The word ‘Rabb رب’ mentioned in the Quran is the Prophet or Ali

By Kalaam
Posted by 13S2010

We read in Quran

وجوه يومئذ ناضرة ‏ الى ربها ناظرة

Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty);- Looking towards their Lord;


Ali Namazi Shahrodi says in Athbat wilayat takwiniya:

“Perhaps Rabb in this verse refers to Muhammad (S) or Ali (a.s), the momineen will be looking towards them on the day of judgement.”




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4 responses to “The word ‘Rabb رب’ mentioned in the Quran is the Prophet or Ali

  1. Actually it all depends how much one has the Ma’arefat for Allah , His Rasool (s) and his immediate successors . For bay-ma’arafatis like you and your community, can not appreciate all this . What does ‘RAB ‘ means , closest in English it is ‘LORD ‘ Now go to a court , the moment a Lawer says ” My Lord this is like this and this , go and give him a slap , telling him you are doing blasphemy , calling a man who is only a Judge of the Court , my Lord . If you people had some intelligence , first you would have tried to know the context
    By the way ” Rab ” in arabic also means one who raises a child , in urdu palnay wala or palan haar .
    Don’t you forget that Rasool Allah (s) used to say for Maula Ali (a s ) ” Looking on the face of Ali is ibadah ” This is narrated by Sunnis too , considered ahsan but hearing this why don’t you shout ”shirk , shirk ” , you won’t , because this has been reported by lady Ayesha too , when she asked her father ” I see
    when you come , you are constantly looking on the face of Ali ” to which abu
    bakr repeated the same hadees .Learn some lessons from your Peer.

  2. What ever happened to the link I posted in reply to the misunderstanding of Shia concepts?

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