When Shia narrations conflict, take the saying of the latter Imam

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

We previously presented a big amount of authentic Shia narrations stating that wine is pure, and another big groups of Shia narrations stating the opposite, here is the link:
Wine is pure or impure according to Imams?

And we showed that there was no room for Taqqiyah since Ahlul-Sunnah have a difference of opinion.

As you all know most of these narrations and most of the Shia narrations come from al-Sadiq and al-Baqir, so Nader(a shia) said that since there exists a narration from later Imams such as abu al-Hassan Musa al-Kathim, then we should always take the narrations of the later Imams when there is conflict:

Nader said:

Salaamun `Alaykum,

There is also a rule in Shee`ah Hadeeth science is if there are two authentic hadeeth, then take the stronger chain or take the hadeeth from the latter Imaam.

Wa `Alaykum Assalaam

However, I have a problem with taking the Hadith from the Later Imams for the following reason…

Shia scholar al-Jawahiri says in “Jawaher al-Kalam” (1/413) & (2/15):

روايات القاظم أقرب إلى التقية من روايات الباقر, بل الصادق, فتحمل حينئذ على التقية

[The narrations of al-Kathim were closer to being Taqqiyah than the narrations of al-Baqir, or even al-Sadiq, so they would be counted as Taqqiyah.]

إن في زمن القاظم, كانت التقية في زمانه في غاية الشدة

[In the time of al-Kathim, Taqqiyah was extremely used.]

And the Shia scholar writes in the footnotes of “Majma` al-Fa’idah wal-Burhan” by al-Waheed al-Bahbahani pg164:

فيظهر منه أن روايته عن الكاظم كان تقية, و يؤيده نهاية شدة التقية في زمانه, و لذا قد كثر منه ما يوافق التقية
[So this shows that his narrations from al-Kathim were Taqqiyah, this is backed by the state of extreme Taqqiyah in his time, and so lots of what we got from him is Taqqiyah.]

So the question now is this, how can you trust the narration coming from a man who is in an extreme state of Taqqiyah

By Hani (aka TripolySunni)
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One response to “When Shia narrations conflict, take the saying of the latter Imam

  1. bkazmi

    you are such liars….it is said ahadiths that contradict with quran leave them and ahadiths that agree with quran take them….

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