‘Pious’ Shia Scholar a psycho killer (of Sunnis)

By Hani (aka TripolySunni)
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al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Al-Fayd al-Qudsi fî Tarjamah al-‘Allâmah al-Majlissî, is the name of the book written by the famous Shia scholar al-Muhaddith al-Nûrî al-Tabarsî in which he writes the biography of the famous Shia scholar al-Allâmah al-Majlissî, in this book the author writes also about another well known and famous Shia scholar who goes by the name of al-Mawla Haydar Ali al-Shirwânî, this man is the author of famous Shia books such as “Manâqib Ahl al-Bayt”. His father Mîrzâ Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shirwânî was a student of Muhammad Taqî al-Majlissî who is the father of al-‘Allâmah Muhammad Bâqir al-Majlissî the author of “Bihâr al-Anwâr”.

Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shirwânî married the daughter of Muhammad Taqî al-Majlissî, which makes Haydar Ali al-Shirwânî the nephew of Muhammad Bâqir al-Majlissî. Haydar Ali al-Shirwânî later married the daughter of Muhammad Bâqir al-Majlissî to become his son-in-law, this makes him really close to the Majlissî family.

In the introduction of the book “Manâqib Ahl al-Bayt” the researcher (Muhammad al-Hassun) says:

هو المولى حيدر علي ابن الشيخ المولى ميرزا محمد بن الحسن الشرواني، صهر المجلسي الثاني على ابنته التي كانت له من أخت أبي طالب خان النهاوندي. والشرواني نسبة إلى شروان

[He is al-Mawlâ Haydar Alî son of Sheikh al-Mawlâ Mîrzâ Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shirwânî, the son-in-law of al-Majlissî II from his daughter through the sister of Abî Tâlib Khân al-Nahâwandî. And al-Shirwânî means that he is from the region of Shirwân.]

Let us see what this Shia scholar does in his free time by quoting this citation from “Al-Fayd al-Qudsi” page 250-151 and from “Bihâr al-Anwâr” volume 102, page 137:

قال في تتميم أمل الآمل مولانا حيدر علي بن المولى ميرزا الشيرواني كان فاضلا معظما و عالما مفخما كما علمناه من تعليقاته على المسالك و غيرها فإنها و إن كانت قليلة إلا أنها تدل على فضل محررها و بالجملة إنه من أهل الفضل مع أنه كان من أهل الزهد و التقوى أيضا إلا أنه ظهر منه أقوال مختصة به ينكر ذلك عليه و إن كان لبعضها قائل به من غيره سمعت أستادنا و استنادنا الفاضل الأعز و العالم الأكبر مولانا علي أصغر ( رهـ ) يحكي أنه كان يلعن جميع العلماء إلا السيد المرتضى و والده العلامة .و قد تحقق منه أنه كان يضيف أهل السنة إلى بيته و يصبر عليهم إلى أن تحصل له الفرصة و يتمكن مما يريد فيأخذ المدية بيده المرتعشة لكونه ناهزا في التسعين فيضعها في حلق أحدهم فيقتله بنهاية الزجر .و الحيدرية المنسوبة إليه كانوا يصومون فيريدون أن يفطروا بالحلال فيمشون إلى دكاكين أهل السنة أو بيوتهم فيسرقون شيئا و يفطرون به و من آرائهم عدم رجحان صوم يوم الإثنين أو حرمته و إن وافى يوم الغدير و منها حكمهم بخروج غير الإمامية من دين الإسلام و الحكم بنجاستهم و كذا من شك في ذلك إلى غيرها من الآراء و رأيت منه رسالة حكم فيها بوجوب الاجتهاد على الأعيان كما هو رأي علماء حلب و أشبع الكلام في ذلك لكنه مزيف انتهى .

و له رسالة في تنجس غير الإمامي و خروجهم عن الإسلام و للمولى زين الدين الخوانساري رسالة في الرد عليه .

[He said in “Tatmim Amal al-Aamil”(book of biographies written by `Abdul-Nabi bin Muhammad Taqi al-Qazwini): “Our Mawlâ Haydar Alî son of Mawlâ Mîrzâ Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shirwânî, he was a virtuous, venerated and great scholar like we knew from his commentaries on al-Masalik and other works even if only little but they show the value of their writer. In brief, he is from the noble people, (but) even though he was from the people of asceticism and piety he also said some things that may lead us to reproach him even if others said them as well. I heard our professor and virtuous reference, the grand scholar Mawlâna `Ali Asghar (rah) say that he(Haydar Alî Shirwânî) used to curse all scholars except al-Sayyed al-Murtadâ and his father al-`Allamah.

And it has been verified about him that he used to receive Ahlul-Sunnah at his place as guests, and he used to exercise patience with them until he gets a chance to fulfill his aim, he would then take a knife with his trembling hand because he was near his nineties, and he would plunge it in their throat killing them after making them suffer.

And al-Haydariyyah(sect) which is attributed to him, used to fast and when they needed to break their fast in a Halal way, they would seek the shops or homes of Ahlul-Sunnah in order to steal anything and consume it on Iftar, also from their opinions is the non-desirability of fasting on Monday or its impremssibility even if it coincided with the day of Ghadeer, and from their opinions is that all non-Imamis are outside the folds of Islam, and they are impure and so are those who doubt this matter and other opinions, and I saw from him a Rissâlah(research paper) in which he ruled that it is obligatory for the elites to practice al-Ijtihâd as was the opinion of the scholars of Aleppo(Halab) and it has been discussed thoroughly and it is forged.”

And he has a Rissâlah about the Najasah of the non-Imami and that they are not in the folds of Islam, and al-Mawlâ Zain al-Deen al-Khawansârî wrote a Rissâlah to refute him.]

After you have discovered the truth of this great venerated Shia scholar, let us read what their scholar al-Khawansârî wrote about him in “Rawdât al-Jannât”:

المولى الفاضل ، المشتهر بالمولى حيدر علي

[The virtuous Mawlâ, famous with the name al-Mawlâ Haydar Alî.]

While Muhsin al-Âmîn wrote about him in “A’yân al-Shî’ah”:

كان عالماً فاضلاً
[He was a virtuous scholar.]
And here is the document below:
Special thanks to the brothers at “al-taqiya.net“wal-Salamu `Aleykum,

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