eg;

      Verse 2:124 you find the answer in surah 29:27 prophethood in their descendants.

      Ulil amr. “those with authority among you”, if you read full verse why if we differ must we go back to Quran and sunnah, if ulil amr was appointed why didn’t Allah say if you differ still obey ulil amr because he is my appointed imam and he is masoom.

      Here if you read verse with open mind you’ll see that Allah means if your ulil amr strays or you think he is straying then go back to Quran and sunnah/Hadith.

      Regarding masons then you find your answer in nahj ul balagah sermon 215 last paragraph:

      Therefore, do not abstain from saying a truth or pointing out a matter of justice because I do not regard myself above erring (1). I do not escape erring in my actions but that Allah helps me in matters in which He is more powerful than I.

      The belief of ahle sunnah is Ali was protected against sins by Allah but was not masoom which agrees with above from nahj ul balagah.

      Regarding sahabah running from battlefield then they were forgiven for this which is even agreed upon by Shia ulema.

      So brother I say to you stop running from the truth.

  2. Concerned Muslim

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    The Shia site [LINKS OF SHIA WEBSITES NOT ALLOWED] has been very active recently. I believe they need to be addressed.

    jazakallah khayr for your work.

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