How when & where to curse Sahaba – Shia scholar explains

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Shia scholar Muhammad Nabi al-Tusirkani “محمد نبي التوسيركاني” wrote a small note in his book, he wrote “تنبيه” or in English “Attention” in order to grab the attention of the Shia readers, so let’s see what he wants the readers to know:

” تنبيه: اعلم أن أشرف الأمكنة والأوقات والحالات وأنسبها للعن عليهم – عليهم اللعنة – إذا كنت في المبال، فقل عند كل واحد من التخلية والاستبراء والتطهير مرارا بفراغ من البال: اللهم العن عمر، ثم أبا بكر وعمر، ثم عثمان وعمر، ثم معاوية وعمر، ثم يزيد وعمر، ثم ابن زياد وعمر، ثم ابن سعد وعمر، ثم شمر وعمر، ثم عسكرهم وعمر. اللهم العن عائشة وحفصة وهند وأم الحكم والعن من رضي بأفعالهم إلى يوم القيامة“.

[Attention: Know that the most honorable of places and times and conditions and the best occasion to send curses on them – may they be cursed- is in the area of urination (i.e bathroom), so when you are free from urine say during each Takhliya and Istibra’ and Tathir continuously: “O Allah curse `Umar then Abu Bakr, and `Umar and `Uthman, and `Umar then Mu`awiyah, and `Umar then Yazid, and `Umar then ibn Ziyad, and `Umar then ibn Sa`d, and `Umar then Shamir, and `Umar then their armies, and `Umar. O Allah curse `Aisha and Hafsa and Hind and Umm al-Hakam, and curse the ones who are pleased with their actions until the day of judgement.”]

source: لئالئ الأخبار – La’ali’ al-Akhbar 4/92, by al-Muhaqqiq al-Tusirkani.

What a lovely religion this is.


When and Where to Curse Sahaba

Aamili mentioned this Tusirkani in his book ‘Intisar’ as

وفي كتاب لآلي الأخبار لعمدة العلماء والمحققين محمد التوسيركاني

in his book La’ali al-akhbar by the chief of Ulemas and Muhaqqiqeen Muhammad Tusirkani.

Intisar, Vol. 2, p. 18

So these are the words of the Chief of Shia Ulemas.

Translation by Hani (aka TripolySunni)
Scan +  info about the scholar by Kalaam
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5 responses to “How when & where to curse Sahaba – Shia scholar explains

  1. that sheikh is incorrect to curse especially sayidinas abu bakr and umr and ummul mumineen ayesha and hafsa as said by maaany mainstream shia ulema, but having said that……

  2. arsalan

    Shia sect is facist sect..this sect was established by Abdullah ibn Saba who was yemni jew. He took advantage of some differences between Hazrat Ali(RA) and Hazrat Mawiya(RA) and made shia sect.
    The faith of Shiasm is to curse sahaba ikram(RA) and Immahatul momineen(RA). This is their worship.
    The Muslim umma is in big loss due to Shia sect.

  3. so if thats true how is it that saif is the ONLY link to this name of abdullah ibn saba and his name is missing in all records going to the source time, ie his mane if a figment of imagination of a distorted mind

    • This issue of Sayf bin Omar has been refuted fully by the scholars. There are Authentic narrations and reports about Abdullah ibn Saba, the first person who believed in divine Imamah, that don’t include Sayf bin Omar in their chains.

      P.S. Brother I invite you to come to – good place for discussion.

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