Amount of Mutawatir Hadiths in Shiasm

Written by Farid
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Alsalam alaykum,

This is a quote from Hashim Ma’arouf Al-Hasani, the Shi’ee hadith specialist, from his book Dirasaat fil Hadith wal Muhaditheen, p. 36, Dar Al-Ta’aruf (1426 AH):

Rough translation: 

Al-Shaikh Abdulsamad (the father of Al-Baha’ee) in his risala about ilm al-diraya said: The mutawatir is what a group of people have narrated in which ilm (sure knowledge) is achieved, due to the impossibility of them conspiring to lie together usually, and this could be authentic on all levels or not, and he said: And the hadithists are almost unaware of this due to the lack of them (such hadiths), and like it is the Qur’an, the appearance of the Prophet (pbuh), the qibla, prayers and the number of raka’aat, the hajj, the amount of zakat, and things like these. Liking these to mutawtatir is a necessity of Islam. This liking makes one feel that the mutawatir in hadith is almost non-existent, due to the rarity of such in the narrations of the Prophet (pbuh) and the Imams. 


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4 responses to “Amount of Mutawatir Hadiths in Shiasm

  1. abe parker

    so whats the point? whether its said or not its practiced by our sunnis too

    • Do you even understand what the topic is about?

      • abe parker

        perhaps im stupid, but all your posts without exception are to prove the what you call “rafidi shia” wrong, perhaps the above is an exception? because youve underlined a concluding comment without commenting on it yourself, again brother, so whats your point?

      • Ok let me explain. Your Hadith specialist scholar admits that Mutawatir Ahadeeth in Shiism is ALMOST NON-EXISTENT. Now I hope you understand what Mutawatir means.

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