Former Shia about the doctrine of Imāmah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

This article is written by our brother, SalehNeji/Wasil, a former Shia, may Allah (swt) keep him healthy and grant him long life and success in both worlds. Mashallah, the brother has made strong points and asked serious questions and I ask the open minded Shia to ponder over what he has written.

The Ahlulbayt (ra) never believed in the so called divine Imamate. These beliefs were attributed to them and they themselves weren’t even aware of it just like the Christians attribute divinity to Isa ibn Maryam (as).

Note: The article maybe updated.


salam alaykom

Brothers and sisters i was thinking and i was wondering: if belief in imamate of the twelve was compulsory then why wasen’t it narrated in mutawatir hadith . even in shia books the wasyyah seems only for few people . rasool allah(saww) was sent to all human kind and he used to tell all sahabah that are present to inform those who were not. the hadith of twelve imams was only said to handful of people in shia books and this is against the spirit of the message. rasool allah was not scared to convey what allah orders him , he didn’t fear the kuffar of mecca when he was alone so how could he fear muslims upon his deen and not tell them about the imamate of the twelve. yes he said there will be twelve khalifah but he didn’t say follow them or who they are . it’s a strange to me.

if the wasyyah when he(saww) was dying was about this then why didn’t he tell the muslims before his death and illness??

why wait until he was so frail and weak ?? 

if wasyyah was about imamate ali (as)(when the prophet saww was ill) then this means that hadith al-ghadeer was not clear enough otherwise why did rasool allah(saww) needed to explain it on his deathbed? 

It seems to me that hadith al-ghadeer about wilayat was understood in so many ways and that sahabah didn’t deliberately push ali(as) away from khilafat , they simply understood that wilayat meant alliance not rule and the context in which the hadith was said strengthens this. 

just few thoughts and i hope the discussion stays civil and calm

ps: i believe in imamate of the twelve but i don’t believe it’s fardh or that it’s from usool al-deen. i don’t believe the imams (as) were masoom but they were from awlia allah and their purpose was not to rule but to educate the ummah about their deen 


Written by the ex-Shia  SalehNeji/Wasil. 
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One response to “Former Shia about the doctrine of Imāmah

  1. Walid(Wasil)

    Whoever knows me or doesn’t know me, please learn from my experience in whichever way you want.
    I am an ex-rafidhi, I prefer to say ex-rafidhi to saying “ex-shia” because it’s a more accurate description, Rafidha are the people who claim falsely to follow albeit(as) and to love them more than anyone else! To start I say their love for ahlbeit is psychotic and resembles that if an obsessed stalker rather than real love, it’s unsolicited, exaggerated and selfish, I say selfish because it’s the Rafidha way to try to embellish their doctrine and sectarianism and to increase their vanity rather than real selfless unconditional love that’s only for the sake if Allah and his prophet peace be upon him and his household.
    When you know Shia (Al-rafidha) as I do, you see how bound on hatred they are, their love is just the opposite of hatred not a pure love, I explain: they only remember how much they “love”ahlbeit(as) when they are around other people who hate ahlbeit as) or that the Rafidha accuse them falsely of hatred towards them(as). I explain more: without nawasib, be it true nawasib or people that Rafidha accuse if Nash(people showing enmity towards ahlbeit(as), The Rafidha cannot love!!
    This is why they are so attached to tragedy and they cannot separate from it, they’re simply mourners nothing more.
    Among their ancestors, there was big scholars, despite their falsehood they were educated and logical and had great knowledge in many domains. I believe we are unlucky today to have the worst kind if Rafidha ever.
    I am not saying they are Kaffir, it’s not my job or duty or right, as far as I’m concerned whoever says the shahadah is Muslim .but if I’m asked about the belief of some that ahlbeit(as) control the universe then I say this belief is pure Shirk/ Anyways you get the idea.

    I declare in front of Allah and everyone reading this that have cleansed my soul off “Rafidh” and that I am not their ally in anyway in this life or the hereafter, this is what I believe in and Allah knows the secrets of the heart..

    Waled al-tounisi Al sunni Al maliki al-ash’ari (the NON-Sufi in a million years, unlike these fake modern “Ash’aris””


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