Umar [ra] gave a vast land to Ali [ra]

By Hani (aka TripolySunni)
Posted by 13S2010

Salam Aleykum,

I posted it on another forum now I’ll post it here (thx to bro kalaam who brought it to our attention), but just to remind you brothers that the more you dig into books of Hadith the more priceless GEMS you find!

This my friends is a picture of the city of Yanbu` in Saudi Arabia: (Click to enlarge)

Now we read in Musannaf ibn abi Shaybah a narration with an authentic chain to Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (rah):

حدثنا حفص بن غياث عن جعفر عن أبيه أن عمر أقطع عليا ينبع وأضاف إليها غيرها.
[Hafs bin Ghiyah told us, from Ja`far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq, from his father that `Umar gave away (the land of) Yanbu` to `Ali and then added others(lands) to it.]

In other words he gave him a vast and priceless piece of land as prize!

wal-Salamu `Aleykum,


Check this link for more detailed information. 

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One response to “Umar [ra] gave a vast land to Ali [ra]

  1. Shani

    This proves that abu bakr and Umar never took fadak with attention of robbing ahle bayt but they were following prophets orders regarding prophets inheritance.

    Funny thing is it’s even recorded in Shia books with authentic chain that prophets don’t leave inheritance.

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